Holiday Card Series 2015 – Bonus video!

Hey Everyone! Kristina here. Welcome to a
bonus video for the Holiday Card Series. If you remember a few days ago I’d made some
shaker cards using these letters from the Big Peace die from Simon Says Stamp and I
kept the letters and I thought I would go ahead and make them into cards. So I’m starting
out by scoring some Neenah Solar White card stock, this is the 110 lbs. card stock. These
are going to be landscape cards with the fold on the top. So I scored them at 4.25. Not
I’m using the Dotted embossing folder here from We R Memory Keepers. This is one of their,
I think it’s called Next Level Embossing Folders. It also has another one with it that comes
with it and it’s these hearts. I think they are so cute. I can’t wait to use it for Valentine’s
Day. But for today I’m going to use the Dotted embossing folder. So I’m going to put just
a little bit of washi tape right along that score line, because I want to keep these cards
flat I don’t want to be folding them quite yet and I wasn’t able to see where that fold
was going to be one I started to put it in the embossing folder. So this is just going
to give me a guide for where I need to place the embossing folder since it’s not going
to slide all the way into that embossing folder. So I’m just putting it in and lining up that
green washi tape line with the top edge of where the Dotted pattern ends. I’m just going
to sandwich that in there. Then I’m going to use it in my Big Shot Machine. Now this
embossing folder is going to take place of one of my cutting pads. So my bottom cutting
pad that I usually use is not there. So, I’ve got my metal adapter plate, my embossing sandwich
and then my green cutting plate on top. It’s just enough pressure to give a really fun
texture to my card stock. S you can see those dots. I think they look so cool. These embossing
folders are amazing. So I ran that through with my other one as well. No I’m going to
work on these letters. So I’m taking some Fun Foam and then a piece of Stick It adhesive.
This is a really thin adhesive. I’m going to put this on the back of the fun foam. I’m
going to be using this to create some dimension on these letters. So I’m going to go ahead
and put this Stick It adhesive all along the back of this fun and then I’ll peel off the
release paper and I’ll put down a sheet of Neenah Solar White paper as well. Well, actually
I’m doing this backwards. I put the Stick It adhesive on the card stock and then I’ll
be adhering the fun foam on top. You could go either way, whatever easiest for you. I
think in this case I just used the card stock first. So now I’ve got a piece of Fun Foam
and I’m going to place that right over the top and by adding some card stock to this
fun foam before I put it through my die cut machine it’s going to prevent the fun foam
from warping. It sort of stretches out and warps when you cut it. So by putting it on
some card stock it helps keep its shape. So I’m going to go ahead and run this through
my die cutting machine. Using that same Big Peace die that I used for the letters. I’m
going to run it through twice so that I have two sets of foam letters. This is doing be
the added dimension on the back of my letters when I add them to my card. So you can see
that it just cuts out this fun foam really easily. Everything just punches right out.
Now sometimes you have to mess with your cutting sandwich, adding a metal adapter plate or
adding some card stock to make that sandwich a little tighter so that your die cutting
machine can cut the letters. But you really just have to play around with it. So I’m using
my Tim Holtz craft pick just to pick out some of those letters and then I ran them through
my Xyron Create a Sticker Machine. I ran through the actual ink blended letters. This is going
to add adhesive completely on the back of these letters. It just as the name implies
it makes stickers out of these die cuts. So this create a sticker machine is fantastic
for instances like this. When you need your die cut to be completely coated in adhesive.
So now I’m going to press down that release paper, just to get all of that adhesive only
applied to the letters. Then I’ll go ahead and peel up that plastic backing sheet. As
it peels back it reveals all of these stickers and I can start assembling my thicker foam
letters. So I’m going to take each letter and just pick up a little piece of the foam
and press it into the top. Now I was concerned about getting these letters on there completely
lined up correctly. But it didn’t turn out to be that big of a problem. I was able to
sort of press my finger tips onto the sides of the Fun Foam and the die cut and it sort
of aligned them in the perfect area in perfect position. So I went ahead and did this to
all of the letters. You just have to be really careful and make sure that you get them all
lined up just right. Some of the Fun Foam wants to curl a little bit so you want to
run your fingers over it to sort of straighten it out as well. So after I had all of those
Fun Foam letters put together I decided to figure out what I was going to do for the
rest of my greeting. So I have this die set from WPlus9 and I’m using some Fog card stock
from Simon Says Stamp and cutting out the word Joy so it’s going to say Joy & Peace
and I’m going to cut this out twice. One for each card. Then I’m adhering the letters to
the front of each card and I’m using some Ranger Multi Medium Matte to glue those on.
This is a liquid adhesive so it kind of absorbs into the foam a little bit, but then it also
adheres down to my card. I’m using one of those first cards that I created earlier this
week as an example for how these letters should be placed. I wanted to get a similar placement
of letters and in between adhering each letter I did have an acrylic block pressed down on
the letters that I’ve already adhered, just to give it a little bit of pressure so that
it fully adheres to the front of the card while I’m applying glue to the next letter.
So I’m just putting a little more glue onto that letter and then I’ll lift up the acrylic
block and place that letter on top. Sometimes if you need a little bit of help getting the
position just right you can use your tweezers. So in some cases I used my EK Success Tweezers
to help me hold the letter and get that in place. I like to use tweezers when my finger
tips are just going to be in the way. It makes is so I can see exactly where these die cuts
are being placed. Just placing that right on top. Then I’ll go ahead and put an acrylic
block on top to make sure that that dries completely as well. So now I’m going to work
on an area of the greeting. So I’m going to take that stamp set that I used in the very
first cards that I made and I’m stamping that on some vellum. I’m going to prep the vellum
with some EK Success Powder Tool. It’s just going to prepare that area for embossing.
So I’m swiping that powder over the bottom corner of this vellum piece and then I stamped
the circle border and also one of the ampersands in VersaMark ink. Now I’m going to take some
Hero Arts white embossing powder and just sprinkle some Hero Art White Embossing Powder.
Just sprinkle that over these two circles. I did have a messed up stamping and decided
to put embossing powder on that one as well too, just so I wouldn’t have any weird ink
smudges or smearing. So I heat set that with my heat tool until it was melted and then
I used a 1″ circle punch to punch out these ampersands. The way I’m going to adhere these
to the card. Because it is vellum I’m going to use a clear adhesive. Before I do that
I’m going to go ahead and adhere down the Joy die cut above the word Peace. So I’m using
some Ranger Multi Medium Matte once again to apply some adhesive on the back of the
Joy and I’m holding it with my tweezers. This is one of those cases where using tweezers
is really beneficial. Because this is a very small die cut and it’s really delicate and
it would have been hard to hold the die cut, apply adhesive and press it down onto the
card without getting my fingers all coated in adhesive that would eventually get all
over the card. So if you don’t have tweezers already in your crafting stash, it’s one of
those tools that you only have to buy once and then you have it forever and ever. It
will come in handy multiple times as you work on your cards. So after I had that joy completely
adhered down on to my card I took some Kool Tak Clear foam adhesive and I cut off a little
tiny piece that I put on the back of the circle of the ampersand piece. This is a clear adhesive
that is great for adhering vellum or maybe even some white pieces that you know you really
want to make sure you don’t see any foam. This clear foam adhesive is really great for
that. Now if you look really closely after I’ve applied it you’ll still be able to see
the foam square but all in all it’s a really great alternative to having to use an adhesive
that’s going to show more than this clear foam adhesive. So I went ahead and adhered
the Joy over onto the blue purple card as well. I’m just pressing that down with my
finger tips and then putting a little bit of that Kool Tak clear foam adhesive on the
back of the circle and pressing that down into the card front in between the letters
A and C. It just nestles in right there perfectly at the very tail end of the word Joy. After
I have that adhered that finishes the card for today. I hope you enjoyed this little
bonus video right in between Days 7 and 8 of the Holiday Card Series. I will be back
on Monday with Day 8. Until then thank you so much for watching and I will catch you
guys in the next video. Thanks for watching today’s bonus video. On
screen are some other Holiday cards that I’ve made this year and also in years past that
were not part of the Holiday Card Series. I do always have a few card videos that have
holiday cards in them that aren’t part of the Holiday Card Series every year. So, not
only will you find Holiday card inspiration during the series, but also on the days kind
of before and after the Holiday Series is over. So I hope you guys enjoyed today’s card
video. Thank you so so much for watching. If you want to visit my blog its
and I will catch you guys next time.


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