E.T. Commercial – A Holiday Reunion Xfinity 2019

music: E.T. theme (kids playing in the distance) (sfx: footsteps in snow) (sfx: electrical outtage) (sfx: dogs barking in the distance) music: E.T. theme (sfx: toy train and toy fire engine) (sfx: electrical outtage) sfx: wooden gate opening kids: screaming E.T. Screaming>>E.T. Elliot? Elliot: Ha!>>E.T. Elliot!>>Elliot: You came back. My son… my family. Lots changed since you were here.>>Boy: It’s called the internet. (family laughing)>>Boy: Go ahead, do it, eat it.>>E.T.: Mmmmmm (family laughing)>>Boy: I’m gonna hit start now, OK?>>E.T.: aaaaahhhhh T-Rex (growl & rawr) E.T. & Boy: Wooow music:>>I’m dreaming of a white Christmas (kids giggling) music: with every Christmas card I love.>>Elliot: Holiday movies (music) and may all your (music) Christmases (music) be white.>>Elliot: Family.>>E.T.: Home sfx: trash cans in the distance (kids laughing & giggling) (kids: whoo)>>E.T.: I’ll be right here.


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