Forensic Science Summer School

[Sam] My visit to Scotland has been amazing. The city is beautiful, it has flown past all of my expectations. [Charlotte] I most enjoyed the laboratories. I really enjoyed how hands on they were. and how a lot of the professors let us to complete the full lab from start to finish. [Sam] The atmosphere is amazing, you guys encourage learning. I’ve just been having the great experience. [Charlotte] I absolutely love Glasgow, I love the whole city and I like how close everything is, it’s all within walking distance. [Mikayla] I also love being able to go do different things around the country. So we got to see Edinburgh and Stirling Castle. [MUSIC] If you have the chance to study abroad here in Strathclyde then I would say definitely do it. Everyone here has made this place feel very comfortable and kind of like home to me. Strathclyde is an amazing place and you should totally do it. I’m coming back! Come to Strathclyde!

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