How to Plan an Indoor Picnic : Setting Up an Indoor Picnic

Hello! My name is Denise Robinson and on behalf
of Expert Village, I am here to create an indoor picnic. Now I am in my location for
my indoor picnic and I am just going to put my setting together. My blanket placed on
the floor and if you don’t want to use a blanket and say the hardwood floor is too hard for
you, you can get maybe a couple of blankets and stick there or if you have a large piece
of foam or a couple of large pillows that you can pull off your couch, you can put that
on there too. So I have my picnic basket here and going to pull my food out, put my movie
to the side and just have it set so when my friend comes over, all we have to do is start
to eat and watch our movie. And if you notice, I have my bread in a piece of foil. It is
like going out in the open. It is pretty much like you are having your lunch in a picnic

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