Extreme Thai Street Food – CRAZY TOM YUM Late-Night Food Tour in Bangkok, Thailand!

– Hey everyone, I hope
you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Bangkok, and tonight we are going on an ultimate Bangkok night street food tour. I’m gonna meet up with my
friends, P’Tan and P’Tape, who are some of the ultimate
Bangkok food experts. I don’t even know where
they’re gonna take me, but we are, yeah, it is guaranteed to be an amazing Thai street food tour. (lively music) Okay, met up with P’Tape and P’Tan. – Hello, hi. – P’Tape, he’s an actor. He is a designer. And then P’Tan is a consultant, a host, but most of all we just all love to eat. So how many places are
we gonna go tonight? – Maybe seven or eight. – Whoa, we are on our
way to the first place. Oh yeah, we got the party tuk tuk. (lively music) (everyone laughing) All right we made it to the first place. – Sawang.
– Sawang. This place is really well
known for bami kam pu, which is egg noodles with crab claws. (speaking in foreign language) – Yes. – [P’Tan] It’s crispy pork. – This is crab. – We got two different versions. One is with the barbecue pork, and then their most well-known version is the bami kam pu,
which is the crab claw. Like literally, the crab claw just dominates the entire bowl. That takes up like a quarter of a bowl. There are some egg
noodles hidden below here. There’s chunks, nuggets of crab, and then this is what
they call the crispy pork, which is, it looks kinda
like a barbecued pork almost. And then there’s some dumplings, is there. Well, before going big with the crab, I’ll try the egg noodles. And you can see the egg
noodles look awesome. They’re so like individual. You can see the garlic on them as well. (rhythmic percussion music) Oh, the noodles are amazing. You taste the fried garlic and
the salt and pepper on them. They’re slightly chewy,
such an amazing texture. – You have to try the barbecue pork. It’s very juicy. (rhythmic percussion music) And he had a dumpling. – Whoa! (everyone laughing) – This is like Mark Wien’s expression. – Good job, man. That was like, that was perfect. Right on. But you will see also tonight that P’Tape has his signature, his signature, delicious
expression as well. Get a little bit of
seasonings, some prik pon, which is the chili flakes. I don’t want to overdo
the spice on this though because I don’t wanna cover up the flavor of those extremely good
noodles and the crab. So one spoon. That should be good. And maybe a little bit of vinegar, a little bit of vinegar on there. Okay, that is perfect. Roll this around. Okay, try one of the dumplings next. (lively music) Mmm. Oh, the texture of the shrimp. The shrimp are so spongy, so bouncy. I’m gonna have that crab next. That is, it’s so sweet. It’s so stringy. Unbelievably good paired
with those noodles, paired with that pork. Wow, that’s just stunning. That is stunning. And there is just no more convenient way to eat a claw than when
it’s pre-peeled for you. Oh, yeah. It almost has a little
bit of a thickness to it, may be that bone broth. You taste that pepper in there. You taste the green onions and the garlic. The fried garlic in
there is just pronounced. (speaking in foreign language) That was stunning. So, if we weren’t gonna go
to six more restaurants, I would eat six bowls of that right now. (speaking in foreign language) Oh, man. (speaking in foreign language) So good. Not totally sure where we’re heading next, but we are heading towards
Yaowarat, towards China Town. – Go, go, go, go. (engine revving) (lively music) – Now we’re at the China Town. – [P’Tape] Yaowarat. – We are in the back streets of Yaowarat. What are we eating here? – [P’Tan] So the second stop
would be the fish ball noodle. – This place is called Lim Lao Ngow. This place is legendary for
their fish ball noodles. And if you get in there
close to the fish ball, where that boiling pot is,
it is actually a steam room. I can just feel the humidity and the steam just forming on my face. Oh, it smells so good. Oh, yes.
(P’Tan laughing) That is my man, Mr. Tan, P’Tan, yes. (speaking in foreign language) He is just flying on those
noodles, the egg noodles. I have never seen anybody
make noodles that fast, blanching the noodles
in and out of the water. The steam is just like, we’re open air, but it’s a steam room in this alley. And then they blanch. The fish balls are just swimming around and he fishes them out. We got a table full of food. Oh, wow. See they already added in some chilies. They added in some, maybe some vinegar, but also the green chilies. Mix that around and then
you got to eat this first. So this is the fish won-ton, first. – Yes. – Which they say is the best. – It’s the best, yeah. – Best item in the bowl, okay. Mmm. Oh, oh, oh. The flavor just keeps on coming. It’s like at first, you
don’t taste anything. And then you keep chewing, it like explodes with fish
and pepper and garlic. I’m still chewing and more
and more flavor is coming out. (speaking in foreign language) – Yes. – That’s their, their signature move. Oh man, that steam, steam
to the face in Bangkok. My face is shining right now. The humidity, I love it. This is just, a place like this is how you know you are in Bangkok and what you love so much about Bangkok. The steamy humidity, the hot noodles, sitting in the alleyway,
this place is a gem. Try the egg noodles. Okay, mix these around. Again, these are totally
different noodles. These are like, they’re not thicker, but they’re wider noodles
and more kinda crinkly. And blanched in just seconds. Mmm, mmm. Mm-hmm, those are awesome, too. A little more gummy, not quite as chewy. (speaking in foreign language) Oh man, that’s a texture thing. When they’re pure fish, that’s fresh, nothing added, no flour, just the pure sponginess of the fish, they’re unbelievably good. And these are, yeah, amazing. That texture is so good. (lively music) Mmm, just a very clean, very pure, I think very light fish stock with a little bit of garlic and some swimming green onions in there. Okay, one final bite. (speaking in foreign language) I don’t even know how to explain that. It’s just like glutinous. I think that’s what it is. It’s kinda like a glutinous wrapper with chunks of fish,
with pepper and garlic. It is unbelievably delicious. Okay. Okay, I think we’re moving
on to the next place. – Next, yes. – [Mark] Where are we going next? (speaking in foreign language) – [P’Tan] Want some more dumpling? – Okay, and VIP. – Yeah, no. (laughs) – [Mark] VIP. – VIP, yeah. – [Mark] VIP. (speaking in foreign language) Hi. – Want tuk tuk?
– Yeah. – Now we’re going by boat. – Just catching the ferry
across the Chao Phraya River over to (speaking in foreign language) (lively music) So we jump onto another tuk tuk. The next place that we’re going to, I haven’t been there in a long time, but it is one of the greatest places. It’s a legendary place in Bangkok. (speaking in foreign language) This place is called Somsak. (speaking in foreign language) – Okay, good. It’s a big deal for you. (Mark chuckles) – The place in Bangkok for a dish called (speaking in foreign language) which, it’s a mung bean noodle
dish with crab or shrimp. He actually bakes it
within this special pan. (lively music) First, he boils in either
the shrimp or the crab into the, it’s a little oven pot. And then after that he mixes up a mixture. There’s some oyster sauce in
there, I know there’s some, it’s a mixture of sauce. He mixes that with the noodles,
drops the noodles in there. How you know that he’s a master is that he keeps an eye on
those mung bean noodles because if you overcook
them, they’ll just become a mushy, like ball of mushiness. And then the final step is adding a big handful of green onions at the top and just letting it boil
for a precise amount of time just so that they wilt,
but don’t get too cooked. And then that’s it. He takes about three minutes
I’d say per bowl, per pan. Oh, this is one of the
main events right here. (speaking in foreign language) – Yeah, yes. – Mix it up, get those
mung bean juices flowing. – Yes, it’s juicy. – It’s so juicy, oh,
it’s so juicy down there. And that’s a lot of pork fat. Yeah, it smells unbelievable. (speaking in foreign language) This one is kung chae
nampla, which is raw shrimp. This is special, this is off-menu. (lively music) – Whoa. (speaking in foreign language) – That shrimp is so sweet. – Mmm. This is the best kung chae nampla ever. – [Mark] Ever? – Yeah, ever. (lively music) – Almost like glutinous
because of the pork, lard, fat that goes in
there as they simmer down. As a spoon to just scoop her up. Oh, look at all that
chili and garlic. (laughs) (speaking in foreign language) A scooper of a claw. Oh, wow. And they’re called blood cockles because, oh, there it goes. You can see peanuts in there
and you can see chilies. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, that’s just thick. Oh, that’s just thick
with peanuts and chilies. Mmm! That’s like a peanut brittle. (everyone laughing) Oh, the double. (lively music) Oh, oh, oh, this thing is massive. Look you got to see it up to my face. Oh, the juices.
– Oh, wow. – Look at how thick and muscular he is. And just, you can kind
of like sit in there. Look, it just curls around
the entire sauce bowl. Oh, oh, that is awesome. Okay, I think that’s good. (lively music) Oh. Think I can get all the way to the tail. Okay, got it. Oh, that was a stunning, stunning meal. (speaking in foreign language) – Now we are in Worachak. And this is the market, the fresh market. So it’s called Jay Hong Worachak. – We’re walking on our way
to go eat a dish called– – And this one’s kind
of like a hidden place. – Yeah, it is. Down an alley. In the middle of the night. (speaking in foreign language) Oh, that is amazing. She’s mainly making a dish called (speaking in foreign language), which is, it’s a stir fry, but actually it’s more of a slow fry. And she just smokes it out, she uses a pot over charcoal. The charcoal is being
fanned so it’s flaming. She fries up the shrimp or
the meat of your choice. And just blazes that fire. It’s just like a volcanic charcoal fire. Then she tosses in the
noodles, she smokes it out. You can just see clouds of smoke rising, the smoke point, and just that aroma. Oh, oh, oh, it smells so good. She is such a master. (speaking in foreign language) Always wear safety glasses
when you cook like that. Literally all of that smoke
that just goes up in a blaze ends up in your bowl of noodles. (stir fry sizzles) There he is, the man. (speaking in foreign language) This one is the classic
(speaking in foreign language)? – Yes. – Which is the wide rice noodles. She tosses in some lettuce at the end. You can see the egg is
just curled into there. There’s chicken, there’s
shrimp, there’s bacon. She adds a few pieces of bacon in there. Oh, cheers. Oh, oh, oh. It’s hot. But you can taste like
an entire cloud of smoke in every single bite. (speaking in foreign language), which is the smaller, angel
hair vermicelli rice noodles. – [All] Cheers. (lively music) (speaking in foreign language) – [P’Tan] That fried rice is very special. – [Mark] And then the final
dish is the fried rice. Cooked the same way in a
cloud of, check out that, that’s an entire piece of
bacon with chicken and rice. – [P’Tan And Mark] Cheers. (lively music) (speaking in foreign language) – If she would wait any longer, it would turn into like charcoal. But she takes it out
just at the perfect time, so that it’s just embedded with the smoke. (lively music) I guarantee you she could
cook this with a welder. (speaking in foreign language) (lively music) Yeah, we made it to a
restaurant, it’s called Jay Oh. And this is a legendary restaurant near Chulalongkorn University. It’s 11:00 p.m. and there’s still a line that goes all the way down the road. People waiting to get a chair. We’re going to all your
restaurants tonight. (lively music) Okay, so Jay Oh, this place, they’re famous especially
for definite like– – Late night. – Late night student dishes, that you would come up with late at night. Okay, I’m going to start with a bite of the yam salmon, which is the, it’s just drenched in Thai seafood sauce. Oh, wow. The salmon literally
just melts in your mouth. And then it’s such a tangy, spicy, ultra garlicky sauce. Wow, their signature dish,
the Mama has arrived. That is just ridiculousness in a pot. The entire bottom is instant
noodles with tom yum soup. The instant soup, of course. There’s (speaking in
foreign language) on top. There’s meatballs,
there’s nuggets of crab. And it’s a good thing we
have reinforcements now. Keep going. – You want to start? – [Mark] Yes, okay. (murmurs) come to help us. Oh. An instant noodle. (speaking in foreign language) Wow. (lively music) Yeah, it’s just something you
want to be eating at midnight. It just has all the right
components of a midnight dish. (speaking in foreign language) An extra part of crispy pork belly. That has to be some of the crispiest (speaking in foreign language) Got to dip it in the (speaking
in foreign language), the dark, it’s almost
like a sweet soy sauce. (lively music) Oh, oh, oh, it’s like a fat sandwich. The layers, you can feel the layers. The fat, the crispy skin. That’s just like a natural
pork belly sandwich. Another nugget. Oh, oh, wow. It’s just creamy in all the right ways. The lemongrass just like
blows your taste buds, and then just that instant tea
kind of taste that you love. This just brings back the memories. I used to love to eat
Ramen instant noodles, at like 2:00 a.m. in the morning. This is that same thing,
just better because there’s so many more
better ingredients in it. One of Bangkok’s best late
night dishes, for sure. – The most famous place at night. – It’s midnight and it’s packed. (lively music) That’s like the greatest instant
broth you will ever have. And there’s no better time than, oh yeah, it’s just after midnight. (speaking in foreign language) – [Group At Table] Oh. – Points to your plate, he says the price, he adds that in his head, and then literally in seconds
he has your entire bill. No calculator, no paper,
just what a mathematician. All right, we’re moving on. We’ve got one more place to go tonight. And we have the ultimate late
night Bangkok street food. We’ve got one more place
to go to tonight though. And it is, it’s after midnight. (speaking in foreign language) – At Iam Pochana. – Even after, I think we’ve
had five or six meals, I’m still very excited for this next spot. (lively music) (speaking in foreign language) Oh, wow, wow. (speaking in foreign language) So we’ve got a (speaking
in foreign language), the braised beef on this side. Over on this side– (speaking in foreign language) They’ve got the moo-bin-hah, it’s the fried pork, grilled pork. So these are like the two main
dishes you can order here. (upbeat techno music) (speaking in foreign language) There’s a piece of the
moo-bin-hah, the grilled pork. Mmm. Oh, it’s like a very good
quality piece of pork. And the sauce is kind of sweet, but with lots of chilies and garlic. (speaking in foreign language) Fried beef with garlic and– – [Group] Yeah. (lively music) – [All] Mmm. – Oh, oh, oh, oh. – Awesome. – Oh, yeah. – Awesome. – Unbelievable. That’s all Thai garlic,
so it’s a little close. That’s so fragrant. Yeah, that is amazing. And the black pepper in there. Whatever is in front of me, and that happens to be a tendon meatball. Mix in some chili and vinegar
is what I prefer the most. (lively music) Oh, yeah. Oh, that is hot. Tendon meatballs are one of
the best types of meatball. And when you are eating with
the fragrance of that soup, the Chinese spices, the
star anise, the cinnamon. Oh, that one is stomach. There’s braised beef. There’s intestines, there’s tendon, there’s, mmm, oh, yeah. This is a nugget of the brisket, and you see pressing your chopsticks on it how juicy it is, just the juices flow. Oh, yeah. Oh, oh, it’s tender. Oh, it’s hot. (P’Tan laughing) Oh, it’s flavorful. A flaming intestine. (lively music) How are you feeling, full? (everyone laughing) – Very full.
– Very full. – It’s the craziest night I ever had. – [Mark] We started at 6:00 p.m., the first meal.
– 6:00 p.m. – And now it’s 1:00 a.m. That was, by far, the most ultimate late night evening
Bangkok street food tour I’ve ever had in my life. – So let’s do it again. – We will, we will for sure. Yeah, these are two of the most fun guys to hang out with in
Bangkok for street food. And yeah, they are Bangkok
street food legends. P’Tan, P’Tape. I’ll have all their information in the description box below, and their new show, Immheee. – [P’Tan] Immheee. (laughs) – Immheee.
– Okay. – But yeah, I want to say a huge thank you to them
– Bye. – For taking me around. Yeah, it’s been so much fun, and many more street
food adventures to come. All right, thank you so much
for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Leave a comment below,
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