Life with Barbie Episode 29 – “Vacation Situation”

Brrr is it cold out here. I’ll go get some hot chocolate No, no my sock is all wet.. What the.. jeez the air conditioning really needs to be turned down it’s freezing in here. Bethany finally time to get a tan ah Excuse me, where’s the Sun and green grass, it’s called winter ah This is not okay Winter did she forget. It was winter. I know right she had Snow White’s yeah, I don’t belong in this family chill skipper oh It’s not supposed to snow in Malibu well apparently it does, but I need a tan This is a bear Hey friends do you wish you were on a tropical island right now yes Do you need a vacation double yes, are you cold? Triple yes in more ways than one, huh? If you said yes to all those things come check into the Grand Hotel Hey Sister have I told you how fabulous you look lately Bethany what I know what you’re doing I’m not doing anything Please Barbie can we go? Yep, you’re doing it. Whatever fine. I’m not gonna beg if you’re gonna be like that Please you don’t have to beg. I’m always ready for a vacation. I’ll call in my private jet What the fruit snacks I didn’t think you meant like in the next two seconds let’s go Hey, what about Ryan? Can he come? Huh and writer like I’m sure skipper would want him to come I mean who cares about Ryan am I wrong I mean am I right because he’s just a nerd sandwich blah blah blah Invite sent. I’m sure they’ll say yes. We’ll make a stop can get the suitcases Come on we’re going on vacation yay, what the ham I didn’t even get any hot chocolate I Need blankets I’ve got like 50 layers of clothes on and I’m still freezing, bro Tony even dude my nose hairs have icicles and they brought their friends and family Hey, what are you doing Raquelle a fiying the apartment duh? There’s too much gray in here. It needs more me No It doesn’t just because you’re temporarily staying with us does not mean you can redesign the entire place who said it was temporary oh I did come on Ryan What happened to you stop it? When are you gonna? Tell me why you’re actually here I told you I miss being around my brothers I just want my family back, but clearly you don’t want me here. Dude. Just let her do what she wants oh That’s the response I like thanks baby, bro A vacation with Barbie and the fam ham yeah, oh that sounds fun What’s that noise Come on let’s go, I I didn’t think you meant you are coming in like the next two seconds Okay You Well Barbie this plane is pretty cool. Thank You Ryan, please fasten your seat belts It won’t buckle Okay, we’re now at a reasonable altitude seatbelts may be taken off. Yeah, I already did that So dude, where are we off to a tropical island, but like I’m not even ready, man. I don’t have a suitcase or anything Apparently Bethany took care of that for you. Oh What? That’s so mean of her She called you a nerd sandwich multiple times as she was packing it. So of course she did Stop pretending like it’s a secret my man what I know you like her, but you might want to try a little harder Hah, hah hah hah hah silly Kenneth. I definitely don’t need girl advice from you, okay? So what does everyone think I like her not that I know of How long is this flight about a minute and a half torturous. I know right Maybe I can actually get some sleep on this flight Yeah, nevermind Whoa, it’s getting hot we must be getting close Barbie how much longer 30 seconds oh I’m so hot temperature hot Calm down, man Huh you don’t understand. I’m wearing at least like 50 layers of clothes. Oh my gosh. Who’s yelling I know? so annoying Brian Please fasten your seat belts we are now landing We’re here Wow this is so cool snack bar here, I come Can we go to the pool hold on Chelsea? We just landed literally five seconds ago. Oh? Okay before we check in I just like to say let’s all do our best to make this the most relaxing vacation ever No drama Thank you for letting us know Oh Welcome to the Grand Hotel hi we’d like to check in yes, yes of course Barbie correct yes I’m having a bit of trouble finding your rooms. I apologize the hotel is fully booked so we’ve been having a few issues ah Here they are Enjoy your stay, thank you Hey Ryan Alright we have two rooms. Let’s go Please I’m already hot. I don’t need more warm bodies surrounding me take off your coat you wear it out. Ah Yeah you weirdo Who I need me an ice cold shower ASAP fellas so who’s got the key Oh Holy cheese balls Oh Put your coat back on Oh Your pit smell like a taco truck gone wrong. I’m Aware it doesn’t smell pretty, but taco trucks can never go wrong So I’ll take that as a compliment you do that Wait do you hear that? Whoa, yeah is someone in our room Oh, maybe it was nothing let’s just go in there okay All Right crew let’s make this the best performance. We’ve had yet. Hey everyone Let me tell you a song about teddy bear teddy bear teddy bear you can take them anywhere, California Delaware you got teddy bear teddy bear teddy bear it’s nice up there and you’re feeling great this bear You got teddy bear teddy bear teddy bear if you balls in this hair, and you don’t have health care You got teddy bear teddy bear teddy bear Wha? What are you doing in here? What are you doing in here? Huh? Sorry, man. We were told this was supposed to be our room. Let’s go My secret has been expose Bros not gonna lie that was pretty awkward. I know right we need to find a right room Let’s go back to the front desk This place is beautiful, huh? And she already broke the bed, it’s not like I did it on purpose skipper It’s fine. I’m sure it can be fixed Barbie What the bathroom stinks like dirty sand hey, what’s with the random black polka dots everywhere Those aren’t polka dots those are bugs So there’s nothing you can do about it. No sir the hotel is fully booked There is not a single room left. I’m so sorry for the mistake dang well We’re burnt toast. I guess we’re gonna have to invade Barbies room Teddy bear teddy bear teddy bear teddy bear seriously Well, the song is pretty catchy whoa whoa whoa excuse me sirs. Is that your room? Yeah, I’ve heard rumors that room is cursed Just make sure you keep all the lights on at night if they’ll even stay on What was that all about who knows he’s probably just trolling us never trust a man who wears socks and sandals am I right Barbie Well this is going to be fun a Broken bed a few bugs in a dirty sand bathroom is not going to stop us from having a relaxing vacation is it? Yeah, it is have you smelled that pigsty yeah, and with these guys there’s totally not enough room for all of us So who’s gonna sleep on the floor with bugs crawling around your hair ham no Well, if there’s one good thing about this place. I got us an ocean view so Okay everybody get back on my plane About that Barbie since this trip was so last-minute plane is gonna need a few days to charge, huh? Well my people even if this place smells like a pigsty and is cursed I’m still hopping in that shower Cursed it’s not cursed Seriously I thought I got rid of you guys Maybe it is sorry ma’am. It’ll never happen again Whoa I didn’t know you spoke bug me either Let’s just go relax at the pool. I’m sure eventually we’ll be able to solve these problems yay finally Finally time to get clean even though it stinks in here, huh Gross this is what’s causing the nasty smell down the toilet you go uh You guys Ah Well forget swimming in that creepy color. Yeah, it was just fine until you people arrived oh Man yep we’re cursed I guess we just chill by the pool today. I’m gonna go get some snacks kicki ah Hello Excuse me sir. Oh Hi, what can I get for you um? One of everything I had a feeling someone would say that today Uh. Thanks. Hey wait do you have a few seconds? No, sorry all adding some free fries for your time, so what do you want come with me? Oh? Bethany why are you so antsy I didn’t know she was an aunt uh I’m not either of those things. I just have this weird feeling I left my phone in the hotel room Be right back Dang this is really pretty I know right Isn’t it, beautiful. I mean yeah, I I just said that huh look closer So wait why did you want to bring me here? I kind of just want my snacks, man. I don’t even know you exactly Uh Ma’am hello earth to snacks snap nice nap get your snacks What did you do to me? Huh? How do you do anything, but get you the 700 snacks you demanded you’re welcome Skipper did you get some fries yeah? Ryan Look who’s there Beth semi-hoop open the door aah? Why was the door locked I was attacked by who a ghost or something This place is totally cursed Skipper you okay Yeah, I just don’t feel very good. I don’t know Chelsea don’t swim in the fountain you’re not a bird Well if the pool isn’t open tweet tweet Well guys. Sorry this vacation has been a total flop It hasn’t been a total Hmm Hey my people, huh? The names Benjamin Benjamin Franklin I heard rumors you were in the supposedly cursed room 606 Yep, that’s us Everyone in the hotel has been talking about you guys. I mean not just because holy ham the famous Barbie is staying here Yeah, bad things won’t stop happening to us. Well. Then me amigos. It’s your lucky day be F here, and I can help you reverse that curse really you can but You know I’m gonna need some of that. Ha ha ha oh I always have cash cash money cash cash on demand Whoa whoa whoa let’s reverse that curse Well at least you’re okay, yeah, come on let’s go hey you know we could just ditch everyone for a second ah It would be too suspicious Good you’re here Bethany Ryan. I’d like you to meet Benjamin Franklin Ola, he’s going to help us reverse this vacation curse come on friends Dooby dooby doo Doo bee Doo bee Doo I Don’t feel like this guy is actually doing anything me either ah Well nothing is happening unfortunately. It seems like you’ll all be cursed forever. Goodbye wait wait wait you promised you could reverse it I promise nothing Bethany look that’s the attacker what? Hey that ghost stole my hat ah Where did they go I lost track of them I could have sworn they were in here Dooby-dooby-doo Raquelle oh I should have known you were behind all of this Seriously, sis well. Hello family. I’m not a part of really Raquel that’s so sad Whatever you just love to see me sad Don’t you Barbie no of course not don’t feel bad for her, huh? But I do I should have invited you along with us Raquel But I totally forgot well clearly of a sandwich invited herself to make us miserable So this place isn’t really cursed not anymore. Thanks to me. You’re welcome everyone adios be F out I Am I’m sorry Sorry that you got caught. Ya know. Sorry that you’re not sorry, but sorry not sorry Yeah, wait what Raquel you’re forgiven, huh? Listen people. I don’t do enemies and neither should any of you the only answer I listen to is love come on Raquel. I brought 534 swimsuits, and I think you need one or twenty, huh are you in the market for a makeover? Ah too much love Maybe this was a mistake Whatever I still don’t trust her same I guess Come on. Let’s finally vacation people Yeah, I seriously still haven’t got my tan on and it’s a crime um who tried to flush a sock down the toilet Because clearly their mother didn’t teach them common sense Ha ha ha it’s definitely the curse Yeah, the pools back open you look glamorous Raquel Well, I already know. I’m glamorous, but thanks Barbie. I have a feeling from this day forward We’re totally gonna be BFFs. Huh really who? Yo Stacy What’s up? Is it? Just me or are those two holding hands who? um Hello for the millionth time my hand isn’t cold well then stop putting it next to me you you ice cube uh nevermind then poor guy friendzone for life Oh Skipper I really don’t feel good Well, it seems like the curse didn’t get reversed on you Skipper are you okay? Yeah, I’m just fine You


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