In rehearsals: A Mini Summer Night’s Dream

[electronic music] so the way we’re tackling such an epic piece in 75 minutes with three actors is with difficulty but I suppose when we first started talking about it we we thinking about the really essential storylines in the play and trying to boil it down to its essence we thought setting it in a costume store is
maybe the way to start tackling it and what’s also really exciting about that is there’s such magic in theatre and in costume stores and the idea of these costumes kind of coming to life and being imbued with the spirit of actors that have formerly maybe inhabited the costumes we thought might be quite fun to play with we get to play so many different characters
you’re having to be one person in a specific state and then all of a sudden you just have
to switch and I think that’s a challenge in itself as an actor to have to be in one scene
and then your next scene is a completely different scene which is not even to do with the previous two characters that’s exciting to be able to dip in at different
moments I mean when you read Shakespeare’s play there’s always like different characters that you sort of go ah I wish I could play that one
and then you play one in a normal play and sort of ah I really like that one, wish I
could play that one and kind of, we get like the best deal in
that we get to play loads of different types of characters that you would want to play pretty much all of the things I think we see in a fuller version of it there’s still that aspect and principle of multi-roling that takes place really quickly and rapidly even more rapidly in this one I think it’s actor-musicianship so the use of live
music in order to help tell the story and plug into the mains we’re doing quite a bit of the magic element of it is one of the most
wonderful things for me about theatre in general and that is so central to this play we’ve got some nice tricks up our sleeves how we’re really gonna bring that fairy magic into both The Watermill and then bring it with us to all the schools that we visit and local venues [electronic music]

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