INDIA – Unmasked Vlog (#25) – Aviation Tour Part 4/4

Welcome back to a brand new episode of the Aviation Tour This is the first of three shows. And we are first doing something here in Bengaluru Hope you guys enjoy and I’ll see you soon We are back in india I’ve been to India a few times already I can’t really say much about my experiences, but like I just know that India and the Indian fans Indian Walkers, they are so dedicated and so supportive with everything, when it comes to the music and the conserts! I think the time here in India is going to be amazing, and I can’t wait to start this tour! This is the first time I’ve been travelling on tour with a full band and it’s been really fun, it’s been challenging but it’s been definitely worth it Today it’s India, and it is a lot.. I don’t know… at stake haha Today we have eaten a lot of spicy food, so don’t move too much, so we avoid farting and various other stuff Anyway, I don’t know how many thousand people that are here today, Alex said 13k It will be cool, lets kill it Bring it in! Say “Jonas Barsten” on three Are you excited? I’m very excited Alright guys, Mumbai coming up We are waiting for the luggage to arrive and we are lining all trollies to make an excellent effort to bring this in No no no, cut cut cut… you need to do it in Spanish So far, having the aviation tour it’s been very different to travel with such a big crew like normally I would be traveling with a total crew of about 7 people now we were actualy 26 people, so thats like mind blowing Getting to bring so many people from Norway quite spread around Europe and bring them to India, China and also the one show we did in Norway has been really cool, it’s been really fun My name is Yonas, I am General Manager of MER which is Alans Management company We are here in Delhi for the last show of the Aviation Tour It’s been seven great shows throughout China and Norway and finally India My favorite song from Alan Walker is “Faded” The boy is very crazy about Alan, and he wouldn’t believe that it is the real Alan Walker It’s their ballett teachers birthday, this is from that cake shop and we just made a banner out of it. Because we were like, we have to let Alan know we love him! Hello, my name is Pål and I am a journalist in NRK (Norwegian TV station) I was wondering if you have any comments on Alan Walker’s concert in India today? It is very good! I would like to say thank you guys so much for tuning in, it’s been an honor to take you guys on this journey, and hope you guys enjoyed watching. My progress from just being in the studio practicing and then ending up here, touring at those arenas in China, to the arena in Oslo and the arenas in India Other than that, hope you guys enjoyed and I can not wait to take you on the next journey. See you soon!

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