Happy New Year’s Eve! Thank you Fans and Subscribers – Holiday Greeting

For all the videos you’ve viewed
For all our fans both old and new We want to say Thank you! And Happy New Year’s Eve! It’s been a really awesome year
Spreading laughter, fun and cheer With singing, cosmic spheres
Happy New Year’s Eve! Thanks for liking our new songs
For all your comments, short and long And for the sing-a-longs
Happy New Year’s Eve! You’ve mastered challenges and phases
And now we want to sing your praises! You amaze us! Happy New Year’s Eve! From every Nirk both big and small
From odd creatures, and gaseous balls We want to thank you all! Happy New Years Eve! Happy New Year! See you next year! Should all the planets be forgot,
And all of their moons too… Remember to watch @InAWorldMusic
And we’ll sing them all for you. Happy New Year! Let’s go meet the planets… There are 8 that orbit me, yeah! Let’s go meet the planets…


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