good morning guys and welcome to vlogmas
day 22 so I’m back in Crawley I’m just waiting
for my mother who is faffing I just dropped her off at the train station
he’s going up to Stamford Bridge today talked to the Chelsea game and we are
gonna head to Tesco’s I need to pick up a few bits and bobs and for Christmas
just like a few bits and bobs I need to like present and wrapping paper my mum’s
very confused why I’m talking to a camera still she doesn’t got down this
under she still hasn’t quite understood this vlogging thing better and so we’re
gonna go to tap go to Tesco’s get a few bits and then I think I might go to the
Koster there’s a really nice cost of coffee there and I want to get a hot
chocolate so that’s the plan then we’re gonna come back and watch some Christmas
movies and and I’m gonna watch I actually need to do some blog work
because I’ll be honest the blog has had take your taking a bit of hit but what
I’m going to do actually is I’m going to get myself a diary today I’m gonna buy a
diary from Tesco’s and use my diary and to plan and do some blog goal-setting
for next year and so that’s my plan and then I’m gonna pick up the boys late I’m
gonna have some dinner you can come in man bless her she thinks this is live
she hasn’t quite understood it yet seen a bit right so we got back from Tesco’s and
we’ve got a lot of shopping and bits and bobs for like gifts mums rattling around
the background there she’s testing out the microphone for the new camera anyway
so we are going to actually we’ve had some lunch and we started watching the
most awful Christmas movie ever so bad but it’s one of those films it’s on
Netflix it’s called the princess switch and it’s got that going from what’s the
film from high school musical but it’s so cheesy but it’s one of those
ones you just got to watch it so we’re going to tell watching that and wrap up
some gifts and yeah that’s my Saturday hi guys and welcome to Thursday 28:23
today and having argument about whether slash is dead or not
which we don’t see him in a TV program recently I thought we seen a bird if you
know as a fashion editor let me know in the comment below so the lighting them
up it’s not great so we only in a bar we’ve had a few to drink I’m trying to
persuade my father-in-law for egg Howie for dinner because I want Howie for
dinner and he keeps teasing me and Sarah having salad instead so I was meant to
we’re gonna pound victory do all the wrapping of the gifts and being happy to
plan our trip to Harbin in January and that has not happened so this
evening I’m hoping to get some of my rapping down it’s not two days until
Christmas and I felt so prepared I bet you done very little by half of my
gifts so that’s the main North’s the suitcase and I’m just talking to a stick
the Osmo the cosmic thingy this thing we wish you a Merry Christmas

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