Goodbye Summer (2019) Subtitle English, French, Indonesia

Wait a minute. Let’s retake that. Take the camera over there. – Over here?
– No, a little more that way. A little more. Right there. I look better from there. How is it? It’s better than earlier, isn’t it? Yeah. But isn’t this a bit too much? No way. I looked it up
and they all did it like this. Like this. Don’t you think doing this and really selling my good points will make me memorable? But why do they even want this?
It’s not like they’re abroad. Whatever.
They want it, so I have to submit it. I don’t have time. Let’s hurry. Hold on. Turn your head that way. Was that good? Hey, was it good? Yeah, it’s good. Start when I count to three. I’m going to start. One, two, three. GOODBYE SUMMER Screw off. Such a weirdo… Why are you studying so hard? What do you think? I’m trying to get a good score
on the test. Ahh…It’s meaningless. Use your time on meaningful things.
Stop wasting your time. What? What’s wrong with you? -Do you have something–
-You don’t know when you’re going to die. You need to use your time wisely. Don’t you think so? I’m sorry. If I didn’t say anything, you wouldn’t have said it
until the very end. Until when did you plan on hiding it? I wasn’t hiding anything. It’s not like that.
The timing just wasn’t right and– Let’s stop being friends. Hey, why do you want to end things
over something like this? Don’t talk to me at school. I said I’m sorry. That’s too much
over something so minor. Too much? I didn’t just not tell you.
Nobody in class knows. The other kids in class? I guess I’m the same as all of them. Aren’t we supposed to be friends? You should have told me at least. I get it. I’m sorry. -I just didn’t want you to be worried–
-No. You just didn’t want to bother with it
and explain what’s going on. It didn’t matter who it was. Friends, strangers, whatever. You just didn’t care. That’s not it.
I’ll tell you everything now. Forget it. Let’s just end things here,
nice and clean. -Don’t say stuff like that so easily.
-Hey. Do you think this is easy for me to say? They’re so noisy. Gosh. Wait. What? Hey. You look pretty awful. -You look like you’re going to die soon.
-I know, right? The change in my cancer treatment got
my skin all dry. I changed to Prudential this time. You crazy jerk. What would people say
if they heard us talking like this? They’d feel bad for us,
saying that we’re pretending to not care. But don’t you think it’s true?
Everyone like us doesn’t really care. Am I wrong? Maybe it’s just me. Do you get depressed? How does this look on me? Geez. Get away from me. I thought you wanted my opinion. What do I do about this? I wasn’t able to sleep
through their buzzing. Do I need to spray bug spray on them? I don’t even know my own self recently. Of course you don’t. We go through so many changes. I felt damn amazing this morning. But after eating lunch, I felt really down. But seeing you… Oh, crap. It made me even more annoyed. Gosh. Get lost. You didn’t get discharged at all? You think they would let me go? What about you? Got hospitalized again? I don’t know.
I didn’t even do a urine test. I need to go back when I need to pee. Why don’t you just get hospitalized again? I’m dying of boredom. I’m 100 percent serious. Never mind. They probably won’t admit you. Because of your wrist. Do you still have that scar? Let me see. Wait, that’s it? You were gushing blood when it happened. I know, right? Doesn’t it look like I just got
a minor scrape? Nope.
Totally looks like you attempted suicide. Screw you. Did you like getting to leave? Of course. -What was so good about it?
-Everything. Everything? Oh, right. What happened to that girl
you were talking to? What? Something’s going on. Did she reject you? -Yeah.
-That’s hilarious. Hey, don’t spit on me. Come on. You asked her out? She rejected me because I asked her out.
Why would she just reject me? Hey, show me her picture. Come on. Not to mention, my friend wants to stop being friends. -Was it a guy?
-Yeah. Then forget him. Don’t worry about that. He wants to end things
because I didn’t tell him I was sick. Is what I did that bad? So can you just show me her picture? You know how it is, right?
It’s hard to tell someone you’re sick. What’s so hard about it?
All you have to do is tell them. Don’t you just feel bad for them? Why? It’s not like you’re hurting anyone
by being sick. Wait, so you didn’t tell her either? That’s… Of course I didn’t. -I didn’t.
-Damn. I guess I didn’t. That’s not right.
You should have told her. Is it that bad that I didn’t tell her? Of course it’s… Imagine if you did tell her. She would have gone on a few dates
because she’d feel bad. What the heck is that? It’s love. Real love. That’s why I make sure to tell them
from the beginning. I ask if they can love me
when I’m like this. If they can, that’s love. Dating someone because you feel bad
for them is so lame. Hey, Hyeon-jae. That’s not how it is. In the end, people date people
because they like them. So getting sympathy is… like an item. An item? -I have to pee.
-What? I have to pee. Poor guy. He doesn’t even know love. Stupid bugs. I ought to just… Then… even if I told her,
wouldn’t she still reject me? That’s right. I guess so. I guess you just weren’t the one. Then, I guess it’s a good thing
that I didn’t tell her. I guess so. JULY MOCK TEST, ENGLISH Look ahead. I shouldn’t have told you. I should’ve kept it to myself. It didn’t really matter that you told me. In the end, I made my decision. I thought about it, and I didn’t want to be
the only one who knew. Sure. It’s a good thing you told me. I didn’t like him that much. But I was about to like him more. You must be bummed. What do you think it would be like
if you heard it from him? I don’t know. I didn’t think about it. He seemed to be studying really hard. It was all of a sudden too. He even leaves the academy the latest. Why is he doing that when he’s sick? What could be the reason? I don’t know. He must have his reasons. You’re really going to ignore him? What about you? I don’t know. Right now, it’s not a time to think
about stuff like that. I’m going to go study now. You’re going to stop by home first, right? No. I’m hungry. I’m going to eat
and go straight to the academy. Want to go get a hamburger? Sure. Where? How about the Lotteria under the academy? No. Isn’t the McDonald’s
across the street better? Sure. Both are fine with me. Really? It’s probably really hot outside. Of course. It’s summer. You’re going to complain
about it being cold soon. Hey. Why didn’t you come today? There was a test today. I went on a field trip. -Aren’t you hot?
-I am. -Why are you roaming around then?
-I don’t know. But what kind of field trip happens
during test week? I’m so jealous. I totally screwed up on that test. Now I’m annoyed again. It’s better than me
who didn’t even take the test. Well, of course. By the way, what are you going to do about Su-min? What about Su-min? What are you talking about?
Aren’t things going good between you two? It’s not like that. Everyone at school knows, okay? But Su-min likes the type of guy
who’s a model student. The fact that you didn’t take the test is going to work against you. Even thinking about it now,
I don’t think you should’ve done that. You’re throwing away your grades
just to do some useless crap. Useless? Hey, you know Ji-hoon’s number, don’t you? Give me his number. It’s all in the emergency contact records. I heard they changed it. Don’t you think it’s a little weird if I ask him
for his number? It’d be too obvious. I’m low on battery,
so I’ll text it to you later. Okay. But you better not forget. Okay. Also, keep it a secret
that I asked for his number. You know, I didn’t know you like Ji-hoon. Hey, you’re the only one who doesn’t know. See you later. -Have a good weekend.
-You too. Okay. Just get the painkiller shot. Want me to call them? I’m okay. I’m just cold. I’m not okay. I can’t get any sleep because of you. Good night. You idiot. Did you bomb the test? Since I’m tardy, no one’s around. You’re tardy on the day of the test? I transferred here today. You’re screwed from the get-go. It’s a relief. I didn’t even know we had a test. Let’s just pretend I didn’t come today. Want some? Did you microwave it for 20 seconds? Just take some. Thank you. What’s your name? Han Su-min. Wait a minute. How old are you
to be talking to me casually? I’m a senior. You can’t be older than me. STUDY HABITS, MOTIVATION They said to finish this
while you wait for the class to finish. A test on the first day? It’s not a test. It’s just to see your placement. So they’re dividing the classes
by the scores? That’s right. Then this is a test. I’ll come back next time. Just do it. I need to study before taking this. What class are you in? I’m in Sky. Sky? As in where the clouds are? Then I’m in the ground class. What the heck? Just take the test. Hey, come on. Why do you think that old man is crying? He probably hates the world. It’s hot. It looks like he’s crying
while looking at that motorcycle. Maybe he used to ride it around. I don’t know. Doesn’t he look like he’d be
good at riding motorcycles? I don’t know. How would I know? Just his aura. He looks cool. If he showered and shaved,
he would look like a different person. I have a feeling
he used to be really cool. What was that question again? You know. What was it? The one about the devil… Angels and devils? Yeah, that one. He’s weird. Think about it. Heaven has angels and hell has devils. Right? If you’re kind and you die, you go to heaven. If you’re mean and die, you go to hell. Right? This is where the question starts. Hell has devils, right? Stop saying “right”. Just tell us. Fine. Devils are devils, right? I’m sorry. Are you listening? I am. Okay. Do you think the devils hate
the bad people who come to hell? From a devil’s point of view,
the more evil someone is, the more they should like them. They’re both bad guys. Don’t you think so? What the heck is that? Do you understand? You were a loner at your school,
weren’t you? No, I was one of the cool kids. He’s weird, isn’t he? What kind of question is that? Just think about it. Doesn’t that sound right? What’s there to think about?
It’s a weird question. -How could you–
-All right. Forget that. What did they say about your test
at the academy? I don’t know yet. But I solved all of them. What class are you in at school? I’m in Class Nine. Wait. -We’re in the same class.
-What? Really? Yeah, with both of us. Then you must know Shin Hyeon-jae. Well… We do, since we’re in the same class. How do you know him? I saw his picture on the student roster. I see. What about mine? Come on. I only saw it for a second.
I can’t remember everyone. Hyeon-jae was the best-looking one. He’s really handsome. Do you want this? Are you close to Hyeon-jae? With Hyeon-jae? Not really. Thank you. I dropped something. I transferred here today. To Class Nine? Yeah, Class Nine. I’m Yoo Byeong-jae. Yoo Byeong-jae? What’s wrong? Is it because
I have the same name as the comedian? No. I have white teeth, unlike him. Shin Hyeon-jae? Our names are so alike
as if we could be brothers. They totally rhyme. Isn’t it open? I just forgot the number. You sure it’s not your birthday
or something? No, it’s just the default number. Oh, this. There’s an easy way
to unlock these. You don’t know? Watch closely. Only the ones pressed often go in like this. If you press this like this… Alright, I’m off. Let’s say hi in class. Hey. Did you buy a uniform? Not yet. It seemed like a waste
because there’s only one semester left. If there’s a used uniform at school,
I was going to buy that. Do you want to wear mine? We seem to be the same size. That’s great. But what about you? Do you have another one? -I’m not coming to school anymore.
-I see. You’re transferring too? Something like that. It’s goodbye on the first day. Where do you live? I’ll go pick up the uniform.
What time should I go by? Let’s go now since we’re here. Heaven has angels, and hell has devils. If you’re kind and you die,
you go to heaven. If you’re mean and die, you go to hell. Think about it. Tell me after you get out. Why don’t you use the door to get out? This was how it was when we came. We need to put it the way we saw it. Why do I have to do this too? Hurry up. I thought you had a cold.
You’re eating again? It was just a few sneezes. If I were sick, I would have coughed. What’s the difference? They’re different. They’re different,
just like Lotteria and McDonald’s. Did something happen? I feel like… a piece of trash. I see. So you thought that you’re trash? I see. Trash… What are you doing? I’m going to major in psychology,
remember? This is a counseling session.
Tell me more. I really feel like trash. I didn’t feel like that at first. But, all of a sudden, I just keep on feeling worse. On that day, I had to think about myself,
which is why I said those things to him. But looking back on it, I’m starting to think I didn’t need to go that far. If you could go back, would you not have done that? I don’t know. It’s all my fault. I’m just trash. You’re too mean. What? It’s nothing. It’s just that… Don’t you think it’s too mean
to say these things in front of me? I told you. You’re not my type. Even if you were my type, if we were to date and stuff, we’d just be trash. Yeah. On top of that, not just trash, but disgusting trash. Then what about me? I ended my friendship with him. I might as well not be human. I’m having a hard time, okay? What do you want me to do
about your problems? You’re really selfish. Sorry. I can’t help it. I’m having a hard time with this. Don’t you know how I’d feel? Do you not get it? I’ll wait. For what? I’ll wait for you. Well… You have to prepare
for your entrance exams. I can just wait for you. Right? Once everything’s done, it should be fine, right? Yeah. It’ll be fine. They say time heals all wounds. Once some time passes, all of this will be okay. Yeah. Please let that be true. Please. I’m going to pray before I go to sleep. What are you doing? I dropped something. I found it. Alright, I’m off. Let’s say hi in class. Bye. You don’t think he’d be
in our academy class, do you? I saw him take his test. -Did you find it?
-I did. It was on the floor. What a relief. It’s annoying to lose things all the time. But where’s your house? That high-rise over there. Wow. Must be nice to live in a new apartment. The apartment I live in is
over 30 years old. It’s all like that around here. Which complex are you in? I’m in Complex Four. I lived in Complex Three until last year. They fixed it up, so doesn’t it feel
like a new house anyway? That’s right. Our unit was also
under construction for a month. But the wallpaper isn’t too nice. I don’t like the pattern. I guess there’s a lot of fine dust
in the air today. I can’t wear a mask
because it’s suffocating. But I should, right? Where did you transfer from? I’m from the States. LA. You studied abroad? No, I was born there. You don’t look like it. Even your pronunciation is good. Well, my friends are all Korean and I lived in Koreatown. It’s basically the same as over here. You know what’s funny? There’s a lot of kids
who can’t speak English back in LA. I think you’ll adapt in no time. Here? No, the 41st floor. You know a ghost got on just now, right? It actually got off. No way. At least you’re good at English. What’s your nationality? America? Is it not? Is it both? I don’t know. There’s got to be a lot
of special admission programs for you. There isn’t much time,
so look into it quick. -Wow.
-Look through these. I even brought some clothes
that are too big for me. If it fits you,
it should pretty much fit me as well. If I find something nice,
I’ll send it your way. This uniform is really clean. I’ve never worn this. Really? This is kind of small. Just wear it. Hey! Why aren’t you answering your phone? You forgot to send
Ji-hoon’s number, right? Sorry. When are you going to send it to me? I’ll send it to you right away. Don’t forget, and send it right away. I need to hurry and text Ji-hoon. -Okay?
-Alright. I’ll send it to you now. See you later. Bye. Ji-hoon from our class? You saw his picture on the student roster? No, I met up with him and Su-min. -He was with Su-min?
-Yeah. They seemed to be close. Now that I think about it,
we’re all in the same class. That’s so crazy. How did you meet Su-min? I met her at school. She recommended an academy,
so I went with her. You mean 1230? You used to go there too? I did. Were you in the same class as everyone? No, I was in the regular class. They were in the Sky Class. What class are you in? I don’t know yet. At first, they always put you
in the regular class. That’s how it is,
so don’t be disappointed. Really? The questions were easy. But this is so crazy, isn’t it? It really is. By any chance, are Su-min and Ji-hoon seeing each other? What? Why? That’s the vibe that I got. Ji-hoon really takes care of Su-min. Really? I didn’t know that. Su-min’s popular at school, isn’t she? Do you want something to drink? What do you have? We have everything. I don’t like cider. I’ll have a Coke. I hope there’s nothing going on
between them. Su-min is totally my type– You know, I got rejected by Su-min. No way. What was the reason? I don’t know. I didn’t ask. Why not? Aren’t you curious? I was curious, but I think I might know why. Are those two dating? I don’t think they are. They’re probably mad at me. Did you do something wrong? ESSAY ACADEMY Hey. Eat this. Okay. What? You don’t recognize me? We’re in the same class. Oh, sorry. The other kids are saying
that you’re moving academies. Where are you moving to? I’m going a bit far away. I see. Give me your number. I’ll text you when I’m bored. Okay. Good luck on the test. Bye. You too. What are you doing here? I’m just waiting. Was that girl someone you know? She’s in my class. Are you two close? Not really. Did you give her your number? Yeah. I see. Did Ji-hoon come to the academy today? I don’t know. Isn’t he in your class? You seemed to be trying pretty hard
this time around. How’s it going? I don’t think it’ll work out
even if I try. I’m just going to give up. Without even trying? I did try. You probably didn’t try hard enough. I don’t like that. If you want something,
you have to pull through to the end. It’s more fulfilling that way as well. I believe I’m going to get rewarded later for all of the things that I gave up to study all this time. If you go to a good college? As for now, that’s what I believe. I understand what’s important. I wish you would too. You, me, the other students… We’re all the same, aren’t we? Dating and getting into relationships… Are those that important now? Don’t you think? What? Do you think dating is important? Do you not get what I’m trying to say? What’s the most important thing right now? Are you saying this because you feel bad? No. Get your head together and listen. Why are you talking to me like that? You really don’t know? Am I the weird one here? It’s time for class. You should go. I’m saying this
because I feel bad for you. Try harder. It’d be a waste to throw away all of your efforts. It’s okay. I didn’t even try that hard. I’ll get going now. You could’ve got something expensive. You know, there used to be an old man
in front of here. I wanted to see if he would be here again. -An old man?
-Yeah. He’s homeless, but he had a certain vibe around him. Did he have a beard? Yeah, with long, white hair. Wait. I saw that man crying
while looking at his motorcycle. He had a certain vibe to him. Right? That motorcycle and that man… There’s got to be something special
about him. What if it was like this? What? Listen up. What if that old man used to be the owner of that motorcycle? But his business failed. No. That wouldn’t be interesting. But what if suddenly he liked cars? So he sold his motorcycle and bought a sports car. One day, while driving his sports car, he got into an accident. Strangely enough, he got into an accident
with the motorcycle he sold. Plus, the motorcycle rider died. But, he later found out that the motorcycle rider was his long, lost son. Was that too dramatic? No. I thought something similar. -Really?
-Yeah. It really is crazy how we met today. All the people you saw were
people that I know. Maybe we have some sort of connection. Even our names are so similar. Hyeon-jae and Byeong-jae. I know, right? We really must have a connection. Don’t you think it’s obvious? The old man? No, why you got rejected. I’ve been thinking about it– Why are you thinking about that? It’s interesting. Is getting rejected interesting to you? No, just hear me out. Thinking from her perspective,
I can see why she did that. Why? You’re transferring. You think she rejected me
because I’m transferring? It’s a possibility. But don’t you think
that was just an excuse? This is really important. You’re not officially dating, and you asked her out
when you’re about to transfer. Think about it. When you transfer, you get farther away. Then, your feelings become more distant too. You want to see each other, but you can’t. You think it would be nice if you had
someone next to you, but there isn’t, and you’re sad. Then you’re worried
about each other cheating. You can’t go to school together,
nor go home together. Just like us now,
you can’t eat ramen together. You can’t even hold hands. As you can’t hold hands,
you long for it. But, you are not here. It is so heartbreaking. But, it can’t be helped. Just leave it as it is. Are you going somewhere? No. I just have stuff to think about. Stop thinking about it.
She already rejected you. Not about that. About the question you asked me. The angels and devils? Yeah. It’s hard, isn’t it? Even now, no one has got the answer. Is there an answer? I don’t know if there’s an answer yet. I made up the question, but everyone says it’s ridiculous and ignores it. I made it up because I was curious. But I guess no one else is curious. They could at least give it some thought. But you know, sometimes I think to myself
that I might be the weird one. And I hear that a lot to be honest. Do you think I’m weird too? I gave it some thought. If a bad person goes to hell, he’ll still be punished. Why? Devils like bad things, though. Wouldn’t they take care of them
and enjoy their company? No, it doesn’t matter. Because devils are devils, they can’t stand seeing someone happy. Devils are absolutely evil. Just because someone did something
that they like, doesn’t mean they’ll praise them. That’s what a devil is. If they’re indecisive,
they’re not a true devil. If you’re in their sight,
they’ll come after you no matter what. They just keep going at it.
Devils just… -They’re devils.
-They’re devils. I’ve seen us walking like this before. I get times like that too. Did I see this in my dream? Should I make a different question? Go ahead. Think about it. People believe in religions. They all have a reason to believe. I’ll explain to you why this is so. I mean… Why didn’t you say anything? I didn’t want to tell you. And, if you’re this sick,
you don’t want to tell anyone. Are you sick now too? No. I took painkillers, so I’m good. Do you take painkillers
every time you’re in pain? I can’t hold it in. If it hurts, I need to take it. But don’t you build a tolerance? Later on, when you’re in pain, it might not work. It can’t be helped. I can just take a stronger painkiller. You’re… saying this as if it’s nothing. No, I’m not. I’m just telling you the truth. Why are you telling the truth now? You didn’t want to tell anyone
that you’re sick. Everyone knows now. That’s why I’m telling you. You really are… saying this so easily. You’re really selfish. Do you know how much I debated? Do you know how guilty I felt for doing that to you? But you’re just acting like it’s nothing. I guess I was right. About what? I suddenly thought… that I didn’t need to feel guilty. That’s what I wanted to tell you. Think about it. You asked me out, right? But… you’re sick. Yeah. How could you do that? Do what? I didn’t want to say it out loud, but I’ll say it because you don’t know. After you die, what am I supposed to do? If you die after I fall in love with you, what am I supposed to do? Wouldn’t it be sad if I always cried
from a broken heart and thinking about you
for the rest of my life? Don’t you think so? Is that what you want? I’m sorry. I should have told you sooner. No. Don’t say that. You can’t do that either. If I heard that, just like now, I would feel guilty. Why don’t you think
about the other person? I thought you like me. Then shouldn’t you have cared more? What is the person who’s left
supposed to do? How could you just think of yourself? Shouldn’t you be thinking more about the other person? After this, I’m not… going to feel guilty anymore. Got it? I’m late for my academy. I’ll get going. Hey. Do you like me? I like you. Bye. Come on! Come over here. More. We don’t even have time.
Stop messing around. Do I really have to do it like you? Are you saying I looked weird in it? A little bit. Gosh. If you don’t do this right and I fail, this is all on you. Okay. Don’t laugh. I’m being serious. Now. Let’s do it now. One, two, three. What do you think… of Han Su-min? I… like Han Su-min.


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