Jennifer Lopez’s Daughter Nailed the High Notes While Performing on Tour with Her

-Thank you for doing “The
History of Music Video Dance.” -Wow!
-Wow! -Every time I come here,
I have to work overtime. -I mean, you really do.
You were here all day today. I’m like — I almost — Seriously, I’ve never
worked out — I don’t know how you do it.
-I know. -You do like
2-and-1/2-hour concerts. -Yeah.
-That was three minutes. I couldn’t breathe. I mean, I saw you at
Madison Square Garden. -Yes! You finally came
to my show! I’m so excited.
-It’s the most impressive thing. I know how much work you put
into every single thing you do, but that concert was insane. -Thank you.
-You were unbelievable. -Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you. -It looks like
you were having fun, but is it fun or is it just — -It is fun.
You know, sometimes it’s work. We did, I think, like 38 shows
in like two months. -And, also, didn’t you — You
got a black eye at one point? -Yeah. I get beat up out there. -You hit yourself with
a microphone? -Yeah, I, like, clobbered myself
with the — -Oh, my gosh. -I think once you get tired,
you’re going to get a little bit off, you know,
you’re so exhausted, and I just knocked myself and
I just just started bleeding. I was like,
“Is there blood dripping down?” -And the crowd was clapping. They’re like, “This is
the best part of the show! Wait. What? Is this real?”
Yeah. But, I mean,
the set changes were great. -Yes. -And you know what
I really loved? The little vignettes,
the videos that you did. You did, like, a “Godfather.”
-I did. -It was so good.
-Thank you. -And everyone went nuts as you
were changing for another thing. But you’re just unbelievable.
I mean, dancing and everything. -Thank you. -And then you brought your
daughter out to sing. -I did, I did. Yes.
-And she’s — How old is she? -She’s 11.
-Emme, right? -Yeah, she’s 11
and just started 6th grade. -Do you think she’s going to
follow in your footsteps? -I don’t know. I don’t know.
She does a lot of things. -Yeah. -She does a lot of things,
so I don’t know. Maybe she’ll wind up doing
a lot of things, and that will be one of them. -Yeah. She started school
this week? -Yes. Yeah, last week. Yeah.
-Yeah, mine too. -Oh, my gosh. I was ready for them
to start crying. And I was like, “Alright. Well, look, you know,
you’re gonna…be out there, and you’re gonna see your…” And they already ran away,
and I’m crying. Like, “Call daddy!
You miss daddy. I see you really miss me.” I wanted to show a clip of
you and your daughter singing, ’cause it’s really sweet. Here’s Jennifer singing
“Limitless.” -♪ Look at me now ♪ ♪ I’m limitless ♪ ♪ Look at me now ♪ ♪ I’m limitless ♪
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪ I’m limitless ♪ [ Cheers and applause ]
-I mean… The look that you gave.
The look. You were like —
You gave the look like, “Oh, yeah,
she hit that high note.” Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Yeah, she’s amazing. -Oh, my gosh.
-She’s amazing. -And, you know,
I asked her to do just the first, opening weekend
with us, and I was like —
’cause she was going to be on tour with me the whole time,
’cause we did it in the summer on purpose so that
they could be with me on tour. -Yeah. -And I was like,
“You want to do the first show? You can sing,
and we can do it together. It’ll be a thing and it’ll be
fun and with mommy.” And she was like,
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!” And then after that, I was like,
“Do you want to keep doing this? You don’t have to do it
every night. You can if you want.” She did the whole entire tour
with me. -I mean, it’s got to be a rush,
though, right? I mean, for an 11-year-old kid
to do Madison Square Garden and all these — -I mean, that’s a big deal. I mean, 20,000 people,
sometimes, that we’re playing to. You know, and she just gets out
there and she just does it. She just — Nerves of steel.
-It was so much fun. -There’s just one thing that — I mean, we’ll get to “Hustlers.” Congratulations on that. I want to get into that,
but there’s one part where you pull a guy
out of the audience, and it was his birthday. -Oh, yes. Oh, yes. -And you pull him
out of the audience — -You’re lucky I didn’t know
you were there. -Oh, thank God. And you had these girls
give him a lap dance in front of 20,000 people. And it is the funniest thing
you’ve ever seen. That dude — It was the perfect
guy, the guy at the Garden. I forget his name,
but he was so cute. Like, his face was like,
“Oh, my God. My wife is going to kill me.”
-I know. -It was so —
And then the chair — -They’re like,
“My wife loves you.” I said, “I hope she
will after this.” -They’re giving him a lap dance,
but then, all of a sudden, they just sink into
the stage and disappear. -Disappear. -They capture
him and take him over. -Into the abyss.
-Oh, God, it’s so good.


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