grown-ish Season 3 Premiere | Zuca Reunites After Summer | Freeform

Hey. Uh … I feel like I owe you an apology. You do? He does? Yeah. I mean, even though you were wrong about a lot of things
when we were together. Like, an unsettling amount. Like, almost everything
you said was questionable. Okay. Did America change the definition
of “apology” while I was gone? But you weren’t wrong about one thing — Joey. I mean, I should have handled things better. But that’s my Ankh to bear, you know? So … Yeah. Wow. Uh … Thank you, Luca. You know, that
really means a lot to me. And trust me, I know there’s a whole lot
we both could have handled differently. Like me ghosting you internationally,
for sure not my best look. Hey, cosmos course-corrected. I actually ended up doing some of
the best work of my life this summer. Oh my goodness. So, I guess you could kinda say
I was like your— your muse. Ooh. Hmm … more like anti-muse. Wow. That’s a sick name for my brand. Oh, okay. Well, I’m just glad you’re not mad. Hmm? Whoa. I mean, don’t get me wrong, at first I was big mad. Big, big mad, you know? I just kept replaying the
day you left, you know? Sending all the texts, chasing you to the airport … Airport. You know? Guys, Luca chased me to the airport.


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