How To Spend A Weekend In Chicago | Things To Do In Chicago | Main Tourist Attractions

Heading to Chicago for the weekend? Here are the top things you can do in the windy city in less than 48 hours Begin your day at Millennium Park where you can see two of Chicago’s most famous fountains and the Cloud Gate The Cloud Gate is one of Chicago’s most iconic structures It offers some pretty weird perspectives on life as it is Have you always wanted a wedding with the city in the background? If so then Chicago is the place for you The best place for lunch is any place that serves amazing deep-dish pizza After this heavy lunch it’s really difficult to get walking but that is the best way to see Chicago The city is the birthplace of jazz in America And its also home to some of the world’s most popular celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and the former President Barack Obama Don’t forget to check out The Ledge at the former Sears Tower now known as the Willis Tower Head to the Navy Pier after a long day of walking If you’re with kids, they’ll love it here Oh and if you haven’t tried the Chicago hot dog yet now would be a good time These are by far the best views of Chicago and if you’re feeling up for it Check out the Tilt ride at John Hancock Center If you’re not short on time take an architectural cruise of the city The views of the buildings from the water are amazing There’s so much more to see in Chicago Follow Travel and Trots to know more on this great Windy City


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