[ENG SUB] Picnic Live Sam Kim Kwon Jinah

For me I usually don’t listen to many korean songs but recently IU senior’s recent album that just came out is really really good Like “Through the Night” I think that its a really great song And I really like Crush I really like his album ‘Wonderlust’ Yes its really good Among your songs there’s this song that I really want ‘Bite Me’? that’s right, you knew? oh, you’ve heard of it wherever i go, be it a performance or an interview i’m letting people know about it Really? Play it for me! How am i supposed to do it Will I be able to do it? ♫Will I be able to sleep peacefully tonight?♫ ♫Or are you going to torture me again?♫ Isn’t it good? ♫Damn it, it’s happening again♫ ♫Got so annoyed, I turned on the lights♫ ♫But when I open my eyes♫ ♫As if you’re trying to irritate me, you hide♫ ♫This is clearly you trying to tease me♫ ♫Just for today, I don’t wanna think about you♫ ♫You’re sucking the soul out of me♫ ♫You’re drying up my soul and killing me♫ ♫You’re sucking the soul out of me♫ ♫You’re drying up my soul and killing me♫ Isn’t it good? Its definitely more soulful than when i sang it with a ‘pop’ feeling I think this version is good too Really? For me, among your songs in your ‘I am SAM’ album ‘no 눈치’ is really good but ‘touch my body’ is really good too Is it possible to hear it? I want to hear it But ‘no 눈치’ is so difficult ♫I told you to tell me first♫ But you’re doing really well? ♫All you women♫ ♫I can’t understand no♫ ♫I told you to tell me right away if you’re mad♫ ♫I don’t understand♫ Its my song but what am I supposed to do if you sing it better than me? ♫I told you once, I told you twice♫ ♫When the orange light stains the evening sunset♫ ♫Why do I miss you so much♫ ♫When I ride on my old skateboard♫ ♫Why do it seem like your breath is blowing♫ ♫Touch my body♫ ♫’Cept you there ain’t nobody♫ ♫Oh honey now♫ ♫Touch my body♫ ♫’Cept you there ain’t nobody♫ ♫Break it down♫ Oh we match well together? Do you wanna play this song? Which song? Let’s do it We match well together I agree, we really do match well together In the beginning IU senior contacted our CEO Yoo Hee Yeol So of course our CEO said “Alright, I’ll write a song for you” But IU senior asked “It’s not that, but could you perhaps ask Sam Kim to write it for me?” I am actually a huge fan of IU senior So I was like so excited ah “there’s this song” and “there’s this song” and “there’s also this song” like I showed her all the songs I had but she said instead of these songs could you write a song that had a ‘pop ballad’ kind of feel to it so I worked really hard and ‘Ending Scene’ was made


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