How to reset your body after crazy holiday? Merina Loss 8 lbs after 3 days meal replacement

hey guys so I got my Vitalic D and this
is a cleansing kit super excited to start using it by EZY RELIFE so packets
really well so it comes with a little insert here pretty simple the way that
it’s layout here on what you’re gonna do so number one it’s meal reduction and
then we’re gonna have meal replacement and then meal restoration and then also
has a little diagram on the other side that just gives you a few little tips on
adding to the benefit of this and as you can see these are the products that I’m
gonna start taking for the first three days I’m just going to reduce the volume
of meal that I intake and then you know if you happen to feel hungry it
suggests that you just take some fruit juice so I’m ready to do this I’m ready
to cleanse it has been crazy holidays already and I just really need to get my
body feeling better again and then after the three days then I’m
going to start taking the products and that’s gonna be the meal replacement
that’s what I’m gonna start taking for three days
I’m gonna start doing this plan so I’ll let you guys know after my three days
and then when I start step two okay guys so I am on my last day of
taking the Vitalic D for three days and so this is my last snack (sachet) and then
tomorrow I’m going to go back to gradually restore normal Meals is simple
and light food I mean it’s pretty simple to follow the instructions on how to do
this and I actually feel like the first three days where I had to increase my
food intake I didn’t feel a little bit tired but I did implement taking a
little bit of fruit juice into it so it did make me feel better and that’s the
third day when I started doing so I do one snack early in the morning I do Meal 1 (sachet) and Meal 2 (sachet)
two these for breakfast two for lunch and then two
for dinner and I can already feel more cleanse and just taking the greasy just
even it’s not good sweet food out of my diet has already made me feel so better
and I really don’t get hungry in between like I might think about something very
chilled craving but all you have to do is just take maybe a fruit snack like an
apple or a banana in between you get the craving but I just mix I just got a
regular water bottle I mixed 250 milliliters or eight ounces of
room-temperature water and I pour one of these in it and that’s all I do so today
is my last day and I’ve already lost eight pounds so I started out at
145 (lbs) I get down there I feel better I feel refreshed you get
up earlier in the morning I feel like and then I’ve been exercising more just
adding that just a little bit of exercising but uh and then drink water
in between and this actually doesn’t taste everyone thinks that is green is
gross but this actually doesn’t taste bad at all so I will see you guys the
very end what will be the starting tomorrow the the restoration of likely
introducing simple foods back into my diet hey guys so I just finished colon
cleansing yesterday I had introduced my very last meal which was just chicken
fish and salad so I’m gonna stay on that path of just having the more nutritional
things into my diet instead of just going back to eating like fast food and
processed food so I definitely feel more refreshed I feel great
I’ve lost a couple pounds and so I started out at 145 (lbs) and now I’m
down to 134 (lbs) so I feel fantastic definitely recommend you guys check this
out I have so much more energy I feel more refreshed and definitely what
recommend is you guys hopefully do the same result or if not better and it’s
just real simple it doesn’t take month it just takes these few days and I feel
great EzyRelife – Vitalic D

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