Happy Holidays from Stark Parks

Stark Parks was established in 1967 with just two parks. The early years weren’t easy. Gaining public support wasn’t easy But we kept at it. In 1988, we passed our first levy and have been blazing trails throughout the county ever since. We didn’t do it alone though, we worked with all kinds of folks. We visited your schools with nature and wildlife programs, invited you to take field trips to the parks, and even built a trail next to your school. We ran with an idea to build a library branch in a park. No one had done that before! We connected with city and township parks and even found ways to build trails to restaurants, shopping centers, and other places you love. And the best part is this was all done because of you and for you! Places to relax and make memories. Reach new goals Paddle away and grow up park style. We remember our humble beginnings and look forward to celebrating more milestones with you.

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