How to Spend Your Holiday at Home | Travel in Times of the Coronavirus | Tips for Your Home Vacation

Hello there, it’s Lukas from DW Travel. Normally, I would give you travel tips but now traveling has become impossible because of the coronavirus. I’ve got some suggestion for you
how to holiday at home. My first tip is: It is all about approach. If you get angry or upset it will only
make matters worse. You should enjoy your new free time
and stay level headed. My second tip: Be creative! Spring is coming!
Enjoy you holiday on your balcony or in your garden. Make yourself comfortable on the sofa and check out some travel guides. This will certainly help you plan your next holiday after the coronavirus crisis. Take a look at photo albums from your previous travels. And follow me on my past travels through Germany. You can watch episodes even during this coronavirus time. Or you can subscribe to our new
YouTube channel: DW Travel. Grocery stores remain open. So buy some food and cook a delicious meal at home. My next tip: Do you love spa holidays?
Look for a bubbe bath or a face-mask. One, two, three. You love being active on your vacation? Well, then do sports at home. The possibilities are endless. Of course, lazing around is also an option. Well, give my tips a try and you never know, they might even get you through the coronavirus crisis. Please stay at home and above all: Stay healty!
Bye, bye!


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