I Tried Using Tinder To Plan My Vacation

I think if you’re going through a dating app you’ll find somebody but if you’re looking for that authentic Hawaiian local girl I just don’t think you’ll you’ll find it on a dating app hi I’m Ryan and this is Whitney I’m going to Oahu for the first time for a wedding and like she said I’m gonna use a dating app to try and find a local who can show me some of their favorite local spots Whitney was actually born and raised in Hawaii she’s a flight attendant who was off duty at the time so she sat next to me I told her my idea she had some thoughts get out there and talk to people like because we’re out there they kilt like like you out there yes come sit next to us be genuine be nice would you mark up a conversation like would you want for sure for sure I landed in Honolulu and drove up to North Shore lie a to meet my family one of the coolest spots we went to was Waimea Valley it’s a sacred Hawaiian space that extends from the mountains to the sea is rich with history and has a world-class Botanical Garden Waimea Valley leads to Waimea falls where my family and I went for a swim that’s my sister that’s my beautiful niece there’s my niece again this is the wedding I was talking about I forgot pants so my brother had to loan me some which is why I look like an idiot Giovanni’s shrimp truck is a place that we frequented I met a bird fed at rice you’re not supposed to be the birds rice checking out these touristy spots has been great but I need to find a date some might say that this will be difficult considering that Asian guys have some of the lowest match rates on dating apps but I’m pretty confident there’s literally no one left on the island to match with with only a few days of my vacation left it was looking pretty bleak and then out of nowhere this happened [Music] apparently she didn’t think my joke was funny because she didn’t reply so I went for the Hail Mary after which she agreed to a video chat to make sure I wasn’t a creep met me at the mall just to be safe and before you know it what recording hey Daria why don’t we talk about where you’re taking me okay so we’re going to mock your typo one sec sorry we’ll get this there I’m concerned cuz we do have to hike down to the tide pools and I do feel like you need shoes for that oh I have slippers on hi I want to suggest hope here Costco dig some shoes I’m down would be safer than death I got a hat and I got hiking shoes so that I don’t die while we’re on this hike shoes Makapuu who can be translated to bulging I maka being the I and poopoo being the Bulge I’ve met Hawaiians who say poo poo means Hill which makes sense because the hill is just a bulge in the earth it’s not cool water feels like a pothole cool I got you footage of a fish where we going next let’s map out the date so there’s Makapuu glue tied tools and then after that I figured we’d be hungry so okay so what – mica mica why did you swipe after Kona Brewing Company we went to spitting cave a large cliffside with a small cave at the base it spits out water as the pressure inside builds all right so spitting cave now we’re going to China walls let’s go for sure Daria was obviously super into me at this point so she set me up with her sister Sophia has changed first time on Oahu yeah and you were born here yeah while we were hanging out at China walls I asked Daria and Sophia what they like about wahoo the people but it’s also you can drive for ten minutes and be in like a completely different place let’s get our heads together let’s go okay are you gonna come yeah I’m hungry though all right from China walls we made our way to the last destination mount Angeles according to my sister is known for being a makeup spot we’re not go please do not make out with me as freakin as a chore whether or not you’re making out mount Angeles is a great place to watch the sunset you can also get a really good view of Diamond Head crater and downtown Honolulu [Music] if you wanna be with me we just spend the whole time for each other [Music] we’re back at Dario’s place I’m really happy etiquette then yes fun person to spend the day with I’m glad because if I wasn’t fun or if you weren’t fun than like hanging out from 8 until 9 8 a.m. to 9 @ p.m. would have been just the worst and I got to meet your sister which was an unexpected twist if you’re ever in LA then I’ll do the same for you how about that thank you all right Thank You Daria and so little recap I didn’t fall in love but that’s okay because I met three really cool girls on this trip I saw a lot of sights and I learned a lot about Hawaiian culture so yeah success [Music] you [Music]


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