Locarno Shorts Weeks #12/23 · A COLD SUMMER NIGHT · Yash Sawant

(That bowler needs to be replaced)-What was that?
-What was that sound? Did that sound come from the outside? -Someone crashed their car I guess.
-Should be a car accident. -Who was it? -No idea, I was inside watching the match,
I just heard the car drag by my house. Whom does this car belong to? -One of the renters in their house.
-Did anyone manage to see the other car? Oh Shit! Who did this man?
For a minute I thought it was my car. Even I thought it was my car. I’d parked it here earlier.
Probably my brother moved it in later. No, when I peaked through the window
it looked exactly like mine. Shit! I just saw a white Wagon-R pass by.
Bolting away like a madman. I was out right there on the phone. The headlights and the hood of that car
were completely damaged. Did you notice the number plate? No brother, it all happened in a haste. Did you recognize the
driver by any chance? Oh! There were two men in the car.
Their faces weren’t clearly visible though. Probably were drunk. Nope, I don’t think so man.
This seems clearly intentional. If he was drunk he wouldn’t have been
able to get out of here after that impact. -But where did he come from?
-I’ll tell you… Probably he came up the slope, smashed into this car,
reversed and got out of the colony from this road… That is when he must’ve seen them,
as it definitely didn’t go up this slope. -Totally destroyed man!
-Ketan…(Ketan)(What is he doing in there?)How do they know?(Ketan!)Did anyone see you outside? No, I never went out. Who saw you? I told you I didnt go ou- -Bathroom… I was half asleep. So it was me who went to the bathroom earlier? But I’m sure nobody was outside then… Didn’t we discuss this?
How many times have I told you not to go out… …not to go out without telling me.
-I’m not lying-(Ketan, come out man!)(He’s gonna have to shell out
some serious cash on this)
-(Should we call the police?)
-(You think we should get involved in this mess?)
-(He had recently bought this car right?)
-(No! It looks quite old to me, has to be second-hand)
-(Everyone wants to fucking speed over here)
-(But look where he parked man!)
(What else would he do?
There is no real parking space here)
(It’s not just about the parking.
See how narrow the road is…)
Ketan, why are you standing there like that?
Look what’s happened to your car, come down quick. Hurry up! Hurry up! Aye, someone ran into your car.
What are you staring at? Why you still standing there?
Come down quick. Ketan, where are you go…
Ketan! Who did it?-(Come out Ketan)
-(What is he doing inside?)
-(Open the door man)
-(What’s wrong with him?)
-(Did he go back to sleep or what?)
-(How’s that possible? He just went back in)
(Open the damn door man!)(The entire neighbourhood is gathered out there
and this guy… what the hell is he doing in there?)
Coming.(Hurry up man!)How long just to open the door man? Go get your aunt here quickly.
Tell her there’s an unknown lady in his room. Let your aunt come first, we don’t want to
create a scene here. Let her handle it. Uday! what happened? Aye, didn’t you hear us calling you out?
Someone just ran into your car… We were shouting at the top of out lungs, and you…
What were you doing in there? -Aye! Who’s behind that door?
-What were you’ll up to? -What’s she doing in your room? -Wait what? Come again.
-Talk-ing… Nothing really. She’s a maid. A maid at this hour? Is this the time to clean peoples houses? Don’t you dare lie to us. Speak up now… It’s not what you think Tai,
I’ve recently hired her. She couldn’t make it during the day so…
she was clearing her work now. Is this how she works, Naked? Get her out right now or
we drag both of you out of here. Your wife is pregnant there in Kolhapur,
you’ll are almost about to have a baby… …and you’re doing this shit here? Don’t you feel ashamed?
Doing all this behind her back. No Tai, Ashu… Ashu, she knows everything… …That I’ve hired a new maid. At this hour? What time is it right now? Does Ashwini know that your new maid
works without any clothes on? In you room, and with the lights off?
Have you told her all this? Answer me now. Speak up! No I mean… I have day shifts right… I… I’m occupied most of the time during the day so,
I insisted her to clear her work at night. It’s not her fault. Why is she still hiding if it isn’t her fault? Bring her out, I wanna see her face. Aye you! Come on out, Now… She’s scared. She’s Scared? She has to be. Wait, we’re gonna call her family too. Aye you, call your husband or your brother,
or anyone from your family right now. Tai, please don’t do this.
Why involve her family? -‘Why involve her family?’
-Why not? Let them know. -Let them know what she works as.
-Wait Tai… You’re saying you’ve informed Ashwini about
this maid right? Wait I’ll ask her myself. -Call her right now.
-Then we’ll get this straight. -Lets see what she exactly knows…
-No Please. Why not? Why not?
Let her also know… You just said you’ve told her right. We’ll know.
We’ll know once she takes the call. Here, I’m calling her now. Please stop. Stop? Why stop?
Let’s see what you’ve told her. -Trust me I’ve told her, I’d asked her before hiring this maid.
-No no, you call her now. How dare you touch my phone? Don’t you dare touch me again. Hey!
You think all this is a joke? You’ll marry this women too right? Answer me now. No. Then why were you’ll doing all that in the room? Bring her out now. Hey you! Come out, I just wanna talk… You listening? Come out. You’re a maid right? Where else do you work?
Whose house? And where do you live? Answer me. After all this drama, Me and you
both of us now know who did that to your car… Either you complain to the police or
I’m filing an FIR tomorrow. Aren’t you ashamed man?
What are you looking at? Can’t you answer bastard?
Look at that shameless prick. Calm down Ammu,
Uday will take care of it. This is nothing personal against you. But we don’t want all this nonsense in our house.
Our image in this locality is precious to us. We’re giving you one week. Search for a new place and
move out of here as soon as possible. What if he does it again? Starts throwing stones or
something dangerous at the house? What if… he was drunk tonight and
had hit our car instead of yours? It was parked right behind yours. When I saw through the window
after the crash I thought it was ours. No. We can’t risk this anymore. We’ve seen you with her enough already. Now all you can do is,
leave this place. Find yourself a new flat and do whatever you
want over there. Then it’s none of our business. Everyone go down. And listen, Get dressed and go
drop her yourself right now. Heard? Lets go Tai. I’ll be back. She looks like a kid.
How old do you think she is? How could he do that to his wife? I knew he was capable of all this. The way he would beat his wife. Vishu!
You shot the video right? We need to show this to Ashwini… Or he might end up denying
everything in front of her. -Yes. she need to know what he’s been doing here.
-Just don’t delete the video. We can’t let these nonsense happen here.
Why spoil our name? He surely needs to leave. We shouldn’t allow any more migrants in here. A few days ago, I saw them both
together taking shower in his bathroom. I could see their shadows.
I was in the backyard near the tank. Ashwini is pregnant for the second time now.
She’s had a miscarriage in the past. And this degenerate… he doesn’t care at all about her. I’ve had a doubt on them
for the past couple weeks. She leaves the house
before eight in the morning… When I’m in the garden early morning
I see them quietly sneak through the gate. He must be bringing her late at night when
we’re having dinner. He does it so swiftly. -She works at the Vision hospital.
-With Ashwini and Ketan? She’s a cleaner there I guess. -I’d seen her once.
-(Shhhh…)(Couldn’t you all talk a little softer?
He must’ve heard it all)
Where did she go?(Indistinct chatter)Ketan… Rupesh is on a leave tomorrow,
So you’ll have to be here at night.

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