Festive Menu, Dessert: Orange fig panna cotta with cinnamon tuile

HI I’m Eleanor from The Vegan Society and
I’m joined by vegan chef Day. We’re going to be making a festive dessert
recipe. So today we’re going to make a very elegant
orange and fig panna cotta with cinnamon crunch. So to start this dish we need a small saucepan
and 300 grams of silken tofu so silken rather than firm. We pop that into the pan and add 1 cup of
dairy free milk – I’m using rice milk here. This is a really really simple dish but it
looks quite fancy, it’s something you can make the day before, so you can make the base
the day before and just pop in the fridge. That’s handy for if you’re visiting your family
and you don’t want to be spending time in the kitchen when they’re preparing non-vegan things. Yeah absolutely. I think on Christmas day or whatever holiday
you’re celebrating you know you want to be spending it having fun with family and friends
not necessarily in the kitchen. So into that I added half a teaspoon of orange
essence and now we’re adding 4 tablespoons of rice syrup so you can add other types of
syrup you know if you like, like date syrup would go particularly well with this. So we’ll add that to the pan. I think something that’s nice about panna
cotta as well is that traditionally something that you’d make with cream and gelatin as
well. So it’s nice to show people that vegans have
all these creative ways of overcoming those cooking culinary challenges. So we’ve got all that in a pan and now I’m
going to use a hand blender also known as an immersion blender and just blend this until
its smooth. So that’s nice and smooth now. So to this we’re going to add two teaspoons
of agar flakes so agar is made from a seaweed and it acts in very much the same way as gelatin
does. Where would you buy that from if it’s not something you’ve encountered before? You can buy it from most food health shops
and also some supermarkets are even selling it now. As well as you can find it with Japanese ingredients.
Right, okay. So we’re going to heat this and so what happens
with agar is that it will dissolve into the liquid that you put it in as the heat rises
and then once you pour it out as the heat decreases, as it starts to chill, then it will
set. You can use agar to make things like jellies
as well and vegan trifle would be lovely this time of year.
Options are endless…
Yeah With agar you have to make sure all of it
is dissolved because if it isn’t dissolved then it won’t set properly and the way that
you do this is you need to heat it to a simmering point. Allow it to simmer for a couple of minutes
and as you mix it you can lift up the spoon and see if there are any bits of agar left,
and just turning the spoon around so that it’s all mixing in quite well. So we’ll let that come up to a simmer. So now it’s been bubbling away for a few minutes
you can see we can’t see any of those little dots of agar. That’s what we want completely smooth and
completely creamy. So now I’ll pour it into this jug so that
then I can pour it into the glasses and I won’t get it everywhere. So the reason why we’re doing it in glasses
today rather than dariole moulds and then putting it onto a plate is because this is
so much easier. So much less stress, you don’t need to worry
about your dessert turning to mush or presenting it to people. So now these two can go into the fridge for
a couple of hours to set. So here are our panna cotta after being in
the fridge for a few hours. They’ve firmed up nicely. So the next thing we’ll do is we’ll make the
cinnamon crunch. I’m using gram flour which is chickpea flour. We’re not going to make an awful lot we just
want a little and little biscuit to go alongside. It adds a slightly different flavour with
the cinnamon and another texture with the crunch. So there 1 tbsp of gram flour in there, 1
tbsp of water, 1 tsp of rice syrup or any type of syrup you like. I’m going to add a pinch of cinnamon so the
cinnamon will go really well with the the orange and the fig. So we’ll mix that up and we’ll leave it to
rest for a few minutes just so that it gets a bit thicker. So as you can see I have to mash the little. And get it with the back of the spoon. Yeah mash these little blobs of the gram flour
just so that it’s completely mixed up. Okay so now we can go over to the baking tray
that has a baking sheet on it and we’ll just spoon a tsp at a time. So we’ll bake these at about 180 degrees for
around 15 minutes. The edges will get nice and brown and crispy
and that’s when you know that they’re done. Right okay so now we will put these into the
oven, we’ll bake them at 180 degrees for around 15 minutes until they get nice and brown and
crispy. So here are our finished cookies. Crunchy, lovely things. They’re also called “tuiles” as well like that’s the fancy
chef word for it… but we’re gonna call them “cinnamon crunch”…
We were scared people didn’t know what a tuile would be, including me. Yeah, a “tuile”, it does sound a little bit off-putting, absolutely. With these I’m going to make them into a crunch by
tearing them apart. So whilst I’m doing that if you could cut
the figs for me so you need to chop off that little top and then cut them into quarters. So with the panna cotta the top of it is quite
small so some of these ingredients we’re going to pop on top and the rest we can put it on
the plate, in a kind of decorative way. Now if you can just chop the orange in half
for me. So there’s our crunch that’s ready. So just put these into our pan. Add the juice of one orange. So what will happen is the orange juice will
reduce but it will also mix in with the juice that’s coming out of the figs. Okay so we just let that bubble away for a
few minutes. So you can see with the sauce…
It’s changing
Yep, exactly. That’s when you know the fig juice is going
into it. Fig and orange juice is really, really lovely
combination. Turn off the heat. They’re a really pretty
fruit as well. So you’ll have the hot figs and the hot sauce
with the chilled panna cotta, which is really nice having those different temperatures. Like apple pie and ice cream.
Yeah, absolutely. So we’ll just add the rest of the leftover
figs to the plate. Then this little crunch. The fun thing about this dish is that as you’re
digging down into the panna cotta you can use your fingers to add a few more of the
crunchy bits. Okay there we go. There is our Christmas orange and fig panna
cotta. That was great! Thank you so much Day. It’s an absolute pleasure! When I first became
vegan, The Vegan Society was such a big help to me so it’s great to be working with you. Thank you that’s really nice to hear. And if any of you watching would like to keep
up with the work of The Vegan Society and stay in touch with what we’re doing you can
go to www.vegansociety.com/newsletter

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