Full Day Of Eating Keto + Summer Shredding 2020 Sign Up & My LAST “Treat” Meal FAIL!

hey YouTube fam bam how are y’all doing
oh this Monday I think that’s when this video is gonna go up either this video
is gonna go up on Monday or Wednesday yeah so I’ve been sitting here waiting
because I was supposed to have like a visitor at the house whatever and he’s
running late yeah I’m hungry I’ve been fasting for almost 20 some hours y’all I need food in my system so I’m about to
break my back with some sugar-free jell-o
yum-yum-yum over here watching some zodiac readings on YouTube and about to
post my previous video up so good so I lied I’m not to eat so uh I have my
pasta zero noodles some ground beef with dairy free cheese it’s the dairy free
mozzarella and cheddar cheese and then I have some broccoli in this and yeah this
is so good y’all this is a nice little keto friendly lunch it could be a nice
little keto friendly dinner whatever you want to do but yeah this is so good like
real tall I’m gonna eat this healthy like it’s nothing quick voice of a
youtube family so y’all I went to Dollar Tree and I found these really cute
flip-flops actually they’re not flip-flops
they’re called fur plows and they’re only a dollar because you know they’re
at Dollar Tree yeah but yeah I just wanted to share them with the world is
that I was like you know it I need to share them with my youtube family yeah
and they have like other designs and other colors y’all and yeah I just think
they’re so cute plus the weather doesn’t know what I want to do so yeah right now
let’s get back into the video me too bamm-bamm it is currently 639
p.m. I am forcing myself to go to the gym today why am I talking so that I
don’t even know I’m talking so loud I just want y’all know how irritated I am
right now but I’m going to go to the gym I am going to tough break it isn’t Jail
yes yes okay honestly you two family I don’t be out here in these streets like
this at nighttime y’all I’ll be doing this so yeah we’ve got to have us a
night routine at the gym so let go to the gym let go positive energy positive
vibes over here y’all bouncing don’t ya there’s red light y’all I feel so great
after doing a little workout I try some new stuff yeah the last thing I did was
a little workout and I saw Heidi summers aka buff bunny do our channel y’all I
love her so much and it Latoya and I tried another guy wet in the world but I
kind of somewhat got it I really don’t have it but I kind of somewhat got it
sup yeah it was real fun y’all I really did enjoy today’s workout yeah
I didn’t like lift heavy weights it was more I just like using my body do you
think they have keto funnel cakes here next hashtag easy AF keto dinner
hashtag lazy keto dinner hashtag this didn’t even take me long to cook keto
dinner y’all this is our zero net carb bread y’all this is in the flavor plane
flavor plane yeah this is the plane zero net carb bread y’all okay then we have
one egg with um some dairy free cheese then we have ground beef under the egg
and we have two bacon strips some guys I forgot the name of the
veggies we have broccoli and cauliflower y’all and to drink we’re gonna have some
good old Greenville Mississippi water h2o yes yes
hydrating kings and queens of 2020 over here and then I’m gonna also have some
folks here as well y’all so yeah this is what I’m gonna have for dinner
YUM the next day oh yeah so we’re taking this weight-loss journey serious AF for
2020 so I’m signing up for the Christian Guzman Summer Shredding Challenge y’all he’s so inspirational y’all here on YouTube side note I love Heidi Somers
aka BuffBunny his girlfriend some yeah I’m going to
apply for the why I’m gonna say apply I guess for the online transformation
challenge oh yeah nervously else okay now I’m gonna definitely have to be
accountable come here $15 for this no we’re not just spending $15 just to
spend $15 okay okay I’m just showing you all this so y’all can hold me
accountable a up like we got to go in this heart like I’m not playing against
this hopper over up alright you guys so these summers shredding 20/20 challenge
has just been confirmed yes I just got my email I’m ready ready yes alright
YouTube bambam so I’m just gonna be honest and let y’all know that I’m
currently about to walk into KFC y’all know the doughnut chicken sandwich that
they have at KFC well I decided that I’m going to be participating in the summer
strutting 2020 online transformation challenge hope I’m
saying that correctly and so due to the fact that I’m planning to be going too
hard AF like doing keto like I’m going extra hard y’all today is my last day of
actually not care what I want to eat actually I’ve been eating pretty great
today y’all but I was like dang it I just really intrude want to try this
doughnut chicken sandwich y’all and plus my my period so um yeah that’s one
messages so hopefully this video doesn’t trigger anybody in a way y’all I’m
making a rash decision while on my period and then again I’m like I’m about
to go hard enough on keto so dang it we want to enjoy this little meal y’all yes
it’s just yeah so like I was saying if this is going to trigger you any type of
way you can go ahead and click off the video I understand it’s cool okay y’all
but if you’re watching the video I thank you so much I guess I don’t know where
I’m gonna put this clip it in my videos so yeah our KFC got remodel just let yup now 80
right yeah so this is what the menu is looking like you can get one done that
basket for 549 and if you get to cheat on that basket is 749 so yeah okay
YouTube a bit so the keto guys wouldn’t have any of
that I I’m not able to eat the KFC’s chicken and donut sandwich because
they’re out so yes even when you want to do it a last-minute cheat day or cheat
meal the keto guys they try to hear any of it so you guys I’m just gonna have
some KFC’s hot wings and you also have a Diet Pepsi but y’all I can’t believe it
kiddo guys do me like that hi I don’t want to have one cheat me
before I go hard for okey know y’all and win this summer shredding challenge yes
thinking it’s an existing job


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