Life’s First-Evers with Jeannie, Ep. 5: First Family Vacation!

I’m getting really close to
this gal named Kelsey’s house. Kelsey wrote me a
letter to tell me about her incredible
parents, Matt and Lisa. They have never been
on a family vacation. And what’s crazier, is that
they’ve never seen snow. So Kelsey and I have been
secretly planning together to give her mom and dad a first
they are never going to forgot. Oh, my god. That’s wild. Whoa. 10 years ago, Ellen
made my dreams come true by giving me my
first ever job right here on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. We want to offer you a job here. Oh, my gosh. And now I’m paying it forward by
helping some very special Ellen fans do incredible things
for the first time ever. This is “Life’s First-Evers” in
the first ever Ford Ecosport. [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Kelsey Rinaldi. I’m 27 years old, and I’m
from Ventura, California. I definitely hit
the parent jackpot. I have the best family
in the whole world. I have a younger
brother named Matthew, and my parents, Matt and Lisa. My parents have been
together for 26 years, and they’ve worked at the
same hospital for 30 years. My parents have lunch
together every day, which is the cutest thing ever. They’ve been through so
much that it’s, like, almost overwhelming to
see how happy they are. My dad has had three
brain surgeries– two separate, totally
unrelated brain tumors. He is very literally
a living miracle. I just remember
going to the hospital and then my Mom coming
and getting me to go say goodbye to my Dad. I’m incredibly thankful
and feel incredibly lucky that he’s still sitting here
with me and smiling at me. It’s like, uh– I’m in Disneyland every day. My dad has worked two
full-time jobs for 17 years. He has always put us first,
and he’s just, like, my hero. And my mom is my rock. The last time my
parents went on vacation was 26 years ago
on their honeymoon. Something that my family and
I have never done is see snow. I want to bring them to the snow
and experience this life first with them. It would mean the absolute
world to me and to them. Shh, shut the door. Your parents are inside, right? Yes. I’m going to go hide. You bring them out here. Hey, Mom? Dad? Yeah. Can you come here really quick? Oh. Surprise. Hi, you guys. Jeannie! Oh! Surprise! Oh. You need to pack your bags. What? Because we are taking
you to Park City, Utah to see snow
for the first time. And we’re going right now. What? Are you serious? I am being 100% serious. We’re going to see snow. Utah, here we come. [CHEERING] Here’s the thing– I really,
really, really want the snow to be a surprise for you. So during the car ride you
all need to wear these. Put them on. They’re next to
you, Mom and Dad. Put them on. And we only have
about 10 hours to go. We’re driving
through the mountain. My Ecosport is in
intelligent four-wheel drive. So as soon as the
front wheels detect any sort of slip, any
sort of snowy conditions, the back wheels will kick in. So it’s very proactive. You’re not even
going to feel it. It’s been a long drive. We are here in the snow. I have, like– I can’t wait to see. –anxious butterflies. I know, it’s kind
of nerve racking. OK, ready? I’m going to count you down. Three, two, one– take
your blindfolds off. Look at how gorgeous. Oh my gosh. Wow. Wow. [MUSIC – ONE REPUBLIC, “I
LIVED.”] (SINGING) I– I did it all. I– I did it all. I owned every second that
this world could give. I saw so many places,
the things that I did. Yeah, with every broken
bone I swear I lived. Oh, look over
there– how gorgeous. (SINGING) I– Look at the skiers. It’s wild. Whoa. (SINGING) I did it all. We’re so lucky,
that’s what we are. Yeah. First family vacay. (SINGING) I owned every second– But we’re missing my son. He’s going to be so jealous. (SINGING) That this
world could give. I saw so many places– Really, I just
had the best time. And I’m so thankful. But I do have one more
little surprise for you guys. Oh, my god. Oh, wow. Oh, my god. Matthew. I really do have to go. Now since it’s a real family
vacation, it needs to begin. OK, you guys? I’ve had the best time. Enjoy. Thank you. Thank you. Enjoy your vacation. Thank you so much. (SINGING) –so many places,
the things that I did. Yeah, with every– We got to see snow today
for the first time. And it was un-real. I can’t believe we’re
all together on vacation. It just has never
happened before. Seeing my parents as
happy as they were today is just a priceless
experience that I’ll never be able to recreate. It’s been 26 years since
we went on a vacation. So it’s wonderful to be with
the family and just, uh– doing something
for the first time. I mean, that’s what
life’s all about. My family really loves me. And, uh– Oh, honey. That’s priceless.


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