“I woke up early on the weekend” meditation

You wake up on the weekend and realise it’s only 6 a.m. You’d planned to have an epic sleep in but you can’t get back to sleep. Try our meditation on acceptance. Lying down in bed, close your eyes. Allow your whole body to settle. Focus your attention inside the body. Scan through your body for any areas of tension or resistance. Respond to any discomfort with kindness and accept that this is how it is in this moment. Now shift your awareness to settle on any nice things. The soft feel of your bed, the warmth of your sheets. Enjoy those subtle sensations. Now focus on your breathing. On the in-breath, breathe in kindness and acceptance. On the out-breath, breathe out the frustration of waking up early the one day you don’t have to. Breathe in kindness and acceptance and breathe out kindness and acceptance. Allow yourself to enjoy lying in bed. Even if you’re not sleeping. Now gently open your eyes (or not) and go back into your day.

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