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Holiday cares. The health and wellbeing of our customers
and employees is of the utmost importance to the dealership. In an abundance of caution, we have implemented
an enhanced vehicle disinfecting process in an attempt to reduce germs. Key touch points of your vehicle will be treated
utilizing disinfectants that are proved by the CDC that are acceptable for interior and
exterior surfaces of your vehicle. When your vehicle comes in for service, we’re
going to disinfect the following areas: The exterior driver door handle, the interior driver door handle, along with the door’s armrest area. The steering wheel, including all the steering
wheel buttons on the steering wheel face. The wiper stalk, the gear selector switches,
dials, or levers. The radio and HVAC control panel areas. The vehicle’s touchscreen, rearview mirror,
the seat buckle and anchor, and the seatbelt stop button. We want to make every visit worth the trip,
and worth the trip for years to come. Thank you for watching this video, and be
safe out there.

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