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[Intro Music] Happy Holidays! I have LeafFilter, and they’re great! I don’t have all kinds of junk in my gutters anymore! [Laughs] Happy Holidays everybody! Merry Christmas LeafFilter! I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas! I have LeafFilter on my house, and I’m very happy with the way it works. The company DOES stand behind their product! We just got this. My husband just loves it! He said it’s worth not fallin’ off the ladder anymore! Happy Holidays! Great product! Happy holidays! Merry Christmas, everyone! [Laughs] We’d like to thank LeafFilter for never having to clean our gutters again. Oh I’m thankful for LeafFilter, because we saw it on tv, we called right away, and we…the guy put it up for us, and we have absolutely no problem! I have the system, and, uh, it’s workin’ out real well for me. I have a lot of trees around the house and it keeps the gutters clean. Very happy with it! I recommend it to all, very highly. Thank you! We always flood, and we didn’t flood this year with, uh, Hurricane Sandy coming through and my husband says it is because of the leaf…the filters, ’cause our gutters weren’t clogged! We have trees all around our house. I got tired of going up and cleaning the gutters. The guys came over, installed it, they were great. Had it done in about 6 hours. And it’s two years…two years on, never had any problems! [Music]

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