GMBN Vs GMBN Tech | A Festive Mountain Bike Ride

(laughing) – Oh, those GMBN boys, they’ve been so good this year inspiring me to ride my mountain bike. Every day a fantastic video. I would like to meet them at my grotto. I think I’ll send them a lovely text with some challenges. (laughing) (lively piano music) (alarm ringing) – Well, I know what I’m wearing. (toilet flushing) ♪ Rudolph my dear ♪ – Father Christmas? I know exactly what I’m going to wear. ♪ Always on his merry way is Santa ♪ (man gaspsgasping – Santa. Oh yeah. I know exactly what I’m going to wear. (phone ringing) – I’ve got just the thing. (laughing) – I love my suit. I love it, I love it,
I love it, I love it. Where is everyone? Cor, I feel like a right turkey right now. I’m the first one here in my suit. Look at you, cracker. Literally a cracker. – Mate, you’re gobbling. (laughing) – That’s cool. – Yeah it’s all right, innit.
– Yeah it’s all right. – It’s quite warm. – Who’s this guy? – Santa’s little helper. – It’s Santa’s little helper. And you’re not very little. – Sweet hat. – I’m glad we’re not the only ones. – Oh look out here comes a reindeer. (all laughing) – You guys look stupid. – You look good. – Did you get a text from Mark? I mean Santa Clause. – I did. – Did you get that text? – I got a text from Father Christmas. – Whoa, what the hell? – What the hell is this? Some sort of, ah. It’s a map, look. It’s a Christmas ride. Santa’s map. – Yeah, what does that mean there? – So we’re up there obviously
and we’re in the town, and we’re just going to follow
this line all the way down, and then I don’t know what these are. Death woods. – Some sort of watering hole, maybe? – It’s not very Christmassy. – Should we, should we go follow it? – Keep hold of that, we might get lost. It’s that way. – Okay – That guy’s scary though. – Who’s that guy? – Really good. – You look smart, Neil. – I’m not edible by all means, right? (christmas music} – All right this way. After receiving the treasure map from present head man, it was time to hit the trail in search of Santa. With a few challenges involved. As we exit the city, we’re headed east into the English country side. Where it was dodgy, bleak, horrible, muddy, and my turkey suit looked like it (bleep) itself. (christmas music) (all laughing) – Hey this looks like we’re in the right direction. – It says it’s over there somewhere. – What is over there? – This is that funny like holly, holly whoa. – Look at that light. – It says to meet here. – There’s that crazy man again. – I don’t know this, man he’s weird. – What’s this? – Is this a challenge or something. – Yeah. – Is this what these spots are on there? – It’s a Christmas card. – Aye. – Challenge one: For 30 seconds spin in a circle. So this is timed so you have to do it for 30 seconds. Jump on to your bike and
ride through a pegged course. Oh, wow. So I’m guessing that’s the course there? – Oh, so we start here then? – So we start here, we spin around that I’m guessing. ’round for thirty seconds, jump on your bike, and then go through that course right there. – Okay. – And who comes back, like– – Alive? – Yeah, and don’t crack
your head on that rock. Who’s going first? – Turkey gets it. – Done. – Stop gobblin’, let’s get on with it. – He’s still here. – All right you’re on time, 30 seconds. Get set, go. (christmas music) – Go lad. Faster. – I thought you said you’re
supposed to spin fastly? – Man, this is fast already. – Has to be 30 seconds. – I can see your giblets. – Is that 30 seconds? – That’s eight seconds. – Oh my gosh, really? – Nine seconds left. Nine more. Three. Two. One. (hysterical laughing) – I can’t. – We’re coming up to a minute. We’ll call this the line here. Stop. – 1:02 – Horrible. – That is the time, 1:02, is it good? Is it bad? – 1:02, I’ll take it. – All right, timing. – Did you go clockwise or anti-clockwise? – I went clockwise. – Is that a mistake? – Go anti, see what happens. – Right. – You ready? – Yeah. – You steady? – Three Two. One. Go. – Faster. (all laughing) – Oh, he’s got a technique. – Look at his feet go. – Those are dancing feet. – Faster. – That’s eight seconds in bud. – Oh my god, really? – You’re wearing a rock. – That’s a time tunnel, show me. – Whoa, why’d you even do that? – 10 seconds left. – I’m higher up up here, it’s harder. – There you go and, go, go, go. (all laughing) – Oh my god. – You have to ride. – That’s ridiculous. – It’s bloody horrible. – Oh my god. I can’t see. – That is 1:06. – 1:06?. Well done. How weird is it? – Like getting on. – Right, you ready? – Yeah. – You feeling good? – I need to warm up so– – Three. Two. One. Go. – Put your head down. 19. (all shouting) – You got 10 more seconds. – You look like an old man in a suit. – And go. – Whoa, I feel sick. It feels like Christmas day. Is it Christmas morning or what? – Wow he’s on it. – All racers are cheating some way. – Look at that. – Oh he’s not too gentle. – Okay so that was a pretty contentious 58 seconds. – Whoa. – You ready Henry? – I am. – Do Santa proud ’cause you
are his little helper, you elf. – Two hands on the pole. – Yeah. – Yeah, that’s what she said. – Head in line with the pole. – Yep. – I give up. – Go. – Faster. – Look at him. – He’s going for it. – It’s really disorienting having the beads. – It’s you’re third leg to take down. – Five seconds. – Look how tight you are. Well that’s real tiny footsteps. Look at them feet go. Like happy feet. (all laughing) – Go faster. – I’m goin as fast as I can. – Go. – Get on the bike. – Yeah. – That’s not it. – Is that your bike? – It’s yours. – I was thinking that. – He’s actually really good at this. He must be good at being drunk if he’s good at spinning. – He’s off, look. – Wow. – Oh, he’s too good at this. I’m sitting down ’cause it feels like it’s less balancing to do, how’s that make any sense at all? Well it’s working, look at you. Look at you. – That was easy. – 1:04. – Oh my god. – Well that’s it. – Winner. Roast dinner. Winner winner, roast dinner. – Next winner, Blake. – Second. Winner, winner, turkey dinner. – I was third. Karate chop. – And the only person who genuinely spun and fell over. – The next one’s down here, so I’m guessing these are challenges. – I think we got to go back that way. – What do we win? – Some brussel sprouts. – I hate brussels. – I think it’s around here somewhere. It says there’s some trees. Look. – Oh, well there he is. – There he is. – I’m freezing. – Should we go near him? It says to go there. – Lets go. – Who wants to get it? I ain’t touching that guy again. – Henry? – Let me present myself. – That’s a cracking joke. – Wow. Don’t mind if I do. – He’s scary. You’re not scared of him? – Eh. – I hate presents now, look at him. – I can feel your presence. – Another Christmas card. – What’s that? What’s the challenge? – Team game, a pedal each, no dabbing, a race from point to point. – How does that work? – Pedal each? – So, pedal each, doesn’t he mean like? One on each like– – It says GMBN vs GMBN Tech. – A person on each pedal? – Yeah. – That’s ridiculous. Does that work? – Yeah. – Can always find out. Okay so the aim of the game is, we’re paired up, GMBN vs GMBN tech. One side Neil is going to have his feet, one side I’m going to have mine, and we’re going to use our body weight to push down to use the pedal. So the other goes up,
the other one goes down. Just like a piston effect, just like that. And we got to guide ourselves all the way down to those bikes down there, which
is the finish line. It’s really hard and you have to work as a team. To get this. (laughing) – That’s it Neil. – Yeah. – It doesn’t work. – Yeah. – That’s teamwork, we
should try that more often. All right that was the end of that challenge boys,
now back to the map. That’s where we are, better
get down here along the river and there’s an other challenge. Another challenge. Then there’s a bridge and then there’s the woods of doom. You ready? Lets go. – Oh my gosh. – Click and clack. – Is there a Christmas tree forest up here or something? – Oh my gosh. – Hey the map says the top of the hill. – Oh, thank god for that. – Top of the hill. – The (bleep) North Pole is quite hilly. – North Pole is hilly. – And looks a bit like
the bath as well, really. – There’s that guy. He’s back again. – Whose going to do it? – Neil. – Oh. I got it. – You’re not scared of him? – Look at him. – The shopper, we’re
going Christmas shopping? – Shopping. – The shopper, give your mate a frontie, down this big, slippery– – I’m sorry, I know it’s Christmas titling but, what’s a frontie? Handlebar ride. – It’s like a backie, you
know what a backie is. – Or froggy. – Handlebar ride. – We got this, we got it. – All right, Neil, you ready? I’ve never done this, how do you do it? Jump, one, two, three. – Hey, they’re in front Neil. You got to lean back. – Yeah – Three. Two. One. Go. – Oh my God – Oh my gosh Neil. – He was sinking. – I was trying to aim for this, and last minute it slipped there and I was like no, no, no. – No, no, no, no, me no like. – Winners. – Losers. Henry’s going down. – Coming to the end of our treasure hunt where on top of the hill it was time to head home, because the heavens opened on us. It’s time to find Santa and
get out of this miserable weather, and out of our muddy clothes. Santa. We’re coming. – Welcome to my dirty grotto. Finally, I get to meet my GMBN heroes. Now, now I must score
you on your clothing, ’cause at this stage, you have, two, one. These guys are losing, you’re winning. Unlike our viewers, we’ve
got to the point where you find out who eventually wins. And I think the best suits are GMBN Tech. It’s a draw. – Yay dirty. – That is not dirty. – Enough of your questions. Dirty. Dirty. Dirty. – Look at him, he looks
like John Cannings. – No, maybe a little. – Thank you very much for watching this funny, silly video. Merry Christmas to you all
and thank you very much for watching this video. If you want to stick around don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe, ’cause you’re missing out. (laughing) – What else? – Goodbye.

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