Julianne, Ragen, ChadShannel, and Bu’s 2019 Holiday Card Video

The stage has been set The dog has been dyed And poor ChadShannel is just fit to be tied Bu says he is here for this annual gig But isn’t too sure about wearing this wig ChadShannel as our tree is all glitter and gleam But as Cindy Lou Who, our sweet Bu steals the scene They’re both in the shot, and we feel such delight! But with mad ChadShannel there is no silent night He promises payback, “There’ll be no repose!” But dear Bu says, “I love my new glittery
clothes!” I’m wearing a tree skirt! Someone has to pay! But not now, cause I’m sleepy from such a long day So from Cindy Lou Bu and our little green tree We wish you love and peace in 2020 Happy Holidays from Julianne, Ragen ChadShannel Royale and Bu

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