oh good morning good morning how are we all doing, it’s Saturday we’re so excited it’s the conference day our marriage seminar, we do this every year and we’re so excited I’m just waking up as you can
see I’m really excited about it,. To see what God is gonna do today
you know this is something that my husband and I have been given a vision
to do to just ensure that marriages last that there is Godly marriages still
existing there is statistics showing that marriages in the UK are
breaking and and and decreasing every year at a rapid pace so we wanted to
do the little that we can to make sure that you know to make sure that things move in a
different direction for marriages in a Godly way God wants every marriage to
succeed and we want to do what we can to prepare the mind of the people to ensure
that marriages last to make sure that homes are settled there are no conflicts
of-course there would be conflicts in every home but is resolved in a Godly manner and everyone
comes out in a better position so we are excited by the grace of God to see you
there you know the kids are awake they’re excited hubby’s making sure that
things are being set as we speak so please make sure that you know you
connect with us hello hiii you connect with us as we prepare we’re gonna be taking you
on a journey today so be excited come along with us and yeah I’m gonna do
another vlog just as I get ready so come with me hello hello hello welcome back we’re
getting ready we’re getting ready we’re getting ready we’re now at Icon Hotel ready to give our speeches our keynote speech Speeches you know it’s a seminar you are giving speeches is that not what you’re doing so we’re getting ready prophet John and Rev. Josephine (just say John & Josephine) I know i know but you
know in terms of professionalism (are you taller than me?) i am, i have got my heels on (your 20 inches, don’t mind her with her short self) yes we’re getting ready for our seminar what
do you think of my outfit I’m wearing agbada omo naija for real (gbosa) so
we’re getting ready for the seminar the team’s out there they are excited they
have tea and coffee welcoming session and we’re just preparing in the
hotel room we’re about to step in I’m so excited its a blessing really to be able to give to be able to give our or share our experience with
others and also be able to give some advice on what we have learnt through marriage we gonna nine years in marriage next month (its not just about marriage) its about experience life but this is a singles and
marriage seminar, relationship so really so clearly we’re talking about marriage right?!!! whats wrong with you (bro stop that, oh stop) that we’re gonna do a get to know session as
well I think is important for you to get to know us no what we are about yes we have a
Christian channel you know that this is a Christian you know so you need to know
more about us what we do and why we’re doing a v-log or is it vlog they call it (VLOG- GUE – Igbo accent) why we doing a vlog? because a lot of people are wondering how can you be pastors and doing a vlog but you know I feel like it’s something that is is is it’s not
displayed out there i’ve searched (we are original, so you are original) yeah so we are doing a lot things to just make sure that we we get
the opportunity to share our story our journey our experiences we’re young we’re
ministry you know it’s not something that is young hot or called and can i be
serious? it’s not something you see everywhere
you know I searched online when we first started ministry what you know what to
expect what to deal with my little daughter is crying mommy cannot get moment you know
so things like that we want to be able to share our own experiences share our
journey with you and just for you to just really get to know what we do on a
day to day basis you know we’re not going to put everything up online because
there are some things we cannot share but the little that we can you’re gonna
get to see it so you’re out with us today on one of our events organized by
the Josephine and John Enumah ministries welcome welcome welcome
so you’re gonna get to see a bit about us you telling yourself welcome welcome welcome , welcome welcome welcome. ekabo (yoruba greetings) so yeah you will get to see, yeah i am a yoruba girl but my yoruba sounds like someone that is begging for i don’t know but. You will get to understand, you will hear me a little as we go along
God bless you all and the next session you going see us in the hall God bless you
see you in a bit. Bye Peace. We are here to talk about man and woman. That topic called Love that confuse us So my name is John and I’m Josephine. Hiiiiiiiiii No children mama? Yessss no children today.. Heyyyy, how are you guys doing? I’m so tired, what a day?
we’ve just finished part one i should say yeah we just finished the relationship seminar. it was amazing I will see you get to see but you know is it paid seminar so the tape would be
online for you to buy if you want of course you know it was very insightful
even for ourselves you know we get to understand where people were coming from
and their background. Now we’re off to dinner so with the second part with the team. With the team. Amen
so come along and see. Yes so em guys
its very humbling to be used by God actually learnt a lot tonight myself
there are times when you think you know and you’ve prepared what to say and
suddenly something else is stirred up in you and someone else is talking through
you that’s what happened tonight and I was extremely blessed I’ve taken so I’m
taking some things home from the seminar to spice up my marriage, my relationship…………. eh eh Prophet, anyway byeeeee Hello, we’re walking To the restaurant, its a walking distance so we decided to walk with the team so I hope you’ve enjoyed this
journey with us. Our day what’s our day is like how busy day
anyway today is one of those busy days so you get to see a bit about what we do
and how we do it I’m just gonna show you the team walking down so you get to see
them oh you can’t see them, i will have to just oh you just took a picture of yourself, just do it like that. You can see them walking you can see the team walking, yesss That is like your night bell you know, you need to go to bed. Common the night is just beginning, the night is still young Night out eh, this is our night out actually. So what you going to do for the evening? For the evening going to Nando’s and then go back to the hotel to go
rip some laps, yeah ha ha strip some laps skin some bones (chicken laps) It’s good to dine with the team and give them word of advice as we prepare for tomorrow (someone say hallelujah, someone say hallelujah) so we might be able to speak to you
during the dinner or we’ll probably get back to you after not when i’m munching my chicken come on I ain’t sharing that moment with them, hell no. Bless you. See you shortly. Bye. Peace hello hello hello, I just had Nando’s my belly’s full great day I am exhausted now I’m about to go catch some rest
but eh before we go there’s two people I want to Introduce you to one we call them one of them
Shay and the other Frieda Frieda and Agnes Say hi hi so they both were very helpful with the
planning of the relationship seminar I just want them to have a word quickly with you all and just say hello and how they found the whole preparations and how the day’s gone so let them give you a bit of feedback or let me say a bit of their thoughts on the whole event
so Shay and Frieda what have you got to say? Hi guys you missed out it was such a fabulous day. I would say definitely definitely if you have not been to one you need to come to one because you learn a lot in preparation for marriage. There was pictures, food, goody bags, what would you say Anyone who has missed go on YouTube John and Josephine’s vlog YouTube channel Really learning a lot about relationships and to love yourself. It was a very good experience, and anyone who has missed go on John and Josephine’s YouTube channel And make sure the next one you are there (thank you) Peace

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