Furnishing a holiday let or serviced apartment

hi my name's James from fusion furnishing solutions and I would like to introduce you to an eel Roper rmd who's a loose actually got a couple of service departments himself and holiday lifeteen north wells i believe and he would be able to be summer hits and tips on how to you were to furnish these to get the most out of your investment yeah as many of you will know the moment serviced apartments and holly lexus is sort of the buzz buzz words at the moment in in the in the property circles and we're fortunate enough that my wife and I bought a couple of service apartments we did about two or three years ago now so we've been doing them for a little while and obviously running fusion furniture for 11 years so we want this market started to take off we were very quickly able to look at what we've done in our see what worked in ours and do that straightaway into into the service department business and it's working very well from the point of view will do absolutely everything that people want with regard to officer all the furniture the bedding the throws with the bedding for example you tend to need three sets per beds would be quite a lot specially if the zip and Link beds but we do all that which by all the towels even down to hair dryers so everything's done for you it's all kitted out in one day so we do the whole the whole shebang well I allowed to turn up install it or make the beds up put the pictures on the walls dress it all and leave it all ready to rent so it's all done for you ready to go oh soneya little fair to say it is it is a genuinely fully comprehensive turn key service that we do offer if you've got a service department in in Aberdeen you're based in London or even abroad what would someone need to do just to work to make sure they've got it furnished properly yeah well so they also get in touch with us we would furnish throughout the whole country so we do of our website have obviously a basic plan of what what we'd expect people to put in but we can tweak that so if you did want some things thick even down as far as we recently did one in Chester where they had two pillars and the bed walls as a single bed is normally six foot three and they only have six foot gaps we actually have them bed made six foot just a slot in that gap so things like that we can do to help because sometimes these properties are bit quicker would you see everybody final chicks you'd like to give er yes I think when you look at what you're doing with your whole deal at all service department you need to remember that you're hoping for repeat customers so therefore it needs to you need to also make it look nice but also think about things like you know if you're going to allow pets that we put in pet friendly furniture that your matches is a good quality sup people have a good night's sleep because if they don't have that they won't come back and stay so yes it's really important that the look the feel everything's right for for them to come back and to also recommend that property to their friends as well and yet one more last tip is we have our own in-house design team here so we can help do all your accessories you pitched on the walls the bedding the throws all that stuff is we do the whole lot so you don't have to be a interior design expert or watch all the TV program we do all that for you so yes it's all one one-stop solution I suppose is a way of putting it so I hope that's useful tips for you from James and I today and we can all see any questions just give us a call thanks very much you

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