Happy Holidays from Jonathan Bowman

(upbeat orchestral music)Happy holidays.It’s that time of the year when life seems to get a little more frenetic, so I wanted to take a moment to press pause on final exams and student papers and to touch base with everyone to wish you and yours the best. For many people, the holiday season often brings a lot of family togetherness, which comes with its own joys and challenges. The advice that I plan to personally engage this holiday season is derived from my own courses in interpersonal communication. If I can practice the active listening strategies with my family that I also teach in my own interpersonal communication classrooms, I’m sure that I’ll have an amazing holiday season. And that’s what I wish for you as well. Whatever you celebrate, I hope it brings you great joy. Happy holidays from me and the entire Interconnections team. (upbeat orchestral music)

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