Hotel tour with Mario Götze & Mo Dahoud | BVB in Marbella

Hey guys!
Welcome to our little hotel tour. I’ll show you a few things
but first we’ll pick up Mo! Can we take a look inside your room? Very clean, right?
– Right! Massage room They are so busy in here. Very busy! Do you have time for a massage? Zetze, I have some pain down here. Is this your bench? Dead, or?
– Yeah, doesn’t sound good. There was it! You have to talk to it. Your feet are so wide!
Like an elephant. You have to hold yourself, Mario! I’ll need my leg, though. We’ll visit our next station now. Mario, are you ready? Yeah, let’s go! Hey, first to three! No!
We didn’t say that. Looks good. Andy Murray vs. Rafa Nadal! Draw score now. Mo, let’s take a look outside! Who are these two guys there? They’re really good looking. Look at them, look! Do you see them? Sven, we have a question. You are from Sport Bild, right? How was your first training? Mine at the beach or yours?
– Both. Yours was really challenging.
Mine was rather hauling. But I’m okay. Excuse me, what’s going on here? Don’t you have anything better to do? Always your smartphone!
Today’s youth… And you are even support it, Carina? Take a look who is sitting there, Mo. There are our fellas! Look there, Mario, look there. Training was very intense so far. Some more days and
then the Bundesliga goes on.


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