JWoww & Angelina Go Head-To-Head 👊 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

(techno music) – [Narrator] Vacation may
be over for some of us, but for the Jersey Shore crew,
it’s just getting started. (upbeat music) – It’s obvious that Jenni
still has resentment towards me and I’m to blame, a little bit. But I’m trying, genuinely,
to be friends with her and maybe we could squash this eventually? (upbeat music) – I just want to party and let loose and have fun and she’s just not having it. I don’t know if my approach
is wrong, but I’m trying. – At one point, Nicole puts
ice down my shirt, playfully, so I figured why not put it down Jenni’s? (dubstep music) (screams) – What the fuck is going on? Angelina is trying to pull
down my shirt and chasing me, and since all this boob talk at dinner, saying she wants to see our boobs, I don’t want your hands on me. – I don’t know what Angelina
is thinking messing with Jenni. Roger don’t even do that yet and he’s been married to her for eight years. (dubstep music) (screams) – [Man] Whoa, whoa, whoa! – Jenni, let her go, let her go. (screams) – [Narrator] All this and
so much more starts tonight at eight/seven central on MTV.


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