Jungle Tour – Punta Cana Excursions

During this Punta Cana Excursion you will
experience the jungle of the National Park del Este and its direct surroundings. The
park is virtually unexplored. The trail takes you through the dry tropical jungle, a landscape
of limestone, butterflies and birds, as well as impressive underground fresh water caverns. After the trail we have a river cruise on
the river Chavon and we visit our Jungle Farm. On the farm we will tell you about the aboriginal
Indians and their customs. You can enjoy a delicious lunch. And you can relax in the
jacuzzi high above the river. Guided by expert guides and park rangers,
this is no disguised shopping trip like many so-called safaris, but this is a real jungle
tour. For more information about this Punta Cana
Excursion, please go to http://www.seavisbayahibe.com/Punta-Cana-Excursions.htm.

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