Jennifer Lopez | House Tour 2020 | Multi Million Mansions In Bel Air, Malibu & The Hamptons

Jennifer Lopez has built quite the real estate
portfolio over the span of her successful career. Not only does she own an impressive family
home in Bel Air worth 28 MILL which we’ll take a look at, she also owns a few more multi
million dollar mansions. From the beach house her and her man A.Rod
bought in Malibu, to her getaway in The Hamptons – which J.Lo calls her “favourite”,
and more, it’s hard to choose which estate is the nicest. After seeing them all in this video, I’m
sure you guys will know which one you like best. Jennifer Lopez is a timeless celebrity and
aside from all her talent, she’s well known for looking way younger than she really is. And SUPER fit. We actually did a before and after video of
her on this channel, and I found out how hard the woman really does work to stay looking
so amazing. She’s dedicated, that’s for sure. Over her years in the spotlight, Jennifer
or “J.Lo” as we know her has given us so many hit songs and just kept working hard
and entertaining her fans. I love JLo, and when some of you guys requested
we do a house tour on her I was excited. At the time of this recording J.Lo is 50 years
old, which is almost IMPOSSIBLE to believe, and she’s an actress, singer, dancer, business
woman, fashion designer and more. Not to mention she’s a mama of 2. Her man since 2017 is Alex Rodriguez and at
the moment they’re engaged. J.Lo and A.Rod make a perfect couple in my
opinion, and since becoming a couple they’ve also invested into some properties together. J.Lo is regarded as the most influential Latin
performer in the US according to Wikipedia, as well as being ranked the most powerful
celebrity in the world back in 2012. She’s received plenty of awards and honours
over the years, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Sources say that Miss Lopez makes around 40
mill per year, and her estimated net worth at the moment is around 400 million. Either way, its well deserved because the
woman keeps working her ass off with what seems to be new projects year after year between
movies, music and everything else. With all of J.Lo’s fortune she’s purchased
some gorgeous properties, and owns places all over the U.S. Hey guys, it’s Kara and today we’re doing
another House Tour here on Famous Entertainment. We’re going to take a look at J.Lo’s amazing
homes, including her new family mansion in Bel Air, her Hamptons house, and more. If you like these videos, make sure you’re
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and I’m going to be responding to some at the end of this. I need you to let me know who to do next in
the comments down below, and who’s home you’d like to see. Now let’s get into this video. Right before we get into J.Lo’s luxury living
situation at the moment, we’ll take a look at her humble beginnings and where she grew
up as a kid. As you probably know, she hails from the Bronx
in New York City and her parents are Puerto Rican. When Jennifer was born she lived with her
family in a small apartment in the Castle Hill neighbourhood which is still part of
the Bronx. A few years later her parents saved up some
money and purchased a two storey home which was a big deal for them back then. “Jenny from the block”, as she liked to
say, spent most of her childhood in this home with her parents and sisters Lynda and Leslie. J.Lo’s childhood home in the Bronx was a
humble 1500 square feet had 2 beds and 3 bathrooms. She shared a bedroom with her sisters, so
she had little private space to herself, but the home had everything the family needed
like a cozy kitchen and living room. JLo is proud of her roots and her life growing
up but has still come a long way since. JLo moved out of her family house in the Bronx
when she was 18, and since she made it big in Hollywood, she’s lived in many fancy
mansions. She had her first multi million dollar home
Im Beverly Hills, not surprising, as well as a mansion in Miami, and more. J.Lo bought her home in Miami way back in
2002, and kept It until 2005. She sold it to a couple, and more recently
the famous musician Phil Collins bought this house for a crazy 33 Mill. The home is over 12,000 square feet and sits
on 1.2 acres of land. Not to mention it has 200 feet of waterfront
overlooking Biscayne Bay. With all the palm trees, there’s also plenty
of privacy, More recently, JLo got rid of her mansion
in the celeb filled neighbourhood of Hidden Hills for 10 Mill. This home was a massive 12,129 square feet
with 9 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. She purchased this estate that sits on over
3 acres of land back in 2010 when she was still married to her baby daddy Mark Anthony. Her Hidden Hills mansion was made up of two
huge structures, a main house and then an “entertainment pavilion” which was connected
by an interior bridge Of course, the mansion had fancy formal living
and dining areas, a huge family room with a bar and the master suite offered a fireplace,
private terrace, ensuite bathroom and not 1, but 2 walk in closets. The two story “entertainment wing” had
a one bed and one bath staff apartment with a full kitchen, lounge and poker nook, a 20
seat movie theatre, a gym and dance studio, a recording studio, and a “glam” factory
with four walk-in closets, massage room, and hair and makeup stations. Despite how impressive J.Lo’s Hidden Hills
mansion was, she decided to upgrade to her Bel Air place. Our Jenny from the block ALSO kept a couple
multi million dollar spots in her home of New York City, but definitely far from the
Bronx. One was a duplex penthouse worth over 26 mill,
and the other apartment was smaller, but still 17 million. However, more recently her and A.Rod decided
to sell the NY real estate and instead got their Malibu getaway house. Let’s take a look at the spots JLo currently
spends her time at. Early last year, JLo and A.Rod purchased a
3 storey beach house in Malibu. Of course, Malibu California is just west
of LA, and well known for its celebrity estates and beaches, including the large Zuma beach. The couple spent 6.6 million for the Malibu
pad, and it has 50 feet of beachfront and views of the Pacific ocean. In fact, all you can see through the windows
in the living room is the beautiful waterfront. And if the ocean is too far away, there’s
a Jacuzzi on one of the balconies to relax in. J.Lo’s Malibu getaway is 4,404 square feet
and has 4 beds and 3 baths. The master suite occupies the entire top floor,
so her and A.Rod have their privacy. The previous owner spent over a million on
renovations so the home doesn’t disappoint. Some features of their Malibu property include
a home movie theatre, ocean front balcony for the master bedroom, game room, sauna,
and even a yoga space. Although the house sits on the beach, JLo
has plenty of privacy. The front of the home is hidden behind a secure
courtyard entry, with vines and potted plants. I’m sure the whole family gets to enjoy
beach escapes at this house. In the past, J.Lo has said her favourite property
of all is her place in the Hamptons. She told Hola magazine it was her “Dream
home”. SO what does this mansion look like? Let’s see. She got this place back in 2013 and it’s
located in Water Mill, New York. Of course this is a section of the Hamptons,
the popular and high profile summer destination for well-to-do New Yorkers. I’m sure when J.Lo was growing up in the
Bronx, she didn’t imagine she’d have a mansion here one day. JLo’s mega mansion in the Hamptons cost
her over 17 MILL and sits on 2 acres of land. It’s 14,000 square feet and has 7 beds and
9.5 baths. The main house has multi-wings, and there
are additional living quarters in 2 detached structures. The Hamptons home has 7 fireplaces, 5 inside
and 2 outside, a 3 or more car garage, 2 laundry rooms, and even an elevator to take you from
floor-to-floor in the home – incase you dont want to use the stairs. The entry way of the home has gorgeous hallways
which connect all the “swings” of the home. The living room is almost 35 feet long, and
of course there are sweeping staircases. The home offers heated marble flooring throughout. J.Lo’s master suite here has a private foyer,
a 600 square foot bedroom and sitting area with windows all over as well as 2 balconies,
2 walk in closets and an impressive ensuite bathroom. Other features of J.Lo’s Hamptons dream
home include a finished basement with additional living space, an office, a home gym, walk
in wine closet, home movie theatre and more. On the grounds outside you’ll find everything
from a fenced in swimming pool, pool house, outdoor shower, and more. It’s not hard to see why she calls this
place her favourite! Last but not least, lets tour J.Lo and A.Rod’s
family mega mansion in Bel Air. The couple got this place a few years back,
and JLo told Vanity Fair why she was drawn to this home in particular. She said:
“We walked into this house, and I said, ‘This is where I want my kids to grow up.’ You have to imagine your life, and what you
want to be in it, and I imagined we would be very happy here no matter what.” Bel Air is a fancy yet somewhat secluded residential
area in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. It’s a popular area for celebs and has two
entrance gates from Sunset Boulevard. All the homes in this hood sell for multi
millions of dollars, and J.lo’s is no different. Her mansion cost her around 28 million to
purchase. J.Lo’s Bel Air house is almost 14,000 square
feet and has 7 beds and 13 bathrooms. It sits on 2.3 acres of land, and let me just
say, this property has everything you could imagine – and then some. The land itself is full of greenery and natural
gardens, which also add a ton of privacy to her estate. There’s also enough parking space for 17
cars – which I guess comes in handy if you’re having a party. The mansion was designed in a “French Country
style” and I personally love the mix of classy and cozy. The main living room has high ceilings and
open views of the garden, with a gorgeous patio just outside. Some features inside J.Lo’s house include
a dream kitchen, a hidden bar, and a home movie theatre with 20 seats. 20 or 30 seats…I can’t remember. Either way, it’s big. This house even has its own PUB. The outside of the Bel Air mansion is probably
even more impressive. There are two guest cottages, one with a screened
porch, and something I’ve never seen in a backyard before – an Amphitheatre with seating
for 100 people. JLo can even have her own concert rehearsals
there. The grounds look almost jungle like, and there’s
a bamboo forest, vineyard, and a covered bridge you can walk across. There’s a bar, an area with a fire pit,
and a vegetable garden. You’ll never be bored either, considering
there’s a games room, mini gold course, and a massage room if you’re feeling more
like relaxing. My favourite part of J.lo’s yard might just
be the pools. Yes, there are more than one. Not only is there a gorgeous infinity edge
swimming pool, complete with a spa and fountain, they even have their own private, man made
LAGOON. So after seeing J.Lo’s gorgeous family mansion
in Bel Air she lives at with her fiancé A.Rod and the kids, It may just be one of my favourite
celebrity homes to date. From all of the greenery and outdoor features
like the infinity pool and lagoon, AND the luxury yet homely decoration and vibe, I think
it would be my dream home too. If I had 28 million dollars, that is. J.Lo has called plenty of multi million dollar
houses home over the years, and she still currently owns more than one. We’ve seen her and A.Rod’s Malibu Beach
House, her mansion in the Hamptons, and her main house in Beverly Hills – which one
did you like best? Or did you like one of her previous homes
better? I think that Jlo did a great job building
her real estate portfolio just like she did building her successful career and empire. And it doesn’t seem like she’s slowing
down anytime soon. Since I LOVE hearing from you guys and reading
your comments, now I’ll shout some from previous videos. If you want me to read yours next time leave
me something NICE and I just might. On the Kanye West House Tour we just did of
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Thanks Justin! I appreciate the compliment. I like the ranches too… it’s so much property. It would be fun to own. Also on our Kanye vid, Carmen Dilchard said:
“I catch up with you every Sunday. I try to during the week but sometimes it’s
hard. But you really are entertaining .Thanks for
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So many thanks Carmen!!! I’m glad to hear you’re staying up to
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try to keep it polite to whoever I report on. Aright guys, that’s all I could find on Jennifer
Lopez’s mega mansion in Bel Air and her other properties. What did you guys think about her mansion? What was your favourite part? Like I said, I think J.Lo’s Bel Air mansion
is my personal favourite, but all of her properties are beautiful. Definitely hard to choose. Let me know in the comments as well as what
other celebrity houses youd like to see. Follow me on Instagram if you want to chat
more (@kara_emi) And I’ll see you next time with some more
videos. Bye!


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