How To Get Your Kids To Eat Vegetables!

Hey guys, Audrey here. If you’re new to my channel,
then I normally focus on really delicious and easy and mostly healthy
vegan recipes, but today I’m going to be tackling
something a little bit different. Today I’m going to talk about how
to get your kids to eat vegetables. Now, this can be a topic that
sometimes we joke about or we don’t take very
seriously, but honestly, setting your kids up to eat
vegetables at a young age makes it more likely that they’ll
continue to eat vegetables throughout their lives. Vegetables are very, very important
for our health, as we all know but honestly, it can help
them keep diseases away. and help them to maintain a healthy
body weight for the rest of their lives. It’s really important that kids get in
the habit of eating vegetables with lunch and dinner every single day. They know it’s not something they
can skip if they don’t feel like it. It’s absolutely necessary and
the more they eat it the more their taste buds
will get used to it, and the more that they
will like them. But if your kids are older, then don’t worry.
It’s not too late to start. I’m going to give you
some great tips. First and foremost, keep it really positive in
your household when it comes to vegetables. Never say, “Hey, I’m not sure you’re
going to like this, but…” Or say “Hey, remember, you don’t like that vegetable,
so maybe don’t try that one.” Keep evreything very optimistic
and happy and positive it’s the most
important thing. I have twin four year old boys, and one of the things
that I did was right from the start when they were just little babies I would put vegetables such as
frozen peas or even frozen corn frozen carrots, frozen green
beans right on their trays. They liked how cold they were, they liked the
sweetness, they like the bright colors and they learned to like green foods
right from an early age Now one of the things
we talk a lot about in our house is the difference between healthy foods,
the foods we eat most of the time, and treats. We have both of those every single day, but the timing and the frequency
is what matters most. And honestly, what’s really funny,
if you have more than one child. they’ll start keeping each other in line They’ll start calling each other
out! “Hey, that’s a treat! We don’t have that
all the time!” Tell them how strong
vegetables are going to help them be, How it’s gonna help them be healthier. You can even say hey Batman eats vegetables. My boys think that’s hilarious but I
think that they buy it too. If you have a little girl,
perhaps you say “Hey! Wonder Woman, she eats her vegetables
and that’s what makes her so strong and smart!” These are all things your can use to make
vegetables sound even better in your household. Put a postiive
vibe around them, and encourage your kids to
join in on the fun of eating vegetables. Think about presentation on the plate. When I put
vegetables on my kids plates, I actually look for the prettiest pieces of
broccoli and asparagus, and then I line them up really nicely on their plate. It doesn’t take much time, just a couple seconds, but just like us, kids eat with
their eyes first and if this is a relatively new food to them they want it
to look appealing, right? All those little things really matter. You could even have
fun with the broccoli and call it trees and then kids laugh when they get to
devour and chomp on a tree. Now you may be thinking, “Hey, my kids, they just don’t
eat anything green.” That’s OK. Start with something really, really
colorful like carrots, red bell peppers or tomatoes, which are technically fruit, but they’re not super sweet so they
tend to fall in that vegetable category, right? All of these vegetables are really,
really pretty, brightly colored and you may be really surprised if
your child decides to eat them but that’s great because
they’re getting their foot in the door in the vegetable kingdom. From there, you can get creative
with sauces and dips that would really help to improve the
flavor of the vegetables. First and foremost hummus
is always a great one. Good for the carrots, good for the bell
peppers and the tomatoes. Kids tend to love hummus
that’s a great way to go. You can also try a dairy-free dressing. I have a killer vegan Caesar dressing on my
website you might want to check out. it’s actually really on the healthy side. One thing that my kids love that maybe
you haven’t heard of yet is balsamic glaze. It’s also sometimes
called aged balsamic. The one I like is right here. It’s fantastic. I’ll provide a link for
this brand below. And it looks like chocolate sauce!
So kids love it! And my boys, anytime this is around, they will clear the vegetables on their plate and
have so much fun dipping the vegetables in this balsamic glaze. I love this stuff
and I highly recommend it. Another dip I highly recommend? Ketchup. Gosh who doesn’t love ketchup, right? It’s sweet, it’s a little salty, it’s tangy, it’s
bright red, what’s not to love? Now you may be thinking,
“Is ketchup the healthiest thing?” I’ve got to say the good outweighs
the bad in this circumstance. if you can get your kid to eat vegetables
and they’re dipping it and ketchup, all the nutrients and the fiber
in all those vegetables, outweighs anything that you might say
bad about ketchup any day of the week. I can’t make this point strongly enough.
Dressings… especially if they’re sweet and
delicious, could be the winning key to getting your kids to eat
vegetables or salad. Don’t you think it all comes
down to the dressing? I really love sweet dressings and
so do my kids, I have one on my website on called
Year-Round Christmas dressing that tastes just like that; Christmas. It’s so delicious and that’s how I got my kids to start eating salad at age, I don’t know, about
one and a half or two? They pick up that leaf, they lick it, they see that it’s
sweet and amazing and delicious and then they’re more likely to eat the salad. I even like to dress up their little salads
with chopped tomato or apple just something that makes it
look more fun and festive but what I can say is if you have one
vegetable that your kid really loves, just stick with it. Whatever you do don’t let your kid
forget about that vegetable. Make sure that they eat it two,
three, four times a week so that it stays
fresh in their mind and that they know that they love it. It means that they’re more likely to try
more vegetables down the road. I have to say when it comes down to it , don’t be afraid to pull
out the big guns. I’ll say “Hey! We’re not going to watch a movie
tonight until you eat those vegetables.” It’s nothing ever very serious, just
something light that motivates them and most likely they’re totally up for
eating those vegetables, but they just need a little
nudge in the right direction. And even if it’s just one or
two bites of that broccoli I want at least one or two
bites every single night and if I have to, sometimes I will
reward them for taking it. Whether it’s going out and doing
something fun that they want to do playing with a toy that we haven’t
played with in a long time, or even a little piece of dark chocolate
at the end of the meal. Hey we do what we got to do, right? And finally one of the most important
points is to lead by example. If your kids see you eating vegetables
with every lunch and dinner, If they smell good, they look good, that
you’re really enjoying them, they’re more likely to do the same. I really hope that these tips help you out and that your kid learns to love vegetables with
some of the things that I offer today. If you have any tips that
have helped you, please feel free to share them
in the comments below. I know other people would
love to read those, and hey I want to read them too. If you know somebody who
could really use this advice, please share this video with them. Thank you so much for watching. Be sure to subscribe
and hit that bell. See you next time! or… let me start that again… ::BUZZER NOISES:: Hey, I’ve got to be honest
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