Edmonton Walking Tour

– Hi there. My name’s Don Pilon and I offer Edmonton’s first walking tour that happens entirely within the comfort of your own sweaty computer chair. Now, in Edmonton we have a
certain attitude towards walking. In fact, we have a saying. In Edmonton, we don’t
walk, we run to our cars. Now, in this virtual walking tour, you’re gonna go all over the city and you’re not gonna have
to take a single step. Come on, let’s go. (upbeat quirky music) Welcome to West Edmonton Mall which was once the world’s biggest mall, and it’s now a mall. It has some pretty interesting
history of animal captivity. The mall used to boast
four adult blue dolphins. However, they died because
they were dolphins in a mall. Welcome to Jasper
Avenue, named, of course, after the beautiful mountain
town of Jasper, Alberta. And it’s just like Jasper, but instead of mountains
there are stabbings, so we should go to the
Southside where it’s safe. Welcome to the University of Alberta, made most famous by its progressive and diverse fraternity community. And that’s all thanks to its progressive and diverse fraternity brothers. Many of them have exotic names like Devin and they come from exotic
places, like Devon. If you look behind me, you’ll
see the original Burger Baron. A lotta people think Burger
Barons are a franchise, but we all know that they
are a monarchy. (chuckles) Anyone can open a Burger Baron, even you, as long as you follow the
Burger Baron’s one rule, You open your Burger Baron inside of a condemned building. Welcome to Riverbend,
cul-de-sac capital of the world. Now, you may have heard
of the Riverbend triads. (laughs) They’re not a
gang, but they are a promise that you can find three things
in every Riverbend basement: a pool table, a Wayne Gretzky
jersey that’s been signed and is in a frame for some reason, and a 16 year old boy who’s just done steroids
for the first time. His name is Liam and he plays lacrosse and this weekend he’s
gonna go to Lake Wabamun to drink Hey Y’alls until
he pukes out a bonfire. His father is your dentist. Thanks so much for
joining us today, folks. If you enjoyed yourself, make sure to smash like and subscribe or feel free to send me an e-transfer. You can even look me up
on the Leduc Craigslist. I am DTF and I am Don Pilon. (upbeat rock music)

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