Ah yeah G’Day and welcome to this instructional
video on how to travel Rarotonga with a baby. Now being a baby, you know, they’re just gonna
want to do their own thing and just run off so best you just let the baby be the tour
guide. See she’s gone already.. Oi! Hey, we were going to go snorkelling, what
happened to… Hey, hey! Wait, wait, wait, they’ve got, you want to get
a pineapple? Look they’ve got pineapples, should we get
a pineapple? Do you want to get get a… *DOG BARKS Dog! Come, hurry up! Hey, can we get like a beer or maybe a milk? Like a coconut milk that’s a… You just keep on running Got a coconut! This really wasn’t my idea of snorkelling We’re going on a boat! Oi! Off the glass! Sorry, get off the glass, off the… Oh whose baby is this ay? Hey! *BABY SQUEALS IN JOY Are we going this way or? Just having a rest? Just having a rest! Are you gonna pick it up? Are you gonna paddle? Are you gonna do the paddling or is it just
me? Oh yeah you don’t want to see this, she’s
just done a…um, cut to the next one… Yep Dad’s coming, that’s it, I’m right here, Dad’s here. You happy? This one good? Ah that was how to travel Rarotonga with a
baby and um no babies were harmed in the making of this video. High 5? *GENRIC BABY SOUNDS I did it! It’s not very ripe but she’s a baby she doesn’t
know. We can go. You’ve had me walking around this whole place. Oh I’m sweating. Oh um woah, um, sorry. Oh you’ve got a knife. *HOW TO MUM CACKLING IN BACKGROUND
*DOG STILL BARKING OFF CAMERA She hears a dog and she’s picked up a knife.

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