Festive Streams – Twitch Highlights [Dec 2018]

let’s go so uncle has gone missing all
deary me that’s a good star hey what a goal yeah we’ll go with messi
it’s on his side isn’t it Oh keep his down get in it’s a great header that’s a
good ball we’re in for a roll again hey little chip Oh No ha I went to high
I just scour and everything then feeling better as a foul thank you us a great goal to kick things off oh it’s gone in unreal what’s he doing what’s he doing why did
the keeper just do that he just pushed it into the net
oh just can’t get the pass off I’m not gonna need to make any substitute so
don’t link bang rap getting him the hell can’t win mud nice get in foul put it in getting well the Renaldo
playing better oh what a girl so much when I was
younger thought it was too easy yes Gideon us a group girl it’s just
stuck it’s not doing anything though absolutely Bunter from the game myself
it’s just finding stuff that’s copyright free rarely although I know what getting
what trigger the oh my god oh my god football
woman elbow that ain’t one of goal lattes oh oh oh
yeah I’m in trouble yeah that was from Sonic isn’t get in what a girl that is one messy Guinea what cool local area so homicide
isn’t it actually might not be that’s a great that’s a great goal I’ve got to
keep watching agents of shield as well that’s why I got Prime give me a gun that hasn’t gone well as it I’ve got bloody sniper rifle oh my god
oh my god think you bit a peek and see me I didn’t good thing everyone all the
way down I got one bullet by the way as well that oh my god
oh did I get away with that

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