Easy Glam Hair and Makeup – Holiday Get Ready With Me!

– With holiday parties coming up, I wanted to show you guys how I got ready for one. I like to keep things
simple but also glam, so here’s how this simple make-up and these glam but still
effortless waves came together. So I got started with my face make-up and you guys have seen me do this a lot. So I’m gonna kind of speed through it. It’s a little bit of cc cream, some concealer, powder, and bronzer through the hollows of my cheeks. And then I grabbed a really peachy blush for the apples of my cheeks and finished everything off with some glow over my cheek bones and my nose and my cupid’s bow. And that’s it for my face make-up. So let’s go ahead and move
on to setting my hair. To create these really effortless waves, I decided to use hot rollers, ’cause I’ve been really into them lately. These are from T3, they’re the volumizing hot rollers luxe. And I use them first by parting my hair where I wanted it to be. Then I got the large section of hair from right next to my part and I began twisting it so the wave would be a little bit looser and more broken up. Now you don’t need to
twist it as much as I did. I kind of exaggerated it for this video. But once you have a little twist going, you can go ahead and wrap that twist around your roller. Then just use a clip to hold it in place and that is it for this curl, you can move on to doing all the others. So now I’m gonna do the same
thing on the other side. I’m going to use the smaller
rollers for this section because I wanna have a nice perky wave right next to my face. Now that we have the two
sections at the top front done, we’re gonna move to the top back. And I’m going to use the
larger rollers for that. Again, you’re just going to twist and wrap and clip and that’s all there is to it. And once this is all done, you’re gonna see a ton of volume formed, and that’s why I like using these rollers because they heat so evenly it creates a lot of volume and bounce. And now that the top half
of the hair is in rollers, we’re gonna do the bottom half of the hair and for this one, I’m
going to do the big rollers next to my face and then the smaller ones
in the back of my hair because my hair is longer on the back, so if I do a smaller roller with it, it’s more likely to have that like bounce and wave that I want out of it. And that’s really how I’m
gonna curl my hair for this. It takes me about seven or eight minutes, so it’s not a lot of time to
get it all in the rollers, and then it can just sit
while I finish my make-up and get dressed. Speaking of which, it’s time to show you how I
did the rest of my make-up. For my eyes I wanted glitter and shimmer but I wanted to keep it subtle. So first I used the
Colorpop eyeshadow in Amaze over all of my lid and a little tiny bit into my crease. And then right over the center of my lid I use the color lovely. And that was just to add a little bit more bling to the center and make it a little bit more glowy. I think I also used that
in my inner corner as well. And then with a Too Faced
chocolate bar pallet I use a matte light shade right underneath my brow and then a warm brown through my crease. I finished off by adding
a little bit more shimmer. I used the Too Faced
candlelight highlighter over the center of my eyelid, again just to add a little bit more glow. And then after doing my brows and lashes, I finished everything off with the Smashbox Always
On liquid lipstick and thrill seeker. And this was the perfect,
like, really warm, kind of orangy red to
finish off this light but still glamorous look. And now it’s time to
take those rollers out so we can perfect these loose waves. It’s really as simple as
just removing the rollers and seeing these great
bouncy waves coming out. My hair is also smoother and shinier thanks to the velvet
flocking on these rollers. I mean, I just love them, can you tell? Because now, once you
get all the rollers out you can see it’s got
this really great, bouncy flow, blow-out look which I love. But because I have a
really classic make-up and dress I decided to kind
of tousle it a little bit. I’m using the Ouai texturizing spray, just kind of around my root
area for jujjing purposes. Then I’m using the Oribe wave and shine spray for a little bit of texture. And that’s it. That’s how I created these
really effortless waves and make-up for my holiday look. It’s definitely got some glamor to it but it’s also a little
laid back at the same time, which I love. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Be sure to check back soon for more holiday hair tutorials and I will see you then, mwah, bye.


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