Humber Holiday Shout-Outs 2015

[holiday music plays throughout] [kids together]
Happy holiday. [Leah] Hi, I’m Leah.
I just wanna say Merry Christmas to everyone who watches us on YouTube,
and have the best holiday yet. [woman 1] Merry Christmas, family.
[woman 2] Merry Christmas, family. [woman 3] Merry Christmas, Mom.
[laughing] [man] Hi guys. How you doing?
It’s nice weather out here, and we are doing ice carving. And we have Christmas coming up so very happy green
for Merry Christmas. Uh, enjoy and have fun. [woman 1] Merry Christmas.
[woman 2] Happy holidays. [woman]
Humber and Guelph-Humber students, please have the most beautiful holiday
that you can. Celebrate the way that you want,
and the way that you need to, and enjoy. [woman]
Happy holidays. [women together]
Happy holidays. [man 1] Happy holidays.
[man 2] And here’s to 2016. [woman] Hi, Mom.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year. Bye. [man] Hi.
We are from wireless telecom program. He is Bikram.
[Bikram] And he is Iren. [Iren]
So I wish you guys a very happy holiday. [Bikram]
Happy holiday, and have a great time
with hot chocolate. [man] Merry Christmas
to all my family and friends, and happy holidays
to everybody else. [men together]
Happy holidays. [woman] Happy holidays.
[man] Happy holidays. [man 1] Happy holidays. [man 2]
Happy holidays to the… [laughs]. [man]
Feliz Navidad. [woman]
Happy holidays. [man]
Happy holidays, guys. [woman]
Hello. Happy holidays. [woman]
Hey, Humber students and staff, hope you have an awesome holiday.
Enjoy the New Year’s. [man] Happy holidays.
[woman] Happy holiday. [men together]
Happy holidays. [woman]
Happy holidays. [man]
Happy holiday. [women together]
Happy holiday. [man] Happy Hanukkah, Humber.
[woman] Merry Christmas, Humber. [woman]
Merry Christmas and happy New Year, and happy holidays to everyone,
from Humber. [woman together] Happy holidays.
[woman alone] Boas Festas. [man]
Happy holidays from Humber College. [group together]
Happy holidays. [man]
Happy holidays, Humber. [man]
Happy holiday. [men together]
Happy holiday. [women together]
Happy holiday, Humber. [man screaming]
Happy holiday, Humber. [women together]
Joyeux Noel. [women together]
Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Humber. [women together]
Happy holidays. [man]
Happy holiday, Humber. [laughter] [man] Happy holidays
from us here at Humber. [woman]
Feliz Navidad. [woman]
Happy holidays. And happy 2016 coming up. [woman]
Happy holidays, everyone. Go to the parties that are gonna happen,
and enjoy your week. [woman]
Happy holidays, Humber students. [women together]
Happy holiday, Humber. [women together]
Happy holidays, Humber. [group together]
Happy holidays. [man]
We are Humber.

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