FINISHED SKETCHBOOK TOUR! (fyi: it’s a lot of sketches)

It’s time to bid farewell to this sketchbook. I finally finished it. So let’s celebrate it with a little sketchbook tour. ♪ I feel like this one’s been with me for a long time, so I’m kind of excited to say goodbye to it, but also it’s a little bittersweet. Here’s some of the thumbnails that I went through and the process of creating the cover which I painted with acrylic paints. I didn’t use anything to like coat it or finalize it. I just left it paint on sketchbook. You can kind of see the process that I went through to come up with that final illustration on the front. Then I have my welcome page which welcomes everyone to my sketchbook. Mostly me, ‘Cause I’m the only one that… You know, uses it and I kind of recreated the character from the front in more of like a full body. Oh, I didn’t write the ending date on this. So we started it on August 1st. Oh gosh that was a long time ago, and I finished it on December 31st in the final waking hours [Giggles] before the ball dropped. There we go. Not my most exciting welcome page, but it does the job. Here’s some
concept art that I did to come up with this character. So I actually filled these pages before this page but you know, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. [Laughs] These are some original characters of mine, some random doodles. I added some like extra lines for like visual interest. I don’t know if that worked. Here’s some heads. I was kind of trying to draw more angular faces since I draw very rounded faces as you can see as this page progresses. So I was using more straight lines. The blue is all highlighter that I added to kind of like make certain illustrations pop and others fade into the distance, you know. This
was from a three marker character design challenge I have a whole video on that so I won’t spend too much time here, but I think it went, these two pages That might have been something and then I think I finished it, yeah, over here and then here’s some other sketches. You can kind of see the faint outlines of some more thumbnails there for that same three marker challenge and then this, I was trying to imitate the style of MJ Erikson. I’ll have a link to their Instagram in the description, check them out. They have very angular, beautiful lines. Eurgh! I love their style. Here I was trying to more render the face and draw some emotions ’cause I don’t think I was feeling in tip-top shape that day and then here is actually the very first thumbnail for my drawing with every single green art supply. So that is the humble beginnings of that illustration. Here’s the final of the three marker. Here’s some more green art supply prep work, swatching
and trying to come up with green things to draw. I drew my parents for their 32nd wedding anniversary I was gonna turn it into a full painting because I draw them every year, but I don’t think I finished it. It’s probably halfway done on my computer right now. There’s a fun character with a very high pouf in their hair and disc earrings and thigh socks, you know, [giggles] the usual. This! Aww! This brings back wasted dreams. So this was me like prepping a story for like inktober, not where I was gonna like write every word of the story but I was just gonna draw images that kind of portrayed a story throughout inktober, but Inktober just did not work out for me this year [Laughs] but here’s some characters. These are the two sisters. Think her name was Hyacinth and Sage was the older sister. Yeah, and there was like a whole thing. [Chuckles] This is when I had kind of taken a step back and like maybe I can’t be that extra for Inktober. So I was like trying to come up with some ideas and thumbnailing just simpler ideas for like daily inktober drawings and trying to come up with what might be good and sadly even this simplified version of my original grand idea didn’t work out, but we still have these… [Laughs] Sketches to hold on to. I have a lot of these kind of pages in my sketchbook. There’s very fluffy, no mental thought really going into it. I just kind of have YouTube on and I’m just drawing and not paying attention really. So this is what happens when I’m not thinking just a bunch of girl faces and sometimes they attach a body Same over here. This I believe I did have a reference. Oh here I was thumbnailing and prepping an idea for my new bullet journal. Which I’ve been using for the last little while and this is the finished version. It’s right here because I keep it with me all the time, it keeps me organized, but you can see the humble beginnings. I like saying humble beginnings, that’s why I’ve done it twice already. Then here we have some more kind of fluff sketches ’cause after I sit down and like really try, all my brain and wrist want to do is just kind of barf on the page, so that’s what these are. [Chuckle] here is when I was trying to practice painting with acrylic paints because I wanted to get better and
I am proud to say that I have gotten better since these Dare, I say it? Humble beginnings [Laughs] Oh, that one’s -That one’s rough. Here we have some more brain barf on the page, you know faces. Every
once in a while I try to draw a more masculine face. You can see them hiding in there. I actually really like this. She’s kind of kicked in here Then here I was drawing some hands and one arm. Here I was prepping an illustration that I don’t think ever ended up coming to fruition But here’s some more sketches, trying to draw a dude. Uh, I don’t remember what these were for but enjoy them. [Laughs] These are sketches with a bubblegum Crayola pencil. This is when I was really trying to stylize hair and kind of simplify it In a way that felt comfortable so you can kind of see how I’m drawing hair in like big chunky sections here. This is some of the early attempts at that. I don’t have dates. I don’t put dates in here anymore. I don’t know when this was. These are sketches in purple pen and purple highlighter for all of the filled in sections. And then there’s a pink highlighter right there. Here’s when I found an artist on Instagram who would mix purple pens with Copic markers and you can kind of see the way it bleeds the pen and I don’t just ell in love with the way that looks. I was experimenting with that myself. Then I actually made a video on that so – oh. That must not be this page, it must be the next page. And here you can kind of see the difference between a sketch, where you don’t have any groundwork and you’re kind of building up with one art supply but when you use a second sketch layer, you can kind of see more – I don’t know what the word is The more organized your sketch can look and like the eyes are better lined up because you don’t see all of the attempts at lining the eyes up, they were done in a lighter pencil and then I used to ink on top. Then this, I don’t know what was happening. Okay, here’s the page where I filmed myself using a purple pen and then also going over it with a light purple Copic marker. You kind of see how those experimentations went. I kind of like this page and the sketchiness of it, versus this one which looks a little bit more refined Oh and here we were getting into inktober and I was like, well I got to do something, right? [Laughs] So here I practiced with like a really thick line art to see how that would look and then here’s my first inktober drawing which I actually drew on the 2nd of October and I think I used India inks mixed with water to get the lighter tones there. Here
I swatched some art supplies that I got in a mystery box and then did some sketches with those pencils. They were pencils that had three different colors in them So as you use them the color would kind of slowly shift and here I concepted the finished illustration with those art supplies These I swatched all the new illo hue markers just to see how they worked and I did a whole video on those. I still really like this sketch and this character. I have to draw her again. That looks fun. Here’s some more brain barf kind of pages, you know,
faces and then I decide to add a body afterwards. [Laughs] So the bodies don’t necessarily fit perfectly, but you know I tried. Here for once I drew a character with a smaller head than their body. That’s unusual for me Whoa, we’ve got lots on this next one. Oh, this was a Halloween themed illustration that I was concepting out and like swatching different art supplies from a Zen Pop box. Then here we have some more brain barf I’d call it, you know just the fun, nobody cares what I’m drawing sketches where I don’t have to worry about making them perfect. Oh here I was concepting an illustration where I ended up drawing Medusa in like a modern kind of outfit So kind of like came up with the outfit as I went and then you can see some swatches of the art supplies I ended up using. I think that’s again from a mystery box. I didn’t draw in my sketchbook a lot this month. So it must have in October. Maybe I was doing a lot of the inktober stuff – Attempting inktober stuff I should say. [Laughs] Outside of my sketchbook but here it looks like another Zen pop box and some illustrations that went along with that video. I was trying to modernize a character based off of the Bride of Frankenstein. I don’t know she has a name other than that. Is that it? Anyway, here are some ideas and concepts of that and some swatches of colors. I think I was for an inktober drawing. Here we have a slightly modern witch. More faces I think this one was supposed to be me, but I didn’t finish it. Here I was trying to draw a cat. Cats… Character. Oh,this is kind of interesting. I don’t know what that is. Oh, here’s where I was trying to create a character design for a creepy doll. As evidence by the words !creepy doll written up here. In case it wasn’t overly obvious. And then here I think is the final one for that. I’m not a hundred percent on that one but I think what I was trying to do with this one was to separate elements of the drawing by using different tones, or textures and I think that experiment worked alright. Again more faces with a few bodies attached. a bunch of sketches of an original character of mine. a very well refined zombie. [Giggles] Here I tried to draw a little bit more realistic. See how I like that. I’m thinking I might need to stay a little bit more cartoony and simplified to be what I’m looking for in a character and then here, these are – Well actually, these three of the same one, that’s a different one. More original characters from stories that I’ve got going around in my head [Laughs] Crime solving. Aliens in the 1940s, you know the usual. [Laughs] Here a concepted, I think my final inktober illustration. Which didn’t, honestly, I don’t
think turned out quite as well as these two sketches I really like these two sketches, but the finished illustration, you know, that was obviously inked and like added tone and stuff, which is cool, but and I always favor the sketch. Here’s some more hands. I kind of like the way they fit diagonally on the page and there’s like white space there and white space there. I don’t know if I did that on purpose but I also usd highlighter to kind of make my favorite hands pop. This
was me diving into another original character of mine where I decided to give her a bit of a redesign because I don’t think I touched her in a few years. As much as I thought about her. I had not drawn her So here we have Stucki Mendez. Boo,boo,de,boo,boo. and then that is her friend that she kind of watches over and keeps out of trouble or at least tries to. Here we have some more hands. I don’t know. I was really obsessed with drawing hands, I guess in this sketchbook. This page, I had left blank because whenever I film a video and I’m using markers I was like skip over a page. So then it leaves two blank pages That I can then bleed my markers on without having to worry about, so then I come back later and kind of try to fill in some of the white space and draw stuff. This one was a little too crowded. So the sketches didn’t really show up, so I didn’t put too much time into those. This
was a spread that I filled to kind of celebrate Huevember So I designed a different character on different hues and yeah a whole video on the process of those. Oh! Here is when I really got into Planet Zoo. I still am. So I wanted to draw some of the animals. Giraffes. Lion, hippo, lion. …Bongo? I think. And then here I filmed a video where is drawing some more animals. We have an elephant. Ostrich, Zebra, and then a rhinoceros. This is trying to design a sticker. I’m not quite there yet. I need to keep working on that one. Here we have some more hands. Ah, these are the ones we filmed. So I made a video where I filled the spread with hands and I kind of just talked about hands and accidentally made a bit of a tutorial. So that exists if you want. It’s not supposed to be a tutorial but you know, check it out if you want. [Laughs] Some more hands, faces. Try to draw a dude. I think I was watching a camera tutorial and that was the YouTuber that was giving the tutorial ‘Cause I apparently
stopped paying attention to start drawing them. Here we have a very cute little face. It kinda reminds me of a friend. Who was friends with Rapunzel and Ariel if you know what I mean, wink, wink. This is a page where I think it was again, kind of for Huevember where I filled a whole spread with just the color red. Well just the hue, red. So obviously you could use black and white, are all on the spectrum of red. Technically, that’s what I came up with for that. Here I was kind of designing a bit of a princess. There’s another original character, very simplified. And some more kind of like my face brain barf sketches. This was a spread where I designed a character based off one of my favorite candies. Peppermint bark. I think that one turned out really well and she’s so freaking pretty! Hmm. Sometimes I amaze myself. [Laughs] Here I drew myself, very stylized because for some reason, my pajama pant, one leg always ends up being like, rolled it up when I wake up and the other leg it’s full length, and then I look like that Yeah there’s me holding my doggie. Here is a little tiger that I drew and then later I came back and added in this gouache I just like feeling, oh the texture! I’m quite happy with that. This was a spread where I designed a character based off of another holiday food, the gingerbread people, cookies, men things. Yeah, but mine’s a princess. [Laughs] This is a page of some blub fish. And then this is like a little Yeti that I drew and it made me think of Sully So then I drew another one and put Mike Wazowski next to it. I think it turned out splendidly. Sometimes the simple fast quick little things you draw can turn
out so much better than things you spend a long time on but you know, there we go. Here. I was prepping for a 1-minute – No, 10 minute, 1 minute, 10 second challenge, so I trying to finalize the design of this elf character that I had kind of like accidentally created while unboxing a mystery art box. So it was time to like actually sit down and figure out what she looked like So here we have some more concepts of that. I really like this one. I think that one turned out very well. I love the stripy bodysuit. I don’t know=, it’s just cute and everything about it makes think of winter like the little jacket as soon as I changed it from… The collar more to like a turtleneck sort of thing, it looks a little bit more like a puffer jacket and I think that’s really cute and she has her little double pom pom Santa hat. I
don’t know what you call those. I guess it’s – I don’t know and her name is Melon because it was a whole video where I was drawing a lot of watermelons. So I just named her after that. Some more faces. I was kind of trying to experiment by exaggerating different parts. So like that one has a larger forehead. That one is a large chin. I think this one had larger cheeks. This one had a pointy nose. You know
just tried to draw characters that don’t all look the same Even though I’m going to gravitate towards drawing them all looking the same. I still need to like try to not too, you know? These are some swatches of some golden acrylic paint and the golden acrylic paint that I already owned was matte and this stuff was shiny, so, I don’t know if you can tell but it’s so glossy. I love it And I like touching it! It feels so different than the gouache. This is like smoother You can feel all the paint strokes from the bristles. I just – [Squeals excitedly] This is why I’m an artist just so I can touch the art. And here we have the video of the ten minute, one minute, ten second challenge But I actually did the one minute twice and then I think I also did a 30 minute because I was having a little bit too much fun. [Giggles] So here have Mellon drawn in ten minutes, one minute, one minute again and ten seconds, isn’t it beautiful? Oh, we’re all ready – Wow! Okay, so these like I feel like I just drew because I drew it on the 26th. I actually dated it. This kind of based off the outfit I wore on Christmas but I designed kind of a character around it with some really cute hair. This I experimented with making their profiles look a little bit different. So that one has a much more rounded profile and this one so much sharper edged profile and kind of seeing what I like about each and I think what I found out was that I like them both Here I drew an illustration kind of just for Christmas. Kind of based off that character again. This I actually filmed before this. But again, I like skipped over a page in case that I used markers, I wasn’t sure what was going on. But I sat down and drew a lion and I really like the way this background thing ended up. It was not planned. It just sort of happened and I like the way it makes the sketches kind of pop from the background. And I really really like this sketch right here. I accidentally kind of created a character and then tried drawing them in a bunch of different ways experimenting with their face shape. Seeing what I liked, what I didn’t. This one ended up looking like a very old person so I didn’t give it the same hair. I gave it more of like a old gentleman’s hair. Then of course we had to include… A random girl face too. Here we have this final sketches. These were all made on like New Year’s Eve. Running out of time, the ball’s about to drop and like I want to film this sketchbook before 2020 so I drew my pokemon sword and shield character. That game is so cute. I feel like it’s too easy. I don’t know I play a lot of Pokemon games. This one for some reason I’m not having any troubles. Maybe it’s because it’s more fun. So I’m like actually walking through the grass because you can actually see the Pokemon! Wow. Okay. Anyway. [Laughs] Those little uniforms are adorable so I dressed my character in the uniform a little bit more than I probably should but yeah. There we have it and I got a little hat that matches and my Sobble which I’ve already evolved to its final evolution but you know, it’s all good. I got the game for Christmas. Hehe, so I only just started, but I’m having a blast. Anyway, I had finished the sketchbook, but we still had a few more minutes, you know before the new decad e so I kind of just did a little bit of my mind barf and drew my doggie. He’s been wearing a bandana lately and oh my gosh, I didn’t think he could be cuter, got him a red bandana and the colors just look so good with his fur and I am, [squeak] But then I said Goodbye 2019 being all sappy like that and I wrote 2020 here we come and now it’s time to start a new sketchbook for 2020. I’m so excited. Starting any sketchbook is so much fun and I feel like the last half of this sketchbook went way faster than the first half because I kind of ignored it. I don’t know if it got stuck under a box or something and I didn’t see it but if you want to fill a sketchbook You gotta keep it in plain sight because if it’s easier to do something else, you’re probably gonna do something else. You got to keep it, you know, in your way. So like if you’re watching a video and you’re not doing anything with your hands. You might just open it up and start doodlee doodlee doodlee You know, you never know. If you’re
excited to see me crack into my 24th sketchbook, let me know. If you’re interested in seeing all 22 previous sketchbooks. I have filmed them all and I have a whole playlist. So you can kind of see my journey I think from age… 14 to now. Whoosh it’s been a while. Watch my journey and my style evolve over time. If that’s something you’re interested in. Let me know how many sketchbooks you filled or if you’re on your first sketchbook, that’s so exciting. and yeah, thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have delicious evening full of waffles. Bye! ♪

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