[ENG SUB]Weekend Vlog#1| Just a normal weekend |Me Myself&Evi

Is that a vlog? YASSS So sad we forgot to take pics before eating again:( such a nice weather today Ikr We did makeup today TODAY IS SATURDAYYYYY YEAHHHHHH I’ve been waiting for a whole week why weekend’s so short I need a 5-days weekend Today’s Outfit watch out the cars bro look at her make uppp! Crystal(Evi) did my make up today Gosh my eyeshadow so on point zoom in zoom innn natural lighting is the best watch out okie not gonna risk my life come on the car might crash in btw she set my hair as well look at the curve lmao i curl my hair too finally, there’s time to do stuff like this got no time to dress up at alllll during internship everyone please focus on my eye makeup today do I look like a bird was thinking to get her a bird-eye makeup too but she refused let’s do it next time gonna take uber when I’m arrive we just checked the weather it says today’s 10 degrees I’m sure today has 20 degrees very warm today She’s going back to Bath today and ill be lonely for a whole fucking day it’s only one day tho why are you going back to Bath um technically it’s the charity ball in Britsol charity ballllllll but I’ll stay in Bath breakfast time This is the salad Hera taught me to make Then here’s oat milk, toast with salmon and some fruits as well Was thinking to film it in a nice weather But I failed There’s a storm today super windy that the coach Hera’s taking got postponed lol we were thinking about heading out for dinner so now it’s got cancelled and we’re gonna make some soup at home

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