DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE – My Summer Car Gameplay Part 2

>>James: We’re going back in to this motherfucker?>>Bruce: Yeah! I love My Summer Car!>>James: It’s not summer anymore.>>Bruce: We’re waiting for the- Well, wait,
by the time we finish this it will be summer. Lawrence, so we did- Finally
built the engine, I think. Right?>>Lawrence: Uh… Yeah.>>James: Did we? No, I don’t
think we even built- came close to it.>>Lawrence: No…
>>Bruce: Are we ain’t finished yet? I thought–>>James: No!>>Lawrence: A lot of the pieces were in… Not in that. I mean, there are- There’s like a
big chunk of engine over here that’s… Look! Look at this big ol’ thing.>>Bruce: That’s pretty good!>>Adam: You built that.>>Bruce: Look at that!>>Adam: Look at that piece of trash.
>>Bruce: We could just drop that right in the car.>>James: Are you sure about that?
There’s a bunch of wires just there.>>Bruce: Oh, yeah..>>Lawrence: Yeah, those were supposed to- Whoa!>>James: It’s just electrics.>>Bruce: Electrics?>>James: You just plug those in anywhere.>>Lawrence: It plugs into the god damned spark plugs!>>Bruce: Oh, he’s got it! The alternator,
does that attach to the engine?>>Lawrence: Of course it does.
>>Bruce: Oh, it does! It just popped right on!>>Adam: Are those brake lights or packets of meat?>>Lawrence: Hmm…
>>Bruce: Uh…>>Bruce: Wait, we don’t have to
build the transmission, do we?>>James: Yeah. Of course we do. [dramatic violin]>>Bruce: You know that apparently it’s harder to build to build a transmission than it is an engine.>>Lawrence: Yeah, it is.>>James: Yeah.
>>Lawrence: It’s very–>>Bruce: Fuck. Me.>>James: This is how a transmission looks inside. More complex than the human heart.
Did you know that?>>Bruce: No, I didn’t know that.>>James: Human beings built something more complex than what’s inside us.>>Adam: We’re smart.>>Bruce: Just like that movie I, Robot.>>James: He would’ve killed, uh, Babe’s dad if it wasn’t for the fact that the other robot was gonna take over, so he’s still, technically, was
only breaking a robotic law to save humanity.>>Bruce: That’s pretty awesome.>>Del: I’m gonna miss the good ol’ days.>>Lt. Bergen: What “good ol’ days”?>>Del: When people were killed by other people.>>Bruce: I’m gonna be honest with you.
I, Robot’s one of the best movies ever made. [Lawrence scoffs]>>Adam: I’ve never seen it, but I agree with you.>>James: You should watch it. It’s actually–>>Bruce: It’s pretty good, actually.>>James: It’s actually pretty ok.
>>Adam: Ok.>>Bruce: Yeah, it’s not bad.>>Adam: Who directed it?
Is it the guy who did I Am Legend? ‘Cause if it’s not, I’m out.>>James: Is it Alex Proyas?>>Bruce: It might be it. For some reason I think–>>James: I think it might be, right?
>>Bruce: Yeah. It might be.>>Adam: Once again, I haven’t seen
the film, but I disagree with you.>>James: Will Smith gets into a fight with a giant machine, who’s sole job it is to eat houses. [Bruce laughs] That’s a good scene.>>Bruce: What?!
[laughter] [Announcer speaking]>>James: So, it takes so much time destroying houses,>>Bruce: Yeah.>>James: They solved that with this giant robot–>>Bruce: A house-eater?>>James: & it’s a house-eater robot.>>Babe [crying]: I want my mom. [all yelling]>>Lawrence: I know. I knew it was around here somewhere. Eh…>>Bruce: I saw it.
>>James: There!>>Lawrence: Bap!>>James: Nice!
>>Bruce: Bink! Perfect!>>Lawrence: Oh, that turns that. Ok.>>Bruce: Now it’s timed perfectly.>>Lawrence: Well, now I’m gonna need a belt that goes from there to there.>>Bruce: Oh…>>Lawrence: That’s a suspension.>>Bruce: Oh, that’s sus- That’ll be easy.>>Lawrence: Yeah, brakes & suspension. No problem.>>Bruce: The brakes & suspension are easy!
There’s only 2 pieces!>>Lawrence: Uh…
[laughter]>>Adam: It’s this wacky professor who’s building the car.>>James: [silly voice]: “Don’t mind if I do!”>>Adam: [silly voice]: “There’s only 2 pieces!”>>Bruce [silly voice]: “There’s only 2 p–” [laughs] Did you screw in those screws like I said?>>Lawrence: No, I didn’t actually.>>James: If you’re gonna think it’s all built together, & then he’s gonna fuckin’ put it in the engine, & it’s not gonna work!>>Lawrence: Yeah.>>Bruce: Well, I know, but that’s the thing. You gotta troubleshoot it. [laughs]>>James: By putting the whole thing in
& going, “Didn’t start”? [Bruce laughs]
>>Adam: Yeah.>>James: Even if he finds the belt–>>Lawrence: Oh!>>Bruce: Why did it sink into the table?>>Lawrence: Turn that screw a little hot- a little hard. [clacking]
Ooh!>>Adam: Ooh, hey.>>Bruce [laughing]: It shakes a little bit. [ ♪ music with engine clacking ♪ ]>>Bruce: You gotta screw it. That’s the timing.>>Lawrence: It’s not timing, its’–
>>Bruce: It makes the car faster. [laughter]>>Lawrence: It’s the tension of the belt.>>Bruce: When it comes to these sorts of really large tasks, you have to have an optimistic attitude.>>Lawrence: That’s right. Thank you, Bruce.>>Bruce: You gotta always look forward, look ahead.>>James: My vision’s fine.>>Adam: I wear glasses now.>>James: Elyse wants us to get laser eye
surgery this year, but–>>Adam: Together?>>Bruce: Laser eye surgery is for chumps.
You just eat carrots. [Adam laughs]>>Lawrence: Ah…>>Bruce: There’s a bel- There’s a hactivel belt! [Adam laughs]>>Lawrence: Wait, what?
>>James: What?>>James: What did you say?>>Bruce: Try… You can try glitching the van, but you’re gonna fail, & then–>>James: & then you can go to the store & buy a belt. Wedge. Wedge. Lean in.>>Adam: Yep.>>James: Keep going. There you go.>>Bruce: Oh, you know what?
You have to push the clutch in,>>Adam: Ah.>>Bruce: when you start it. Remember.>>Lawrence: You have to put the brake- Yeah->>Bruce: Clutch. Put the clutch in.>>James: Clutch. It’s auto-clutch, though.>>Lawrence: & it’s in Neutral,
so I don’t need to put the clutch in.>>Bruce: I don’t know what that means. [engine trying to start]>>James: Come on, baby.>>Lawrence: A little gas. [engine revs] [clapping]
>>James: There ya go!>>Bruce: Alright!>>James: Alright. Turn the radio on.>>Lawrence: We’re outta here! Oh, wait.
The handbrake has to go off.>>James: There ya go.
>>Lawrence: It’s 2nd gear.>>Bruce: No, no. Not 2nd gear. You gotta go to 1st.>>Lawrence: There!>>Bruce: What did you do? What did you do?
>>James: There we go!>>James: It wasn’t letting him click on it.>>Lawrence: My door is closed. Ok!
>>James: Alright!>>Adam: We’re free!
>>James: Let’s go to town.>>Bruce: Wait, do you know where you’re going?>>Lawrence: Nope!>>Adam: There you go.>>James: & don’t forget how to get back. [all yelling]>>James: Oh, shit.
>>Adam: Go the other way. [smash] [yelling & laughter]>>James: Oh, what happened?!>>Bruce: What?!>>Lawrence [laughing]: Jesus Christ. [laughter]>>Bruce: Oh, you’re like the Hulk!>>Adam: Slow down!
>>James: Careful! Careful!>>Lawrence: You got that wind in your face.>>Adam: Yeah, I mean, that’s all you get.>>Bruce [laughing]: “Wind in your face”.>>Lawrence: Alright.>>Bruce: Go drink beer before you die! & eat food, too.>>Lawrence: I don’t want bugs to get in my car.>>James: You’re still mortal.>>Lawrence: Yeah.
>>Bruce: You may also want to, uh…>>James: Shower.>>Bruce: Shower. [clattering]>>James: Careful! Don’t break those!>>Lawrence: I don’t remember how to…>>Lawrence: I don’t remember.
>>Adam: “Enter”? [clattering]>>Lawrence: There we go.>>Adam: Yeah. That’s how it works.>>James: Yeah.>>Lawrence: Oh! [Bruce laughing]
>>James: Keep a cold one in the fridge. [clattering]>>James: Are you bringing the beer?>>Lawrence: No. Yeah. [laughter]
I’m gonna put it in the back of the truck, so we–>>Adam: This is what cool bros do.>>Bruce: Yeah, this is exactly what you did in college. Drink beer & drive.>>James: That way you don’t get thirsty while you’re driving somewhere.>>Bruce: You have to go buy food.>>Adam: I guess we don’t have time for a shower.>>Lawrence: No, we don’t.>>Adam: Here, just put that in the passenger seat.>>Bruce: Wait, what are you doing with the beer? No, no->>James: He’s throwing it in the back.
In the passenger side.>>Bruce: Oh. Ok. Alright.>>Lawrence: Oh, I’m just waving a little bit,>>Bruce: They call those road savers. Did you know that?>>James: Oh, yeah?>>Bruce: Yeah.>>Adam: I like how you opened
the door when you could’ve just thrown it through the
front windshield that’s not there.>>James: Alright! Now we won’t get thirsty on the road!>>Bruce: & you can–>>James: No one has thought of this ever before.>>Bruce: & you can go in the carpool lane! [laughter] Stay on the road this time.>>Lawrence: Oh. [Bruce laughs]>>James: Uh oh. Don’t let the beers go out! Oh, wipers! Oh, wait…>>Bruce: Oh, you can’t see anything. Alright, please don’t die.>>James: There ya go. [laughter] Alright, stick to the road.>>Lawrence: No problem.>>Bruce: Is that the store? Wait, what is that?>>Lawrence: I just get to keep my-
If I keep my mouth open–>>James: What is this? A neighbor?>>Bruce: Is that a fire station?>>Lawrence: Oh, that’s right! I had a delivery I could’ve- Oh. I don’t want that falling out.>>James: Yeah, I know. You gotta close that door.>>Adam: I don’t think the physics work that way.>>Lawrence: Can’t… reach it.>>James: Damn bugs!
[Bruce laughs]>>Bruce: The flies are everywhere!>>Adam: Following you.>>Lawrence: Oh. Ohhh…>>Adam: Stay on the road.>>James: What are you lookin’ at?>>Bruce: Look at the road!>>Lawrence: I’m worried about the beer!>>James: Don’t worry about the beer!>>Adam & James: They’re fine!>>Lawrence: We’re stopping this car, & I’m gonna save that beer if it falls out.>>Bruce: I think his dirtiness is going down though, ’cause he’s getting showered on.>>James: Yeah. Absolutely.
>>Lawrence: Yeah. I think you’re right, actually.>>Bruce: Yeah. Geez.>>James: IT’S FINE!>>Lawrence: LOOK AT IT!>>Bruce: He’s driving only in 1st gear, by the way. [laughs]>>Adam: Yeah, feel free to shift at any point. [laughter]>>Lawrence: I forgot about that.>>James: Hold on. Hit the brakes. Hit the brakes. Oh, boy… [laughter]
>>Adam: Oh god, no!>>Bruce: OH! CAREFUL!>>Lawrence: We’re fine. We’re fine. Oh, it’s getting bumpy.>>Bruce: Oh! Oh! It’s sliding out! [laughs] It’s sliding out. You gotta–>>James: Stop the car!>>Bruce: Stop hitting the bumps!>>James: Stop the car.>>Bruce: Your hunger is going up, & you’re going to die if the hunger is not–>>Lawrence: Eh, the beer’s in the way.>>James & Lawrence: There we go.>>Bruce [laughing]: You hear it slam?>>Lawrence: Bop!>>James: We’re heading towards…>>Bruce: Go to Ry- Rykipo- Rykipoia.>>Lawrence: Yeah, it’s closer.>>Announcer: Learn to read with Hooked on Phonics.>>James: Boy. Careful! Careful!>>Bruce: Oh! Now you’re more confident in your abilities.>>Lawrence: Ramp it up.>>James: Careful! CAREFUL! YOU’RE ON THE EDGE! [laughter] STOP! JUST SLOW DOWN! [laughter]>>Lawrence: Ok. I got it.
[laughter] Oh, boy. That was close. I can’t see. I can’t–>>Bruce: He can’t see when he puts the beer–>>James [redneck voice]: “Dang beers! Always in my way when I’m tryin’ to see!”>>Adam: You’re going over 40km per mirn-arr>>Bruce: I don’t know. Yeah, Adam, what does that mean?>>Adam: I don’t know.>>James: Can you roll down the window?>>Lawrence: Mm!>>Bruce: You don’t need to. The windshield is not there!>>James: Oh, I see the town up ahead.>>Adam: Yeah.>>James: Oh! Door’s open. [laughter]>>Lawrence: Shit. The door won’t shut! [talking over each other]>>Bruce: DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT! [laughter]
Just drive!>>Lawrence: Ooh!
>>James: Ohh! [laughter]
>>James: Did you see the beer go flying?>>Bruce [laughing] Oh my gosh!>>Lawrence: Ok. Oh shit.
>>Bruce: Oh, there’s a car. There’s a car!>>Bruce: You have to pull over to the side.
>>James: What?>>Bruce: Look out for the car!>>Lawrence: Maybe, they’ll let me–?>>Bruce: NO! NO! NO! MOVE!>>Lawrence: GOD DAMN IT! [laughter]>>James [redneck voice]: “GOD DAMN FINNISH!”>>Bruce [laughing]: He’s shaking his fist.>>James [redneck voice]: “YOU ALMOST MADE ME SPILL MY BEERS!” [laughter]>>Bruce: It is getting pretty dark, by the way.>>Lawrence: Well, that’s no problem. That’s when I do my best driving. We’ll go to… Lenton- Lentek- Lentonketta?>>James: Sure.>>Lawrence: That’s- It’s on a major road. It’s got a big sign.>>James: Slow down! Slow down!>>Bruce: Oh, that’s a left. Yeah, that’s–
>>James: Jesus Christ… [Bruce laughs] [Bruce laughing]
>>Lawrence: Um… Now what do I do?>>Adam: Go left!
>>Bruce: James, you’re- [laughing] You’re gonna be a great dad, whenever you- With your son in the car.>>James: He’s flying towards this–
>>Bruce: “Jesus Christ”! [all exclaiming]>>Bruce: Oh! What’s that?>>James: Is that a little… cottage?>>Bruce: C’mon. A little cafe, maybe?>>James: Yeah, yeah. Maybe. Nope, it’s a bus stop.>>Bruce: Wait, there’s a guy. There’s a guy!
>>James: Who’s that guy? Pick him up!>>James: Go talk to him.>>Adam: Maybe he has food. Mug him.>>Bruce: He must have some food.
>>James: Can you park? You should park.>>James: Get this bad boy off the road. [burp]>>James: Where is he?>>Bruce [laughing]: He drank a beer!>>James: Where did he–?>>Bruce [laughing]: Where did he go?
>>Adam: Oh no!>>Bruce: Is that a man?>>Adam: Yeah.>>James: It’s definitely a man of some sort. I see legs.>>Bruce: So maybe you- You can’t talk to him.>>Adam: Yeah.>>James: Maybe that’s you.>>Bruce: Oh, wow! In the future? Or the past?>>James: It’s like Twilight Zone. Imagine if you had turned off the engine. You would never find that fuckin’ thing again. [laughter]
You would never find that fuckin’ thing again. You’d be stuck out here in the dark all night. [Bruce laughs]>>Lawrence: You remember if it was back this way? Oh!>>Adam: That’s your beer.
>>James: What’s that? Is that a candy bar?>>Lawrence: Yeah, I think it might be the beer.>>James: Oh.>>Lawrence: Alright, we’re back!>>James: Didn’t signal. Didn’t signal.>>Lawrence: Ooh, I didn’t signal. You’re right. I didn’t even check my blind spots either.>>Adam: Yeah. Is this a parking lot?
>>James: What is this?>>Lawrence: Uh…>>James: Is this a runway?>>Bruce: It’s a runway!>>James: [laughs] You made it to the airport?>>Lawrence: Oh, I bet this is where you go to test out your car. Like if you upgrade it & stuff, you can drive it here & test->>Adam: Or it becomes My Summer Plane.>>Bruce: You need Hung- You need food. Badly.>>Lawrence: I agree.>>James: The autopsy will reveal an empty stomach,>>Lawrence: Mhmm.>>James: a full bladder, [laughter] & an open heart. [laughter]>>Lawrence: Oh. Perajarvi is that way.>>Girl: I learned to read with Phonics.>>James: How far away?>>Bruce: It doesn’t say.>>James: You better go to Perajarvi.>>Lawrence: I should piss first though, right?>>Bruce: Yeah. Also, you’re gonna run out of gas.>>Adam: Yeah.>>Bruce: & then when you run out of gas, you’re really fucked.>>Lawrence: Let’s piss. Uh…>>James: “URINATE” is “P”.>>Lawrence: That makes sense.>>James: Oh, hitchhike!>>Bruce: Ohhh!>>Lawrence: Who wouldn’t want to do that?>>James: So hitchhike. Hitchhike.
>>Adam: Don’t hitchhike!>>Bruce: “O”, “O”, “O, “O”. [laughter] “O”! “O”! “O”! Hitchhike!>>James: Fuck you, asshole!>>Bruce: Oh, damn it.>>Lawrence: Come on! [laughter] [laughing] There’s fucking bottles– There’s one wedged behind the seat. [laughter] Adam: This is usually what you come upon in a murder scene, but it’s your car.>>James: “Officer, it’s not what it looks like.” “I was drunk driving.” [laughter]>>Bruce: I heard that in small places,
like Montana or Finland, you can drive drunk. It doesn’t matter ’cause there’s nobody on the road.>>Adam: Right.
>>James: ‘Cause there’s no one to hit.>>Adam: It’s just dinosaur bones.>>James: What’s that say?>>Lawrence: That is…>>Adam: That’s your food!>>Bruce: That means city.>>James: Alright. Next stop, the Big Apple.>>Bruce: There it is!>>Adam: Oh.>>Lawrence: Aww, we made it.>>Bruce: The “Big Apple”. Perajarvi!>>Adam: You need petrol?
[Bruce laughs] You need Kinder Bar?>>Bruce: You need– [laughs]>>Adam: Uh…>>Bruce: You need lots of stuff.>>James: Turn off the engine. [ ♪ ♪ ] [laughter]
[ ♪ ♪ ] Stupid.>>Adam: You’re gonna hear this song before you die. [James sings]>>Lawrence: Ok. FUCK! But you can hear him in there.>>James: What is that pla- No, it’s got–>>Lawrence: It’s not the pub.>>Adam: Go to the pub.>>Lawrence: Can we take this guy’s car? No.>>Bruce: Can you steal it?>>James: You can piss on it.>>Bruce: Wait, can you steal his car?>>James: Oh, there’s bros in here!>>Adam: Yeah.
>>Lawrence: Yeah. Hey, broooos.>>James: Hello?>>Adam: “Sorry, we’re closed.”>>Lawrence: Damn it!>>James: See if you can wedge in.>>Adam: Yeah. Lean in. Lean forward. There you go. Now talk to him.>>James: “FOOOOD!” [laughter]>>Lawrence: Just shove my head through the window.>>Adam: I think you’re in. Almost.>>Bruce: No, he’s not.>>Lawrence: Take that.>>Bruce: You gotta go to sleep. A beer’s not gonna do it.>>Adam: Well, it’s gonna–>>James: He’s gonna die of hunger in the night!>>Lawrence: I don’t think you
can force to go to sleep though.
>>Bruce: No, that’s not true.>>Bruce: You don’t die of hunger in the night. [laughter]>>James: No one’s ever died of hunger.
>>Bruce: You just wake up hungrier. [Adam laughs]>>Adam: Click & hold.>>James: Fuck. Did they lock it?>>Bruce: Oh, you know what? You may not be able to get gas ’til it’s 3 in the morning.>>James: Shit!>>Lawrence: Don’t want anyone putting sugar in my tank.>>Adam: They won’t. You could eat that sugar! [laughter]>>Bruce: Hop right in there.>>James: Climb in there.>>Adam: Sweet dreams!>>James: There ya go.>>Bruce: It’s a lot warmer than it looks.>>James: It’s actually colder.>>Bruce [laughing]: I know that’s– Can you not go in there?>>James: No, he’s going in. [laughter]>>Adam [laughing]: What the fuck?>>Lawrence: Aaaand slooowly…>>Bruce: Is there a sleep button?>>Lawrence: No.>>Bruce: Is there no way to pass the time in this game?>>Lawrence: Yeah. Well, I mean–>>James: We’re doing it. [Bruce laughs] You go out, you get drunk, you go for a drive.>>Bruce [laughing]: You’re hungry.>>Adam & Bruce: Oh! You’re locked in.>>Lawrence: I think- Oh.>>Adam: You kidnapped yourself. [laughter]>>James: You just have to survive the night.>>Lawrence: Yeah, I think the idea is you just have to be at home to go to sleep.>>Bruce: I’m so glad you brought the beer! There’s probably a bed in one of these houses.
Let’s go find one. Is that a fire station? You could sleep there.>>James: It’s like a homeless shelter. [Adam gasps] [laughter]>>Lawrence: I can live in here.>>James: Oh, there we go. This is our new home.>>Lawrence: Yeah.
>>James: Alright. We’re in.>>Bruce: What’s back here?>>Lawrence: Just curl up in the corner. [laughter]>>Bruce: Go to the other–>>James: Just sit & wait. Sit on the stoop, & just put your head in your hands.>>Lawrence: Maybe I could lean in & grab somethin’?>>Adam: Yeah. Keep trying. Keep trying.>>James: Does he have beer in here? He’s got flour.>>Adam: You can make beer. [laughter]
>>James: Oil.>>Bruce [laughing]: Brew beer.>>Lawrence: In the back of my van. Man, this is it. Final beer.>>James: Oh, shit…>>Bruce: Now, you’re out of beer.>>James: You gotta get in. Look at all those beer in there.>>Adam: It’s almost morning.>>Lawrence: Beer in there.>>James: Oh, shit.>>Bruce: You just shatter the window with your empty beer bottle. Alright, so there’s a big house over there. There’s gotta be a bed.>>Adam: Oh, a church!
>>James: Oh! Is it a church?>>Bruce: They have a bed!
>>James: Sanctuary!>>James: & they have to be open 24 hours a day.>>Lawrence: They have to. Yeah. God never says no.>>James: Worst case scenario, they’ll just have some place to bury you. It’s gotta be open. It’s a church!>>Lawrence: Uuuuuuuuuugh.
>>Bruce: Church is always open.>>James: “Jesuuus, there’s only one set of footprints in the saaand.”>>Bruce: “Where are my hotdogs, Jesuuus?”>>Adam: You just break in. Drink all the wine. Eat all the crackers. Pee on the church.>>Bruce: You definitely can’t get in.
>>James: You might as well.>>Lawrence: Give ’em a little squirt.>>Adam: Yeah.>>Lawrence: Sorry god.>>Bruce: Oh, man…>>Lawrence: This is your fault. [Lawrence sighs]
>>James: I say you just sit outside of that thing.>>Lawrence: So hungry!>>Adam: The sun’s coming up.>>James: Once very minute, maybe give it a knock.>>Bruce: I’m not sure how much longer he’s gonna last.>>Lawrence: I don’t know, man. I’m wavering. I don’t know if that’s the fatigue or the beer.>>Adam: Yes.>>James: Oh, damn it!
>>Bruce: No. It’s not open!>>James: Pub. Pub. What about the pub?
>>Bruce: What does it say?
>>Adam: He’s just staring.>>James: Why doesn’t something tell you when it’s gonna open? God damn it. Even Shenmue told me when it was gonna be open. Sun’s out!>>Adam: YES!
>>Bruce: I hear birds!
>>James: Get in!>>Lawrence: No, the car’s still there. Uh.>>Bruce: It’s gotta be open now, right?>>Lawrence: See? No problem. [all cheer]>>Adam: Eat chips!
>>Bruce: Alright. Get in there & start eating.>>James: Eat chips! [voice talking]>>Lawrence: Shut up!
>>Adam: Shut up, robot!>>James: You need chips!
>>Bruce: You don’t need it, it’s sugar!>>Bruce: Eat the chips!>>Adam: Buy all of this.>>Lawrence: Yeast.>>James: No, you don’t need that shit. Canned foods.>>Bruce: You need stuff that you can eat.>>James: Canned foods that’ll last forever.>>Adam: Oil.
>>Bruce: You don’t need oil.>>Lawrence: Don’t need it.>>James: You’re gonna need more gas, too.>>Lawrence: AH! The belt!>>Bruce: Alright. & we got a belt!>>Lawrence: That was a fan belt. I don’t know if that’s really–>>Bruce: Don’t buy more yeast.>>James: Stop. You don’t need this. You’re not gonna make bread.>>Lawrence: Ok, you’re- That’s fair, that’s fair.>>James: What is this? What is the stuff he’s got behind the counter? [clattering] Alright, eat it all!>>Bruce: Just open it up outside, & start eating. [laughs]
>>James: Go in the back of your van & just–>>Lawrence: How do I-? What do I-? OH!>>Bruce: Alright, there you go. Just leave it there. It’s ok.>>James: I would’ve put that bag in your van first.>>Lawrence: Oh, boy. There we go.>>James: Ok. Alright. You’re full.>>Lawrence: Oh, yeah. I gotta put the shit–>>James: What the fuck? Why wouldn’t you put that shit in your van?>>Bruce: I know. Now he has to
carry it over individually, too.>>Lawrence: Wait, where did all the cases of beer go? Oh, no…>>Bruce: Does there- There are cases over there. There’s an empty case.>>Lawrence: No, these are the ones I bought.>>Bruce: No, I know but there’s an empty case in front of the car, & you might be able to put the chips in.>>Adam: Bring the car around.>>James: You’re carrying it.>>Adam: Get gas. Get gas.>>Lawrence: Oh, yeah, yeah. Good idea. So, yeah, I’ll just back the car up.>>Bruce: Oh, man. It’s a whole new game.>>James: He’s still dying of fatigue though.>>Bruce: Yeah, you’re gonna die.>>Lawrence: Well, I’ll just drive home. It’ll be fine. I won’t pass out.>>Bruce: It’s 3km.>>Lawrence: It’s fine.>>James: There we go.>>Lawrence: Bmpf.>>Adam: You’d just standing there.>>Bruce [laughing]: I know! He’s totally gonna pass out as he’s driving home, & he’s gonna die. [engine starting] [all exclaiming]>>Bruce: Purring like a kitten!>>James: Oh. Oh, boy.>>Bruce: Don’t- Easy!>>Adam: It’s ok. We’re good.>>James: Watch your chips!>>Bruce: You see- You can’t- There’s no rear view mirror. What’re you doing?>>Lawrence: There we go.>>Adam: Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.>>James: Alright. There. That’s good enough. That’s close enough!>>Lawrence: It’s fine. It’s fine.>>Bruce: You ran over all your chips.>>Lawrence: No, no, no. They’re fine, they’re fine, they’re fine.>>Adam: You’re gonna throw it in the passenger seat?>>Lawrence: I’m gonna level it out perfectly…>>Bruce: What are you doing?>>Adam: He’s trying to back up into it.>>Lawrence: Yeah, I am.
>>Bruce: Lawrence, you’re fatigued.>>James: Just put it- Yeah, just put it in the back.>>Bruce: You gotta hurry it up.>>Lawrence: Look at this! Hyuh!>>Bruce: Oh, I love when it does that. [laughs]
>>Adam: Hmm…>>Bruce: Oh, yeah, this is really efficient.>>James: You see, all he had
to do was keep it in the bag.>>Bruce [laughing]: Fan belt.>>Lawrence: Oops.
[Bruce laughs]>>Adam: So what does the shop owner see right now? [laughter]>>Bruce: Nice.>>Lawrence: I’m thirsty!>>Bruce: You gotta top yourself.>>Lawrence: Ok.>>James: Those are your beers, too.>>Adam: “Back from whence you came!”
[Bruce laughs]>>James: Put one in the passenger seat so you have it.>>Lawrence: Just have emergency road beers. [Bruce laughs]
>>James: They call that passenger beer. Alright, we’re good to go! We could live on the road for another 100 years!>>Bruce: Look at his fatigue & dirtiness!>>James: It clearly doesn’t matter!>>Bruce: That’s not true. He’s gonna pass out, but we don’t know when.>>Lawrence: Wait.>>Bruce: Oh, you got a windshield back!
>>Lawrence: The windshield came back.>>Adam: Good job. [smash] [laughter]>>James: Throw it in his shop.
[laughter] [laughter] Fair trade! Clicks for clicks.
[laughter] Check out his meats. What does he got here?>>Lawrence: Oh. Oh! Sausages!>>Bruce: That’s what you had before, is sausages.>>James: Macaroni. Pizza!
>>Bruce: Pizza!>>Lawrence: Yeah, we’re gonna eat some pizza. Alright.>>James: Yeah, that’s good. Keep it in the bag.>>Lawrence: Ok! Can we make it home before I pass out on the road?>>James: It doesn’t matter!>>Bruce: This is so stressful.>>James: No! You’re good! You’re good. You’re good.>>Bruce: Oh, man. It really makes me nervous. Alright. You’re coming up on some berms
over here so be careful. [laughter]>>Lawrence: Aw, shit.>>Adam: High beams!>>James: Flash him! Flash him!>>Bruce: No! No! No!>>Lawrence: I’m tryin’ it! Damn it! Fuck.>>Bruce: Just go. Just go. Just go. Just drive!>>James: Throw a beer at him & drive!>>Bruce: I really hope you can make it to your bed.>>James: You’re fine! If something was going to happen it would’ve happened already. [agreeing]>>Adam: Yeah, you probably have to fill up 3 meters.>>James: He’s past the point of no return.>>Lawrence: Yeah. I got my 2nd wind.
Catch some air here.>>Bruce: Your “2nd wind”. [all yelling] [character yelling]>>James: All you had to fuckin’ do, was not fuckin’ fly over the hills! GOD DAMN IT!>>Lawrence: We’re 16. Which in Europe means we can buy beer & buy a car. So let’s get over here & road trip! You need to build the car. So you have a lot of parts to start, & then you build your own car.>>Bruce: Sorry.
>>James: Ok.>>Lawrence: & hopefully it’ll run.>>Bruce: If anybody’s the expert of summer cars, & my first car? It would be me.>>James: Didn’t you have, like, a Volkswagen? Or like a–


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