Previously on Lifetime Travelmates So we finally arrived here in Mysuru. It is a bit chaotic because
it’s the days for the Mysore Festival. Mysore Dasara is one of the most celebrated
and important festivals of India. The city of Mysore has a long tradition of
celebrating the 10-day festival highlighting the last day, Vijayadashami. Vijayadashami is the celebration of the victory of good over evil. The day also marks the killing of demon Mahishasura by Hindu Goddess, Chamundeshwari. The Mysore Dasara is celebrated on a grand
scale. During this period, the whole city of Mysore
undergoes serious changes. The streets, buildings, trees, everything
is beautifully decorated with lights. It attracts a huge audience both from all
over India and all around the world. This city is full of lights, full of people
and full of honking here in the bus station. Let’s take a look and we are going to the
hostel. This is our first dinner in Mysuru.
I got Mysuru Masala Dosa and Hyekyong got what? Bonda soup. Bonda soup. And there you go!
The Masala Dosa… This one looks like… I don’t know what bonda is but this one
looks like a bada… bada masala. or I don’t know. We arrived at the hostel.
It’s a little bit in the middle of nowhere. It’s pretty far from downtown. but I don’t know.
It should be quiet. You don’t see a s**t. It’s very dark. Good morning! Now we are heading out
to explore the downtown in Mysore. There is a bus station near the hostel
we are staying in. The hostel name is Sonder. located 3 kms from downtown.
But the ambience is very nice. They have a very cool garden, two cats and
the breakfast was included. The toilets, shower rooms are very clean and
everything is good. Yeah, we are quite satisfied with it.
The price is not as cheap as other hostels but
we are satisfied. So now yeah let’s try to find this bus going
downtown and explore Mysuru or Mysore! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!
Drink it all! Drink it all! Drink it all! After recharching our energy, we headed to
the Mysore Palace. The Mysore Palace, also known as the Amba
Vilas Palace is the former palace of the royal family of Mysore
and is still their official residence. Mysore palace is one of the most impressive
places in India especially for its awe- inspiring architecture
style. Although the original palace was built in
the 14th century, the building standing there today was finished
in 1912 for the 24th Ruler of the Wodeyar Dynasty. The Mysore Palace is a perfect example of Indo-Saracenic architecture blending in elements of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput,
and Gothic architecture. The Mysore Palace is the second most visited
historical monument by both local and foreign tourists after the
Taj Mahal. It is also famous for its light & sound show
and vibrant Dasara celebrations. General entrance is via the south gate. To
visit the palace, a ticket is required and shoes are not allowed to enter the palace. We are trying to leave our shoes at this counter.
So there are people who want to leave shoes and there are so many people who want to pick
up their shoes. So it’s a madness. You have to give it! You have to give it!
Don’t go! I know, I know.
I am just putting them inside. Wait! This is the Mysore Palace. And you might be wondering what What all these people are doing?
why all the attention here? Well, because there are some elephants. The palace was getting ready for the big celebration
which is the Mysore Dasara. We passed the garden surrounding the palace
and finally got to see the masterpiece, the main building of the Mysore Palace. The main building is three-storeys, made of
stone granite, pink marble domes and a five storey tower
with a gilded dome and faces the East gate which is the one used by VIP guests during
the Dasara celebrations. The highlights of our visit on that day were
the reception hall, the marriage hall, and the special guest hall. This palace is amazing.
The interior, all the details, all the paintings… You should visit it. We find this food festival unexpectedly.
We should try sometihng no? We were looking for a restaurant but let’s
try this! After the delicious lunch, we strolled along
the area. It was interesting to see the combination
of busy and dynamic city and traditional and majestic buildings.
We had a few hours to kill until the light show in the palace so we just walked around
and got into a local market. So we came to the Old Market which is 2 kms
away from the palace. It’s very cute, very small stalls.
We can see they sell spices, incense, flowers, some fruits and veggies.
We haven’t seen it all so we are gonna take a small tour around
so you can join us. This is very cute.
Maybe one of the most beautiful market we have ever seen so far, here in India
in Mysore. After the Old Market, we headed back to the
palace. The road was congested with cars, motorbikes,
and people, all heading to the same place to see the light
illumination and music show on the Mysore Palace. We came again to the palace and the atmosphere
is amazing. There is lights everywhere. There’s a lot
of people. It’s very festive atmosphere. From the entrance, we could see many people
entering the palace to catch the magical moment of 100,000 light bulbs turning on at the same
time. Are you ready? 3 2 1 Exactly 7 pm, they turend on the lights around
the palace. And it looks so much different from the one
we saw during the daytime. There’s so many people, there is music around.
so many lights everywhere. It’s amazing! No added music No added images We would like you to feel the atmosphere as it was… Dasara! We are trying to catch this bus but I think
that’s impossible. There are so many people.
Check this! People is getting upset and since this is
the last bus touring the city. The next one… I don’t know. This is crazy! Look at the bus! This is crazy!
A lot of cars, a lot of people, honking, honking, honking
motorbikes… Look at all the lights!
It’s so beautiful. Noise and sound! Special magic b*****t Oh,
a lot of cars. Oh my god!
a lot of lights a lot of people
a lot of honks. a lot of motorbikes.
Everywhere. People taking selfie with the car. Look at that! Oh, look at this beautiful church. This is madness! Happy Dasara! To be continued


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