Insane Life of Indian Students at MIT | MIT Campus Tour πŸ”₯

I got free food because of you at Harvard. Thank you Specially the infinity corridor, which gets covered with the sunlight entirely and this happens only twice a year. Here, you will see labs, classes, break rooms. Everything combined in one place. For pretty much everything He explained me his project, I really enjoyed listening to it It is complicated so I can’t explain in the video You can email him, but he didn’t allow me to link his email LoL This library is no special. It is like a common library I will show you Harvard’s library in the next video. But this one is just amazing This whole campus is open. Anyone can enter anytime So Shashank’s project is very impactful Here the research happens, such AI, ML, CS, Information Systems etc The convert the research into reality. And make concrete projects here They are filled with innovative ideas and they are very passionate and they come even during the weekends to work Behind me people are busy working So the campus is always open as compared to Harvard Everyday there is somethings going on. That includes construction as well. so it is like 360 INNOVATION. (NEW ideas upstairs and construction downstairs) Building’s shape is very unique This building has a lot of things combined at one place: child care facilities, labs, entertainment, research labs etc. How to implement an idea in real world, that happens here A huge event is going on here from all over US. They have events for Spell bee, Geography bee, math bee etc for elementary kids Students in grade below 5th grade. I was shocked why all Indians here with their families. I was shocked Parents are also involved and are accompanying their kids, so seem like a lot of fun Most of the parents are engineers and I just talked to some of them Every building has something unique. I though something complicated might be happening inside But it was something for Elementary kids. MITHack is coming soon as well. They sponsor flights, food, place to stay and everything But if you didn’t apply then sorry If you ever come to MIT, never trust Google Maps, it always forces you to take the long cut.But you can go through inside the buildings I asked someone. they told me a shortcut so it will take 2 mins instead of 10 Thank you so much. I had free food at Harvard because of you Harvard’s Harry Potter Dining Hall I am keeping it a secret for HOW Someone said even if you are rich you can’t eat from there We were the last ones to eat This touches earth in 3 parts There is much more than that I can’t tell right now People are playing sports (soccer) Shashank plays soccer and his biceps are huge Behind me is Free Food but only for Material Science students so I can’t go There is another free food event inside I will try there at auditorium food is only for middle school and high school kids for competition Dinner not free this time. But I could reach free food events thrice that is a big thing for me That also 3 times in a day. And I had lunch at Harvard Whatever happens, happens for the best. I wasn’t forced to spend$10 for dinner (I said with suspense 3rd free food event at MIT You remember Stata Center. So this is for them and they said anyone can eat here. Freeston/Froston mission completed My breakfast at Airport is also going to be free now MIT students don’t value free food as they are super busy for this. They only value Paid food So you might be wondering how I got free food 3rd time in MIT after denial twice Lets start from the beginning. So I was coming from downtown view and I was going to buy food but luckily I smelled free food and got it. This is infinity corridor (near that not exactly) This is old MIT classroom, modern classrooms are same as GSU. Checkout both They confirmed as well 95% of grad students here from IIT. I couldn’t find any non IITian Most spoken languages after English are Hindi and Mandarin In Atlanta it was English then Spanish but here it is different Another Perk for MIT students that they can sail here for free and learn to sail as well. It is stress releaving area I can’t boat cuz it is only for MIT students View is amazing, I would love to stay here but I can’t but I want to


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