Festive Food Drive: Issaquah Valley Elementary vs. Administration Building

The first unit of our social studies is about
how to be a good citizen and how to be a positive contributor in your community, so we wanted
the kids to have a way to show that, even though they are kids, and they’re young, they
can still make a positive difference in the community. So we talked to them about things that they
could do to help others in our community, and they decided they wanted to collect for
people in need. So we decided to have a festive food drive,
because we learned that people who go to the food bank often still like to have specialty
things around the holidays, just like all of us do. We collected special foods for their holiday
celebrations. We decided, just to make it more motivating
for our second-graders, we would have a competition between Issaquah Valley and the Administration Building. The second-graders will win a free recess
supervised by admin if IVE brings in the most items, and if Administration brings in the
most items than they are invited to a free recess here, supervised by the second-graders. It’s exciting that our curriculum provides
the time and the opportunity to do this and really put what we’re learning into action
and help our our community.

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