Fun and Frolics for Ella over the Festive Season!

– Hi, I’m Ella, and I’m
the new Sports Ambassador of Carol Saunders Swim School. I do my swim training with Pawel in York, and this is a mixture of lane swimming and one-to-one sessions
to work on my technique. This is my first ever January vlog, and I welcome you to
join my sporting journey. I do a variety of multisports
involving swimming, mainly to do with pentathlon
and triathlon events. During Christmas, I had
to continue my training because of a pentathlon
competition on the 27th and the 28th December. This event included
riding, swimming, fencing and a laser-run. The laser-run is two shoots with two 800-meter runs in between. I was really pleased with the results and finished first over the line to win the Under 15 Age Category. Last weekend, I did a
triathlon competition. This was three events,
running, shooting and swimming. This was organised by Pony Club, and I was really pleased with my results. I got second place out of 13, and managed to swim a personal best too, 179 metres in three minutes. See you in next month’s vlog where I will give you my
results from a biathlon which I’m doing on the 18th, and talk you about my upcoming events. Bye for now.

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