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hey guys we’re in Carlton Michigan today we’re at four-star greenhouse and this is another one of proven winners display Gardens and it is phenomenal you guys are going to love this I have so many ideas now after walking through this garden just a little bit ago and one of the things that I really wanted to just let you guys know about is that at these growing facilities they do these test gardens to actually test the plants to see how they do in the landscape versus containers to try out new combinations for hanging baskets and and pots and inground planting and if something doesn’t do well it doesn’t perform it does not make the collection and I think that is really cool like these plants have to be superior plants to be part of the proven winners line and to see them in action is just amazing another really cool thing that you guys are going to like and I want a lot of are these pots so these are self watering containers and I’ve always been a little skeptical of the idea but I’m seeing in action everywhere they’ve got I don’t even know how many pots but it seems like they have hundreds of them around here so what they are is they’re light like this one doesn’t have any watt or very little water in it right now but I wanted to show you the inside so it still has plenty the plants have plenty of room to grow they have plenty of root room and then this part fills up with water and then the bottom as well you fill it up from this little thing right here this just screws out put water in there and then this little bubble has three little sensors that pop up just like little floats and will tell you where the water level is at in your container so what they say is that it reduces your watering time down to about every three to four weeks like who wouldn’t want that I think that is such a great thing and you’ll see them all throughout the garden so just kind of keep your eye open for them this whole alley right here which ooh the sun’s behind a cloud it feels nice it is warm out today they call this combo alley they’ve got just tons of different beautiful combinations really awesome thing is that they label everything everything has a name so you’re walking through the garden and you actually know what you’re looking at I can’t stand it when I go to Gardens and I can’t ID a plant it bugs me because it’s usually one that I really would love to plant somewhere but I’ve got to go track somebody down and ask what it is so this is really nice because they’ve got all of everything labeled they even give you a little booklet when you arrive and it shows you all the areas in the garden and lists all the plants that are in that area so you can easily easily ID what you’re looking at so let’s just walk down this alley show you guys some of these things I thought you would really like this one I love this combination because everything every single plant in here is so different in color or structure that everything shows up so you’ve got your black-eyed Susan vine they call this one lemon appeal royal supertunia royal velvet supertunia mini rose veined and white licorice see they’ve got them all lined out there for you but the lemon appeal wants to naturally grow upward so you would think that when you plant this vine that it would naturally grow all the way down and it starts to grow down but then it starts climbing back up itself and it will climb up the structure but it gives a really neat look they call this their octopus this is dichondra Silver Falls look at this plant it’s like so soft it is such a neat one I’ve got to do this and so up top we’ve got infinity red and infinity white these are impatience here and then the dichondra isn’t that the coolest thing alright let’s keep on going I’m seeing a really neat combination right at the end look at this isn’t that just striking that drew my eye from way down there so we’ve got a dragon wing red illustris mmm this is color blaze dipped in wine we’ve got diamond frost euphorbia yeah that’s a beauty I copy that one and they’ve got meandering paths that go through this whole thing but you can look in almost every direction and you see just a beautiful island of color something I’m noticing in this garden and in the one in New Hampshire that we just came from they use lemon coral a lot as a border plant and we even had somebody comment on the last garden tour video of the proven winners garden they’re in New Hampshire they were asking what that plant was and that’s lemon coral sedum and it makes a fantastic border I really like it especially with the black lace elderberry here and the contrast between these two plants is phenomenal and even the the potato vine here but doesn’t this just inspire you to plant annuals everywhere I mean the colors insane so this garden is open to the public but they do have a lot of events going on during the summer a lot of weddings and a lot of people come in here to take pictures and things so if you do make the trip to come I would recommend calling the office first to kind of make sure that your date that you want to come visit doesn’t fall on one of the wedding dates because you don’t want to come and crash a wedding so they’ve got some really neat structures here – just a little pergola here and then the swings there’s just so many opportunities for really neat structural plantings and for pictures i mean i if i were needing pictures for something this is definitely where i would come look at the view out here and you can even see there’s a family out there getting their pictures taken right now so fun the color is just amazing okay let’s go back this way and look at all the pots see them all all of these self watering containers and they look really nice too kind of a neat thing about them and I was wondering about this when when I very first was sent the link about these pots to kind of check them out I was wondering about the the texture on the outside it’s actually Braille and it tells a story about the pots and we’re not sure what story it tells about the pots but apparently it does kind of a neat a neat deal it’s different this is my color palette right here the soft yellow look at that with the canna and then there’s pink and patience a diamond frosty for bein white the algorithm right there beautiful supertunia latte oh love it oh the clay oh me there’s white clay on me back there purple fountain grass like this just right here is just real cooling and calm to me we’ll go deeper into that area in a minute I don’t want to get in the background of the families pictures but you can see right here the little pond they call this the reflecting pond under this bridge here and then the little stream that brings it down can you hear that I think this is the biggest pot I have ever seen also right behind it do you see that big pillar of supertunias so I got in closer to see how that was all kind of configured and it looks like it’s four great big hanging baskets that are just hanging one right on top of the other and there’s drip irrigation in there and looks like they are loving it and it’s a really neat idea and right below us check this out so there’s this really pretty design of flowers with the stones and none of these stones are painted they’re all natural colors and they were all cut to fit this design so it was a very custom made piece and I think it’s a really neat really add something over here there’s a sign that says that you’re not supposed to climb into the stream and I really want to hit looks so inviting look at that the grasses the grasses just make it for me they make it look natural and then of course there’s another black lace elderberry up there and when you’re standing right where I am you see that layer with the black lace elderberry and then there’s a layer of hydrangea right in front and then that Prince Tut grass right there just really really pleasing you can tell there was a lot of thought that went behind this this design in these Gardens I also like this area behind me I love it when there’s just big islands of color and they made raised beds with some stone here and they’re just full of different things are super teeny a supe super beam yeah I just said super bee Mia ah super beena royal romance really pretty potato vine and then of course the bananas and Khanna’s but there’s just some really nice things break up what would it normally be a big expansive grass like this pot right here it looks totally great just sitting right here with another little one beside it and I want the pot the pot is awesome standing in the shade here for a minute is a really really nice day it’s really warm this whole sidewalk is lined with a bunch of beautiful combinations I wanted to show you a couple this one right here is such a neat idea I’ve never thought of putting a gara as a centerpiece but look at how that kind of crowns the whole planter this is nice plume out the top it’s gorgeous also this Pegasus begonia as a centerpiece is beautiful along with the Artemisia and then the other thing is bro alia and Terranea that’s in that mix is just really really pretty importance in the colors that I love so I really like that one so we’ll just walk down this way and you’ll see like right on the edge see all that just green that’s again the lemon coral sedum it’s just such a fantastic plant the view also they had this wall built because they’ve got a lot of production back behind here so they kind of had this barrier wall built but they did it so pretty with the hanging window baskets here planter boxes and then I love this drift of grass see that’s what we all need to be doing is thinking in bigger scale you know it’s it just looks so striking when you plant a lot of one thing instead of a bunch of different stuff because it gives your eye some rest and it also makes the plant stand out big time so let’s go look over here oh that’s so pretty hibiscus and then right out here they’ve got lots of different perennials some gorgeous Satyam’s um just like want to touch them so um ‘no pita and more sedum right here which is the rock and grill maestro I believe I just use this in one of the containers that I use in one of my presentations yesterday really pretty really great in a container for fall day lilies like a viburnum got a gorgeous spiraea right here baptisia really pretty to see what you can do with mostly shrubs and perennials out here there’s a few little well the pansy ollas out here which may or may not come back they are kind of half-and-half in our area but all of this right here it looks like it’s stuffed it’s going to come back there’s some bubbly and Rosa Sheeran some bigger hibiscus hydrangea I’m just really nice out here you’ve got the cleome and potato vine more hydrangea fineline buckthorns if you guys are not familiar with this plant maybe you should consider it if you’ve got a space for something you know that you need something tall but narrow the fine line buckthorn is a fantastic plant and these ones are boy I can’t remember I think she said six seven years old something like that so it just gives you a really good idea of what size they get but what a great screening plant I have one in a container sitting on my patio at home and it really like I need to get more so I can do a little little screen it’s really striking and there’s some more to write down there and then right here really nice look at this bridge and they’ve got lights in it it’s lit up at night and they used a lot of the supertunia honey in this arrangement and then a superb else I think is really pretty super Belle spicy look at that it looks really great with the honey the honey’s got kind of this graduation of color see this is both the supertunia honey right here look at that super Belles with it really great combination okay so when you get over the bridge so on the other side of this bridge there’s a chain with private resident sign and that is where the owner’s home starts so this is where the tour is going to end but there’s still some pretty things right down in here one of the plants that I really like is this gum freeness the globe amaranth right here look at this look at how pretty and something that I just learned about these is that they oh I’ve always seen Tagg that they’re a really great dried flower but I’ve never tried it before and apparently they dry the same color that they are now so they don’t lose their color when they dry which is amazing so really neat plant you can see right here Kalil forest sugared plums gomphrena I hope you guys enjoyed the tour again this is forced to our greenhouse we’re in Carleton Michigan which is really close to Detroit I’m totally worth the visit thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you in the next video bye


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