Incident IQ Summer 2018 Release

– Hey, this is Matt. Here with Incident IQ. Our Summer 2018 release
is right around the corner and it’s packed with a
ton of great features I’d like to share. Let’s get started. (gentle music) First, let’s check out some new features related to Assets. We’ve introduced our Assets Explorer page, which we’re really excited about. We’ve redesigned the search bar to make it really simple
to search for assets by room number, serial
number or asset tag. We have some Asset views
divided into Asset types, categories, and locations all at a glance. We’ve also made it really
simple to add a new asset, create a new custom view
or do import your assets. All of that is contained on one screen. Right here on this Asset Explorer page. And here’s another really
cool thing that we added in the new Summer 2018 release. If you have bar code scanner
hooked up to your computer and you scan either a
student ID or an asset tag from anywhere with an incident
IQ it’s going to pop up with a list of actions you can take related to that user or that asset. And this works anywhere
with an incident IQ. A quick scan and these options appear. We’ve also added a number
of bulk asset options that make it really simple
to change the location, to change the status of
assets in bulk, to multiple assets at once. We’ve also added asset linking, which is great. Now you can link specific
assets to one another. For example, you can link
an individual monitor to it’s desktop computer. You can link a network
switch to the devices attached to that switch. We think this is going
to be a great feature that districts are going
to get a lot of use out of. We’ve also completely
redesigned our mobile app. We have a new dashboard with
an improved look and feel. You’ve got your ticket
priorities front and center when you login. That rapid scan feature
that I showed off earlier with the bar code scanning, that same rapid scan
functionality is also contained within Incident IQ mobile. Just hit search, scan,
and it uses your devices camera to scan student ID’s or asset tags. And you can pull up
those details in seconds. Another cool thing we added
is the ability to search by speaking into your devices microphone. So for example, let’s say
you can’t scan an asset tag. The bar code is damaged. You can simply search with your voice and dictate the asset tag. For example, one, zero,
zero, zero, one, five. And now the asset is loaded. So, you can see we’ve added a lot of great functionality into our mobile app. Another thing I want to talk about are shared views. So, Incident IQ provides
the agents the ability to create custom views. These are views you
can create for tickets. So, you can create a
custom view and filter tickets by location, priority,
issue type and so on. You can also create
custom views for assets. And you can filter by
location, asset type, device status, etcetera. Now you can share these
views with your coworkers. They don’t have to create
the custom view on their own. You can just select a view and share it with your team. Which makes it simple to get everybody on the same page. Apps and Integrations is
something we’re really excited for here at Incident IQ. We’ve been working to
provide custom workflows and pre populated knowledge
bases for the most common SIS, LMS and learning
applications that you encounter in your school everyday. So, here you see this app database. And you’re gonna see a
lot of names that look familiar to you. Our install process is super easy. Just a few clicks and that app will be incorporated into Incident IQ. Once you’ve installed apps, you’re gonna find a bunch of great things that make not only submitting tickets easier, but resolving tickets easier as well. We’ve included a number of custom fields tailored to individual apps. That allow the appropriate
data to get included with each ticket. We pre populated the knowledge base with the help centers of a
lot of these applications. So, you’ll save yourself
some time googling since we’ve attached
the help center articles to the most frequently encountered issues within an app. And that’s just a few of
the great new features you’ll find in Incident
IQ’s Summer 18 release. To learn more visit us at

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